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After the Grand Galloping Gala fiasco, Applejack helps Rarity come to a realization, that what she wanted all her life may not be what she really wanted at all...

This oneshot's been sitting in my gDocs limbo far too long. So with some more tweaks, I decided to finally publish it. Enjoy!

Apparently, Agent Fluffy did a read of this fic a year ago. I guess I'm a little late to the party, but it's worth linking nontheless.

Many thanks to people from School for New Writers and its Discord channel for proofing and prereading!

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Ok, that was well executed. Although...

Throw it at me in buckets!

I'd recommend care when mentioning... those particular receptacles in public places on the Interwebs, you might set off more than a few Homestuck fans, especially if it's used in conjunction with a romantic story. Just saying.

But yeah, it's a good story.

A fine example of what a good one-shot should be! :pinkiehappy:

I really liked this fic! You're a really good writer and I actually went to your profile page to see if you had written anything else. Good to see you plan on writing another story so I'm looking forward to reading that one!!

Comment posted by Agent Fluffy deleted Mar 12th, 2017

:ajsmug: + :raritystarry: = :heart: OTP, Best ship~

Anyways, this was very well written and is a wonderful one shot. (Leaves me happy, and yet, wanting a sequel.)
I just figured I'd leave a comment to inform you that I found your writing, and a blog about romance pacing in stories, to be riveting and that I hope to see more work from you! Keep up the great writing, and hopefully you'll pump out another great fic!

8163173 Thank you kindly!

Unfortunately, my uni squeezes the last juices out of me right now, but summer break starts soon, so I hope to write some more!

Aww, so cute!
I like Rarity's (quick!) reflection after Applejack's revelation. I'm also it didn't immediately jump into true love, but left it a bit open so they'll have time to develop a relationship.
Nice :raritywink:

Very well written.

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