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Twilight can't stand all the incessant, nagging comments that pop up on her pPad, constantly seeing notices from off the Ponynet, and she clicks through to upgrade both Chrome and Firefox. After the programs crash in the oddest way, Twilight feels that she's truly had enough. She enacts a spell that transports her into the electronic world inside of her device. She enjoys exploring the special place for a short while, but she then gets a shocking surprise that forever changes what she thought of those two browsers.

I got this idea from loyal readers Sir Lionheart Angel and Dragon Emperor Geon. Many things to my great pal MuzzledElk for making this all possible. This story is currently rated 'teen' for 'not yet', and I plan some tasteful consummation of love later on. I also hope that people don't mind my gratuitous references to the Eurovision Song Contest. Thanks for reading.

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Well, I'd voice my displeasure at Twilight being upset over a god-forsaken boyband, but what else would drive the plot?
The text in asterisks is also a fair bit confusing, but it doesent detract from the story too much. While I'm at it, I'l voice my displeasure at how you use the sounds in litteral sense, where you just slap on a *Beep!* rather than actually describing it, like so:
"Okay, I'll just use Firefox. Twilight closed the whole browser and opened up her other option, feeling better as the orange-tinted window flickered into place. Good ol' Firefox... it won't bug me about anything... She sipped her drink as she snuggled into place in her chair. Before she could actually respond to the opening of the program, the shrill cry of an error message screamed through the speakers urgently. "

>Implying that OK Go is a "boy band".

As for the sounds, we're going to have to agree to disagree about that... as I personally tend to like the 'direct' sort of quality of having sound effects that are comic-book-ish. But maybe I can tone it down by using less of them. I tend to overuse sound effects badly, I know.

Thanks for reading! I hope to have this finished by sometime tomorrow afternoon, since I think it'll be an easy day of work at work.

713870 Eh, I probably missed that reference...
Too much bitching in school about (x) doing (y) and how many (o) (x) did while doing (y). Everything like it seems to blend together into one big mess so I may have just projected over it.


This is going to be incredible and creepy. My hat goes off to you, and my likes and favorites have been distributed accordingly

Awesome work Keep going :pinkiehappy:

Well this is a helluva interesting concept.:pinkiecrazy:

i love how my idea gets created into something super enjoyable thanks a bunch

“Of course, it has a lot to do with you clogging me full of plug-ins.”

This sent my mind to some dirty, dirty places:twilightoops:

This was a good start to my day.:twilightsmile:

Chrome pony is better than Firefox pony. That is all.

734680 You and I both, bro.

Seriously, Thanks Swiper for hearing the both of us out. :3

738965 Agreed.

ooh. An original concept. I shall read it.

Twilight shipped with an Internet browser... Go on.

This awesomeness has got to continue! Though the concept is promising, I wonder if the fic rating will change soon? :raritywink:


NO! don't go!

Your still useful, I still make use of Internet Explorers inprivate browsing from time to time....


....what?! It's convenient!

DARN YOU! I found that image about 5 hours ago and it made me feel guilty about replacing it with Firefox...now you bring it back up! Oh well at least I keep her company on my laptop...what? I rarely use the thing so I'm too lazy to setup Firefox again, bloody thing took me 2 hours to get right...so many little white spaces.

I have to say I love my firefox for ad block though :I
Still have IE for programming

This has got to be one of the coolest, most incredibly awesome concepts I've ever seen pushed into ponies. Honestly, I could almost squee. :yay:

713870 twilight + internet browser = so much win. i wonder what my browsers would look like?

Epic Crossover Art is Epic...
I havent cried this hard at fan-art ever since i saw one about Derpy Dissapearing!

FUUUUUCK... YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:


I'm ok now...

Somehow, I'm getting an Osmosis Jones vibe here, as opposed to a TRON one. No idea why, but I am.

*sees the sad pic of IE pony*
You're not useless. You're a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. There's a difference.
Besides, I'm using IE right now! ...to try and cheer up a pony representation of IE that was likely created by someone who also uses IE. weneedtogodeeper.jpg

Oh, I'm getting a sudden realization of the clichè potential. Please, whatever you do, don't have somebody come over and start messing with the computer in a way that endangers Twilight and the inhabitants. That's annoying. Not sure if it's actually a clichè, but it's still an annoying plot device.

Ehhhh.... this is kinda creepy. I mean, what seems to be a spontaneous ship between Twilight and an Internet browser? Don't get me wrong, I really like the concept (heck, I've even written a fic of my own on this (blatant plug)) but the execution is just... weird.

She tapped her hooves against the bottom of the table anxiously as big green status bars filled the screen.

The black progress bars crawled slowly across.

So... are the progress bars black or green?

Ndgh. I think I figured out my issue with the story. It's waaaaaaay too shippy. Twilight has just entered a brand new universe, unexplored by ponykind, and you're going on about how Chrome, Firefox, and Twilight are in some sort of weird love triangle and oh dear gods, that was one sentence I never expected to ever type.
My suggestion: focus more on introducing the world to the reader first and then, once you have a solid foundation, begin to introduce the characters, instead of trying to do both at once.

You are fucking BAT SHIT CRAZY, you know, having Firefox and Chrome screwing each other and some weird shit involving Twilight...
but I love it. I love it SO DAMN MUCH. Please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEEE write more. Please.

So many comments and favorites! :pinkiehappy:

I had thought about that tangentially, but I'd rather go in another direction.

Glad that you like it. :raritystarry:

In all seriousness, I wrote this for clopping purposes at first... I just decided to expand things. And then the story got bigger and more complex, and here we are.

I mean, if you don't like shipping, then seriously don't read this. It's a shipfic. It's clearly labeled as such from the very beginning.


Will we GET any clop? xD

Heh, anyway, loving the story so far. Really awesome. Tracked.

739276That's right!! I was giving you a chance, I realy did like you better.:unsuresweetie: but you made me use safari. :facehoof:

I just keep going deeper and deeper into the weird part of FiMfiction.

739276 Damn it now I feel guilty.

...Still a better love story then-

:twilightangry2:< I get it!

Great story :D just one question

Did you mess up the swedish grammar on purpose to represent that the programs are bad at it or are you just not a native swedish speaker?

I hate both of those browsers... Opera FTW!

Ill give it a read when its done, but for now all i can say Firefox pony is the hottest


Looks like Twilight gets to see...

*Puts on glasses*

Some internet porn.


Sorry. Had to be done :pinkiehappy:

Have to say the Swedish part had me laughing.

Gotta love Svensk Schlager!

well to answer your question i would say this:
"Rating: Teen"
So either the author made a mistake, or no clop for you:pinkiehappy:

Soon, I just... ah.... need to get the plot to make sense in my mind and such...

It's teen for 'not yet'... but, oh yeah, it's coming.

Both. I don't speak Swedish. I also wanted to set up that the programs felt confused having to do everything in Equestrian (for Twilight) given that they had a Swedish owner before.



I mean uh... As long as it furthers the story and contributes to the character develop- Oh who the hell am I kidding.

744368 Any particular reason you picked swedish?

1) Swedish just sounds great. And Swedish culture fascinates me.

2) The story references Herreys - Diggiloo Diggiley, which I suppose is the spark that started this project.

3) I first heard of that song from "Twilight of the West" By Mark Steyn:

The Eurovision Song Contest doesn’t get a lot of attention in the United States, but on the Continent it’s long been seen as the perfect Euro-metaphor. Years before the euro came along, it was the prototype pan-European institution, and predicated on the same assumptions. Eurovision took the national cultures that produced Mozart, Vivaldi, and Debussy, and in return gave us “Boom-Bang-a-Bang” (winner, 1969), “Ding-Ding-a-Dong” (winner, 1975), and “Diggi-Loo-Diggi-Ley” (winner, 1984). The euro took the mark, the lira, and the franc, and merged them to create the “Boom-Bang-a-Bang” of currencies.

When I read the lyrics for the Swedish song I was like: ".... I recognize those lyrics..." and considering I am Swedish I suddenly realized I used to sing this in school during music and the last day since we were supposed to practice singing that song, then I sang along with it.

.... Yeah. Derp

SO I'M NOT CRAZY!!!!!! I thought I was the only one that Chrome called me in. When I was on Skype, I went to update my profile pic, and when I clicked "take picture," the camera sucked me in. My iTunes was a radio DJ, IE kept causing car crashes, Firefox cried because I didn't use it as much as Chrome, and Chrome asked me to marry it!

chrome is sexy............but.....maxthon browser.....that is all//////:twilightblush:

this adventure just keeps getting more complex the further you delve into it...I like it!

830723 Why yes, you can thank me and my associate for his inspiration.

just trying something out:fluttershyevil

okay so it doesn't work that way... oh well this was a good story and can't wait for the next part
also firefox pony is better then google chrome pony

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