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Mise en Place is an up and coming personal chef with a hidden and dark past, filled with things he rather forget and keep to himself. So what will happen when Mise gets hired to be the personal chef for a certain orchestral cello player and her dubsteb loving roommate?

Also a special thanks to CosmicAlchemist24, Tiberious Silverfang, PyraFlare, SolarEclipse912 and the other authors of the PoME universefor helping me with my story

Cover art: Snow Bullet

(P.S. I wrote this back in high school, i swear im aware its hot trash, plz no bulli. im looking at you Dust... ya cheeky bastard, jk luv u)

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Well now I can't wait for Chef Mise to meet Vinyl's boyfriend Treble. Great start by the way, looking forward to more.

Welcome to the Crew, your quarters are below deck with me in the armory. If you have any other questions, please talk to Captain Edward Kenway and his First Mate Spooky Shadow. I'm Punk, Weapons Master and expert in anything that goes boom.

*explosion from above deck*

I had nothing to do with that.

Finally welcome aboard can't wait to see more Celtic. Oh and I'm just taking a guess but Vinyl is going to drive Chef Mise crazy and vice versa am i right?

Punk, for the last time, I am the weapons master, you are in charge of training people to throw other people through tables. Now get out of my armory.

6535756 not big fan of rap so not sure what the meaning is, but thanks anyway.

6535765 the feeling is mutal, and thank you and I look forward to writing more

6535790 pleasure to be aboard, and pleased to serve. and also like I always say, "when in doubt, C4"

6536108 thank you, and you bet your sweet candy ass they are. just wait you meet his uncle...

6537044 Well, it's gonna go down for real!

6536114 im taking the chair with me... And this table.

Fine, but the thermos is mine.

6537246 and I'll take this pencil for some reason then!

6537246 which one?
The one that says, Kiss the dragon slayer, or the one that says Drug Free for life?

It is a nice story, even if I didnĀ“t liked it that much, that it nearly looked like love at first sight again, but that isnĀ“t anything really bad.
However, I canĀ“t stop to think of him as some sort of chinese Man, or at least some very...snobby chef, the way he speaks.
I donĀ“t mean that he is mean, no...I just try to explain how his speech sounds to me.

Well good story so far, I donĀ“t have really anything to complain so far.

6540614 thank you I'm glad you're enjoying it. And as far as his speech, he is just trying to stay professional while trying to surpress his feelings for Octavia because of what happened in his past, which will be revealed in future chapters. He's actually a very easy going person will a bit of a wild side

6540843 So if I understand you right, it wasnĀ“t absolutely love at first sight? Or did something bad happened, and he donĀ“t want to repeat the mistake?
Well IĀ“m really not ad about the "I see her, and love her part", it just looks to easy, or to fast in storys, you know the type of love that some call "instant Love?"

It isnĀ“t that important for me, but I would like it, if he would not be that type of guy, that the girls can manipulate easy, or that would look like an idiot, or a poor, little and sad guy because of it. Not sure if you know what I mean, I just had to remember some storys, where the guy was a real wimp.
To make it perfect, those guys would be usually those, that everyone was going to laugh at. I hope you know what I mean, I noticed I have maybe overdone it a little bit with the description of that personality.

6541202 he does like her yes, but something did happen in the past that kind of made a much more harder person to push over and he doesn't want to go through it again. It will be explained. And i totally know what you're getting at

6541285 ThatĀ“s good to know, and if I think about it, he was kind of funny too, but that is just because how the scene played out in my head.

6541354 yeah, he's only "professional" when he's working. But when he's off duty so to speak, he's a lot more outgoing and fun. You'll see what I mean in the next chapter

He got a mother fucking tank to drive to school on his first day .... AWESOME!!!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

6542883 yeah, some people drive buicks, other drive nissans, he drives a panzer.

Omg a freaking tank A FREAKING TANK.....Respect.

You don't mess with mise

6542927 nope or his uncle for that matter

6543014 that's exactly what was playing in my head as I wrote this

6543052 I also had this playing on my laptop. I was going to write this into the story as having play on a speaker system on the tank but decided not to.

6543069 very excellence choose my good sir/madam

6543091 I certainly thought so. but you know the phrase "crossing the line", well I realized that I'm literally ON the line metaphorical line and I decided to not over step my boundaries just yet, maybe later when I become more situated

6543106 good choose there get better then start to get out of your comfort zone:twilightsmile:

*sees tank drive by* TIGER TANK!!!
*runs to radio* Orders sir!?!

I'll have one burger, extra ketchup, extra mustard, and hold the mayo.

Me: WRONG CHANNEL! *Recalibrates* ORDERS SIR!?!

Commander: Extra Ketchup, Extra Mustard, HOLD THE MAYO!!!

Me: *Salutes* YES SIR!!! *Pops out of trench with giant ketchup bottle* EXTRA KETCHUP, EXTRA MUSTARD!!!

Friend: *Lifts giant jar of mayo* Hold The Mayo!

Commander: Unleash the condiments!

Me: With relish...*Pulls trigger* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6543117 I mean something like that is well within my comfort zone, its just that I'm the newest author, and the last thing I want is to be stepping on anyone's toes or whatever. when I rise up the totem pole more then I'll start throwing more crazy stuff in but for right now I rather not rock the boat

6543159 that it a fair point and you are doing great with your story so far just do what you want to do with your story but make it line up with the others and to boost your confidence have a Mustache :moustache:

Okay, IĀ“m actually interessted to see, what kind of problems he is about to get because of that panzer.
Like I said, It's a pity that it looks like love at first sight, but he has himself good under control, and has no serious "I have to get her...I have to get her....I have to get her" Moment.

Not sure how to say this, because someties I think it isnĀ“t something that unlikely, but you already assured me, that he is going to get a nice personality at least.

6543276 yeah, I want it to be weird but not so crazy that it doesn't work with the series. And I already have a mustache, but I'll that one too thanks anyway

6544714 you are very welcome :twilightsmile:

6543749 oh its gonna be circus. I plan on writing and probably publishing the next chapter when I get home from work today. I do a lot of plot thinking, so to speak when I'm at work. And while I wanted to write a romantic comedy I didn't want it to be "man sees girl, man gets in girl's pants" I wanted it to slowly build up to that but not too slow. I wanted it to have structure, so to speak

Canterlot High just got more interesting.

6550770 you got that right. and the next chapter isn't going to be the last we see of this behemoth

Wow just wow. I knew the tank was coming but it's still shocking. Plus, I thought there would be a bigger commotion than that oh well good chapter Celtic. Still waiting for you know who to make an appearance.

6554602 don't worry all in good time. and I would have written more but I had to work late and I'm tired. I might go back and add more later but not until next week, at least. I'm going to be busy the rest of this week plus I don't get weekends off like most of you guys so that kind of blows

Great job Celtic_fire :twilightsmile:

I have no idea who those OC guys are.


6554659 ohh yeah. and there plenty more to come

6554827 have you read the rest of the Pie of My Eye stories?

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