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This sneaky fox, always clad in a blue mask and gloves, has long been a bane of unwary travelers with loose accouterments.


After Rarity rescued you from the Everfree Forest and nursed you back to health, you have served loyally as her assistant. Humans in Equestria seem to be a far more common thing that you'd first thought, and life has seemed pretty good albeit also pretty boring. However, Rarity comes in one day to tell you that she's signed up for a same-sex ballroom dance that she cannot miss, but her human partner has skipped out at the last moment. Thus, she has turned to you.

Although you're not really that keen on being dressed up and made out like a woman, you can't say "no" to a date with someone you love as much as Rarity. You hope that cross-dressing will at least be fun, and maybe Rarity will reward your open-mindedness later on, as the party breaks up.

This is rated 'teen' for 'not yet'. Thanks for reading. Please be warned that I wrote this with my brains partly turned off.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 22 )

All I can say is top that Alfred Ashford. :moustache:

How did I get a negative vote when I haven't even uploaded it yet?

We all get a big reward, don't we?

iPod keeps crashing, Rage building.

Well my friend, this is possibly the weirdest thing I've read. Crossdressing human in Equestria, I honestly can't wait to see if he makes it to the reward, though I wouldn't mind him being mauled by a group of lesbian ponies

In fact, I wouldn't mind be mauled by a group of lesbian ponies.

Swiper, why are you so good at swiping my attention away from writing? :ajbemused: :rainbowlaugh:

Ha ha! At last, it arrives!

Obviously you never seen someone getting kicked by a horse.
I assume ponies, even MLP Ponies although smaller still deliver a devastating kick to the human skull.


1106088 Bitch slap done by mare can be lethal or at least a reason to end up in hospital with broken jaw...... real kick done by any pony is probably insta death. AJ would probably blow up someones head :P

Oh hell yeah, Swiper's back!

I knew someone who had major face reconstruction surgery from a lite kick from a startled horse.
Lucky for my friend, the doctors did a real good job on her face, if you do not know her from before the accident you can never tell she had her face crushed in.
Unfortunately she did lose some ability for facial expressions, she can still move and feel her face, still smile and frown, but it lacks the range of expression she used to have.


1107232 Ouch.... at least she have face and some facial expressions. Now she can be a great poker player... you need to look after positive things in everything :trollestia:

Dude. Just dude. Seriously...

This well be fun, and I feel sorry for that guy. :trollestia:

"Magic doesn't work..." Oh, NOT another one...:twilightangry2:

990439Damn i really need to stop putting myself in the story as the charcater. I cant believe i made "myself" a girl. All in all nice job. Cant wait for the next one

So no chance of this updating.

Oh I fantasize about this ! * Squeee !* :raritystarry: It is my Dream fantasy :heart: I myself am a M2F crossdresser IRL :eeyup::trollestia: And I love to dress up as a woman .:raritywink: And I wish Rarity would adopt me and make me her sister , but Princess Luna is my sister in my mind , sooo maybe Rarity could be my Aunty ? :trollestia:

Oh Aunty Rarity I need your help Disperately ! :fluttercry: :raritycry: :pinkiesad2: Please please oh Please dress me up !

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