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Writer/Admin/Title VII requirement for Horse News; humanized/equestria girls fanfic writer. Pardon my grit


Day off from working the water park. [X]
Passes for that same water park [X]
Rental of the overpriced 'cabana' [X]
Cute girl going [X, and bringing a friend too]
Day with no misadventures and mischief [..........]

What was supposed to be a day of mundane water slides and a cute girls in bikinis turned into a day of mischief, destruction and mayhem thanks to the girl's plus one.

At least she was cute as well.

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My dick is ready.



Do I look like MM to you?

I love it, I hope to see the rest soon!

7182400 well, I mean, I've never seen Chelis and Mythril Moth in the same room together. I'm just saying. Then again maybe that's because you hate each other.

Love this first chapter! MORE!! WOOO!!!

Nice start. Look forward to read more:pinkiehappy:

What's a "plus one"?


Basically a extra guest when you are invited to a event

Comment posted by FocalTable deleted Jun 14th, 2016

Let her find out he's gay by herself, serve her right.

:derpyderp2::derpyderp1:"You were so nervous the whole day waiting for this moment that when it finally came, you literally shit the bed bed."

One too many 'bed's.

Is there any chance that you would update this story soon?

Wow, I don't get why the dislike ratio is so bad on this story. It ended very abruptly, but the rest of it was perfectly fine...


I usually get around 15-20 downvotes a story, probably some butt hurt asshole and his sock puppets account but whatever. TBH as long as the story isn't universally hated ill take it!

This was a fun story, but I would have liked it more if Sunset Shimmer's attitude toward the main character was a childish crush. Like if she just wanted his attention and had planned to sabotaged his relationship with Silver Mist.

Again fun story but I'm sure I've read another Sunset story of yours that I liked better.

Who's Silver Mist?

7182400 MM? Does that stand for Mystery Mint? XD

I wonder what colors and styles the girls' two-pieces are. Does it say in the story?

Very nice little story, I loved it. Honestly, I was really expecting more from this, like when I scrolled down to the bottom I freaked when I saw no "next chapter" button.

All in all, great story, great storyline, awesome ending.

(we need more writers like this)



Yes exactly what I was thinking, bravo.


7727007 By the way, "A Wished Fulfilled" was the other Sunset story by Chelis that I preferred over this one.

Hoped you've checked that one out, it's really good and I hope that one gets updated.

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