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A mare goes into heat when it is time for her to find a mate, and have foals, as it is the only time this is possible. For most, it is a joyous time, a chance to deepen bonds with their special someponies, or have some fun with friends. For others, it is a time to hide, for they are not quite so promiscuous.

For Fluttershy this year, it is neither of these things. This year, going into heat, she knows the end of one of her biggest dreams has arrived.

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Hmn, I'm wondering if this will be sad and depressing. . . There's a good chance it will be it's rated T.

Nice... Very heartwarming.

It's good. Thanks for sharing!

How does this story have 1 view but 8 likes/2 dislikes? :rainbowhuh:

6709192 The view count has a hard time keeping up, and refresh times are slow.

I usually stay clear of the shipping/sex/clopfic stories because I find them too messed up for my taste, but I can honestly say that I found this very heartwarming. It's not like other sex fics where the whole plot is getting banged, but instead its something a little more relatable: simply finding someone to make you happy for the rest of your life. I really appreciate that you kept the tone only mildly sexual, and overall a very good piece!

6709411 Mature sex is the only type of fic that can have actual sex in it. Teen sex means suggestive, but no more.

Who knew this would end in polygamy? I didn't. And it's weird. I expected a love story you know.

Hee. Fluttercordash. A VERY odd, er, pairing. Still, nicely written.

Up next... weird noodlepone kids! :rainbowlaugh:

That's going to be one craaaazy household. :twilightoops:

she would invite Spike and Rarity, or Twilight and Flash over, just so that she had company.

Flash was mentioned I'm happy now.:pinkiehappy:

Ummmm.... Nope I got nothing other than this:pinkiesick:

I gave up on Soaring

Soarin no 'g' at the end.

while slightly depressing, it was a 'page' turner.

That happened…love that kiss at the end:rainbowkiss:

I was really, really hoping this will have a second part...
Then I saw the "complete" :fluttercry:

6771110 What were you hoping of the second part? I have an hour before bed.

Comment posted by Arboreal Shelter deleted Dec 27th, 2015

6771129 The actual moment when Fluttershy/Discord/RD have sex so they both get pregnant.

6771139 I decided not to make it clop unfortunately. Sorry.

haha woah wait xD
so does that mean Discord gets laid with both of them right there? xDDD
awesome hahah

Oh, thank you! I've been looking for this fic, great to see it's categorized where it belongs.

Mebbe a little, but try reading it - you should find it ends satisfactorily. :)

ineresting. Though I almost imagine willing possession and body modification, if you know what I mean. So they all get what they want.

This story is sweet.

Sweet yet strange.
But that isn’t a bad thing.
Enjoyable, have an upvote.

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