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Being a fashion designer is not easy - it takes creativity, dedication, and a lot of work. Rarity knows that, and while she wouldn't trade the life she chose for anything in the world, she still needs a break sometimes. What better opportunity is there than going on a walk with a friend - one who has become dearer to her than she had ever been willing to believe?

Cover artwork by bakki (source).

Reading by Agent Fluffy.

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Cute. Could totally swing either way for the friendshipping or the love shipping. Good stuff. :twilightsmile:

6937721 Thank you! Yeah, at first I was going to write a standard love confession as the ending but then I felt like it didn't need that sort of finality.

7071560 Thanks for the catch, I fixed it now. I also appreciate the compliment! :twilightsmile:

"She didn’t need to say more than that for Rarity to understand, understand what it meant for Applejack to leave it with her to repair it."

Typo there with the double "understand".

Hi there! I did a fanfic reading of your story!
Youtube Reading


Oh wow! That was certainly a surprise. Thank you so much for letting me know, I love it :yay:

Cute. Very much an enjoyable read.

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