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What is a pony? A fabulous little pile of secrets. But enough talk...


Rarity reads a romance novel that has a small twist on her expectations. This spirals out of control and she finds herself fixated on Applejack, of all ponies.

Is the book to blame, or is it something else?

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Good job with your first story.

I think you wrote Rarity very well!

Very cute story :3

Great first story. I was very impressed with your style of writing that implied many thing moresoe than spelling them out which made for an interesting read. I also appreciated the the "story inside a story" because that itself felt differently written, yet had the same emotional style as your main story. Great work. Really enjoyed the ending, which (like Cheeriles note about "Wicked Desire") was faily unique yet satisfying, bringing the story to a sweet yet bit more realistic portrail. Also loved Rarites and Applejacks interaction at the end. Keep the good work up.

Naughty, Rarity. To sit there watching Applejack tending her garden patch like that.

"Are we talking about me," Applejack cautiously offered, "Or is this actually about how nobody's shown interest in you, besides Spike?"

That's a 4th degree burn if I've ever seen one

Gosh do I love a dramatic rarity

Their interactions are great and the way you're making the connections between rare's trashy romance novel and the story makes then clear, so obvious actually that they make me laugh out loud (poor rarity!) Keep it up, can't wait to finish!

This was your first story? Goodness it was so good, keep it up!!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the comments and encouragement. It was a lot of fun to write.

It was my first story. I've been reading way too much pony for years. I blame all of you for writing such creative stuff.

Ooh, very cute! Definitely seeing some parallels, haha.
Your writing is quite good, and I liked the banter between Rarity and Sweetie Belle.
Curious to see where it goes next :twilightsmile:

This was brilliant.

I just have to ask.... Do you mean rougr ot rogue?

It's a great story that had me hooked the entire time

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