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This is the story of a Brony with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Given a chance to start over in Equestria as a Pegasus Pony, he relearns everything he ever knew thanks to Princess Celestia and 3 very special little fillies. He goes from Student, to Teacher, to Mentor, to Wonderbolt, to Friend. Follow Breeze Rider as he flies through life, facing danger and love in equal parts, where he finally gains everything he ever wanted and more.

NOTE : I marked it Teen because there is a bit of more Romantic Shipping near the End and I don't wanna get in any trouble. There also is an injury or two at one point, but as its not of the butchering variety and I dont go into anything but base detail, I didnt feel the need to put a content rating for Gore.

Enjoy. I appreciate any feedback, as long as its not made to be intentionally hurtful.

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Wow... that's a lot of chapters...
Welp, chapter 1 seems to be the best place to start

Thirty thousand words and no thumbs, up or down.. :rainbowhuh:


Yeah. This story ended up taking on a life of its own for a little while. I actually ended up not really knowing how many chapters I had for a while. I hope you enjoy the story.

677978 3 up and 1 down. Also, In the beginning, the chapters are a bit... short. At least feel that way


Yeah. I suppose this is a beefier story isn't it? I just wrote the whole thing before coming here and decided not to exclude any chapters from the initial post. I hope you enjoy the story.

678180 :rainbowlaugh: I know what you mean. For one story, I started out with a neat story-board, a plan for everything. 2 chapters in and I was WAY of course


Yeah it did start off that way. I've never been good at the beginning of stories. Plus, before I saw the actual word count here, the chapters seemed a lot longer. Some chapters are really also more just to bridge the story gaps than to add much to the story as a whole.

678213 The beginning is normally hard, for any writer. You have to introduce your character and everything. What sucks is if you don't write that good of a beginning, you may not get many readers


Very true. I didn't overly enjoy attempting this one, mostly just due to the fact that I had to set up the Human part of the Story before I could get to Breeze Rider which is where I feel I hit my stride in a way.

Suspense :pinkiecrazy:

ill give track and thumbs up and mustache :moustache:

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no comments still man i feel bad for you but it is getting good :twilightsmile:

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Hot damn thats a good story. :fluttercry: Now its over.:fluttercry:

ima tracking this shit is good ...........fod im such a sucker for HIE's

smoooooooooooooottttttthhhhhhhhhhh dude :raritywink:

this was one of the best emotional storys i have ever read sir you have broken me hard with this brilliant piece of writing i salute you sir :pinkiesmile::raritywink::twilightsmile:

Wow great story, lot's of chapters and no visible mistakes :twilightsmile:

I have read this story before. And you sir are a talented writter. Much better than I.

Actually, not bad. One of the better stories that I've read.:rainbowkiss:

Very nice story so far. Although I do wonder about one. What exactly did that machine do? Is he dreaming all this or has the machine literally transported him to Equestria


What the machine does was left intentionally open to the reader. It does whatever you believe it did. I know that may seem like a lacking answer, but its true.

Than I'm going to assume that it somehow reincarnates him and transports his spirit to Equestria. Good of theory as any.

Lovely story, But i will admit back when he was talking about the stunt i kind of expected him to see the future and see some one get hurt by that stunt then for him to replace them in that stunt so the other wouldn't get hurt :o

I liked the entire story...until the accident. I cant really say why I didn't, it just really, really pissed me off so much so.... But you are an great writer overall! :twilightsmile:

I loved reading this again lots of time jumps but still a great read. LONG LIVE FLUTTERSHY:yay:

not sure if gary sue, or just not far enough in story for conflict. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

What the hell I'm back oh well might as well read this for the third time:yay:. Merry Christmas and a happy Hearths Warming Eve, I'm very satisfied with what I got.

“You’re always wanted Derpy. Never forget that.”

Looks like twi isn't the only one with a BBBFF:twilightsmile:

First! :yay:
And I'm absolutely LOVING this story :pinkiehappy:

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hmm no comments? i feel bad for you author, but good story none the less. :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie would certainly keep everypony on their toes all the time.

toes? ponies don't have toes :|

I also knew for a fact she’d be a Wonderbolt someday.

Hey, you were right!

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