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Having completed their very first friendship mission, Applejack and Rarity soon find out that they're stuck in Manehattan for the night.

Perhaps it could be that "friendship" wasn't what the map had in mind at all.

Art by tcn1205

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Comments ( 21 )

This is a adorable and well written story. Well done.

Good luck of telling Spike that.

Apologies if this spoils the mood, but I’m just imagining how funny that cover art would be if your Spike Icon was right to the left of it.

Fantastic story :D

Fantastically done!

Actually...I’m actually gonna go ahead and say that this is the best Rarijack story I’ve read so far. It was sweet, they felt in character, and the pacing and spelling was excellent.

Yeah, have a like and a fave from me.


Great story. Well-written, with fantastic characterization. Spotted one little error.
Before Applejack could make an attempt speak, add a "to" between attempt and speak.
Also you call it hair instead of a mane, but that may have been on purpose. Still, one of the best romance stories I've read. :)

The world needs more Rarijack.

Always! I'm already shipping their G5 incarnations!

Absolutely endearing story. Thank you for the lovely reading.

This is a beautifully written story and I'm sure that is far too unworthy a description. I was swept up and captivated. It's a wonderful look at romance and love between two characters that are so different yet have so much in common. This story made me see how wonderful this relationship truly could be. I could feel more than their passion for each other. I could feel their honest love for each other.
Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Such a nice Rarijack story! Really like how you wrote Rarity's diary entries, and I think you nailed their interactions. I featured this on episode 212 of my podcast, Pony 411.

...part 2 please?:heart: i cant believe it ended there...now im wishing for more!......now this is how you write a wonderfull ship story! make the audience want more!

Beautiful, beautiful story!

This was so very wonderfully written. So detailed in feelings and thought process, plus it's rooted in such reality. I was anxious about how Applejack was going to react and if she really could just set aside her feelings for Rarity like that even for her family. Imagining what Rarity went through as well, was whirlwind. She figured even if AJ didn't like her, they could still be friends, but what she didn't expect was for AJ to HAVE feelings, but still say no!
I adored this and am so glad I found it! :raritystarry: I'm also glad for a happy ending!

Quite a good story. Definitely one for my list.

You know, I thought I was the only one who used the cutie map as a romance tool with my TwiJack series. But this is a lot more developed. I applaud your creativity.

This is a wonderful story, filled with emotions, and feels. It makes you feel whole after reading it. Have a like, favorite and upvote from me.

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