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This sneaky fox, always clad in a blue mask and gloves, has long been a bane of unwary travelers with loose accouterments.


You, like the rest of the humans that have found their way into Ponyville, have sort of a love/hate relationship what that bubbly and sweet pink mare known as Pinkie Pie. As much as you enjoy working with someone so nice that has accepted your place in Equestria so completely, you feel rather frustrated at the ever increasing insanity of the confectioneries that she makes in Sugarcube Corner, and she drags you deeper and deeper into "special projects" that you hardly understand. Apparently Twilight has something to do with these things as well.

Please note the rating for teen content. This is in response to the fact that I wanted to do more stuff with Pinkie as well as more silly and light-hearted non-clop stuff. Thanks for reading.

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is there a flow to your story's like i should read one to read the other one to understand it.

will read later sleep now 2 am

Hmmm...........exploding cupcakes come to mind for some reason. Or cupcake cannon. Or cupcake rocket launcher. Oh god some many pranks to be had.

Oh God...:twilightoops:
The picture, it's terrifying.

Lyra's attraction towards Humans is a bit disturbing, then again people say the same thing to me about being attracted to ponies. Anyways great as usal Swiper, this story is going to be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. :pinkiehappy:

They're related but not too chronological. There's references but it's not overwhelming.

ok thanks i have read the one with nurse red heart and that was the story that made me like your writhing, Because you do clop but with good story, and a good plot in both sense of the meaning :rainbowlaugh: keep up the good work and keep putting out good story's your friend Andrew Smith.

okay the picture alone has my attention


that is for the pinkie and the brain reference BRAVO! :moustache:

ugh freakin broken link gotta go and ruin everything

I like it, Swiper! This isn't a style I normally see from you, but I like it. Light-hearted, and awefully funny.

"Oh, you silly-illy not-a-filly"
I laughed a little too hard at that

And as always, I'm here to ruin your day with minor spelling errors! Mwahaha!
"And that's nothing compared to what she said after I was romantically packing his lunch for him"

Pinkie is the Brain! :pinkiecrazy:

Ahahaha this is some good clean fun :pinkiehappy:

You write a really good Pinkie, at least the most well-characterized of the Pinkies I've seen.
Also; the cover art will be forever in my nightmares... those eyes... :fluttercry:

LOL Snoopy got the hots for some Pinkie

Is this in continuity with the other human fics you've been doing?

i trust pinkie being around chemicals as long as i ain't danger close.

597995 "Danger close" in this context meaning "within the same time zone", of course. :pinkiehappy:

more like in the same reality


oh god.... Lyra's kinda creepy in this.... I LOVE IT!
It's so funny, I can't wait to see what she tries too pull off

Fun fact: Equestria only has one time zone. When Celestia raises the sun, it gets raised everywhere.

Mmm, better snacking through alchemy.

An enjoyable story thus far. I do hope you touch on how the humans found their way in Equestria. Sounds like a sudden, unexplained transition, but more explicit information would be nice.

:pinkiegasp: Pinkie is going to invent ballistic cuisine! :pinkiehappy: She's sure to prove her mousy worth by taking over the world with that in her arsenal :raritywink:

I can't shake the feeling that the first words of the next chapter are going to be "Pink. Pink EVERYWHERE." :rainbowlaugh:

Oh god, everypony duck. This will be worse than the Smooze.

oh no! the lyra-corn stalks her prey.

mine wasn't very useful was it?:fluttercry:

Well, whatever.

What do you want to see in chapter three?

lyra does have shot to mate with the human

For a second there, I thought that you said: "Lyra should shoot the human".

Which could be funny.

Assuming that she's hitting him with, I don't know, a sedative filled cream pie that will make him passive enough for her to drag him back to her place.

The thing is... this is not a clopfic. I don't want any mating to end up here, where it all ends up.

doesn't need fap.
just end the story just before the porn part starts and it'll be all good

Maybe... I'll think about that

you know it should end with snoopy in lyra's house. the poor bastard tied to lyra's bed.
he's just freaking out because he has no idea what's going on.
lyra calms him down by explaining whats about to happen.
lyra slides a hoof down snoopy's chest towards his pants.
then end the story right there.

Well that is... rape... which I'm not really so keen on writing.

didn't you write that lyra stalks humans that arrive to equestria?
not a stretch to that extreme based on what you wrote.

since you don't want rape, pinkie could be involved to as well. make it semi-consensual i guess.
you know she would throw a threesome party. :pinkiesmile::trollestia::moustache:

I'm fine with more of Lyra being a complete creep and basket case, but how about we leave sex, like, entirely out of this story, both implied and explicitly stated

What would you like to see next?

I've pretty much up in the air ideas wise now.

Well, that pot's gotta land somewhere. May as well make it somewhere important. The protagonist's gotta get de-pinkified, and I'd like to hear Lyra's explanation as to why she's on the roof. I'm sure we can all guess, but I'd like to hear it... straight from the horse's mouth.

By the by, I think you meant "aerial assault" where you wrote "areal assault".

"up in the air ideas wise". I see what you did there.

Well that was, unexpected....then again Pinkie is involved so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by ANYTHING that happens :rainbowwild:

Can't wait to see what happens next with the rogue pot of goop and the Pinkie twins...

...No idea why I typed that...:facehoof:

Pink. Pink everywhere. :pinkiecrazy:

I wouldn't be surprised if that rocket-pot never came down. Congratulations, Pinkie! You're responsible for the first artificial satellite put into Low Equestrian Orbit!

Also, coltfriends you say? Hmm. Wonder what else we don't know about...

Loved how Obsessed with Humans you made Lyra.

I think some more adventures with pinkie pie shold commence, and then maybe some quest on how to get back to looking like self, instead of being a male human version of pinky pie maybe? i dunno. this is good, so just decide yourself on this one:rainbowderp:

600491 gotta have pinkie pie and (pinkie-snoopy) dating :rainbowkiss:

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