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I want to see the love life and a long story between rarity and twilight, and I want to see the one work out between sweetie belle and spike. MOAR! :flutterrage:

Well, Twilight/Rarity is not a combination I see too often, I commend you for making this. Hope to see more.

This... doesn't fit Twilight's paradigm at all (well, maybe having "toys" might be plausible, I could see her getting curious if she read "those" types of books every so often). dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png Whatever, it's decent, I guess. The writing didn't kill me, so there's that.

Hey, not everyone thinks Twilight was a virgin...:duck:

I'll see where this one leads, though. If nothing else the pairing interests me!:raritystarry:

Uh oh now the characters are gonna ship other characters?
*grabs popcorn* This is gonna be good.:twilightsmile:

Make moar chapters, i hate to see a great story, with great opportunity go to waste :pinkiecrazy:

okay wow, thank you everypony... just three things, 683751 yes, yes indeed:moustache: 678434 thank you for the most round about way ever to make a complement. and last but not least, to everyone, there is more to come, if my med board ever hurries up.

We just say. :pinkiegasp: Oh yes, and the idea erupted because it's been 2 years in Equestria and we have never seen any evidence she's in a relationship.

Re edit plz i see alot of errors - neighbors etc:pinkiegasp:

694101 Um, neighbors is correct bro. If you see any other errors, please message me. Also I take a grammar nazi a little more seriously when they take the time to spell out all the words like please. I'm not hating, but don't call an error that is not there.

You wrote hopped when it should be hoped and hoped when it schould be hopped a few times.

695786 Thank you, I missed those, but at least my mistake was constant.

Princess Celestia obviously gets lonely up in her castle...

this story is amazing. even if it was nothing but clop, or none at all, i would still totally read it. im hooked!!! great job.:heart::heart:

Princess Molestia makes an appearance perhaps? :trollestia:

714599 omg i LOVE LA Noire based memes.

Anyway this is a great fic in EVERY possible way :rainbowlaugh::rainbowhuh::rainbowderp:

Well written, but for one part:

"MMM, *pant pant* Oh my goddess *gasp*..."

This would be better worded as:

"MMM, oh my Goddess," Rarity cried, panting and gasping...

Or something to that effect. It would be more appropriate for a published work.

729247 I face palmed reading your comment, I was trying to think how to better word that, but thanks.

719066 Wait a couple, I'm bringing them back :pinkiehappy:

Yes, yes she was :trixieshiftleft:

Why is it when ever a fic mentions a attacking dragon I start humming the skyrim theme song.

GOD DAMNIT IT BETHESDA! :twilightangry2:

Rapist in equestria were is this world going!

730470 Well I have 4 in one of my stories.
They're all dead now though.....nopony makes an attempt on 'Shy

Unless your a lock smith! you're

Snapping too though, to

...quickly snapping her flank with her tail to a small yip and a lusty look form Twilight. from

750642 thanks boss, I'll get right on those.

Dat cliffahnger! :twilightangry2:. Who is Fluttershy's crush? Who is masquerading as the Mysterious Mare do Well? When is Twilight going to go off the deep end and turn her parents into cacti?

On a side note, there was one error I noticed in the story: when Rarity first addresses the Duke she refers to him as "Your Highness". Rarity would have the courtly knowledge to know that he should be addressed as "Your Grace". Not a big deal, and most people won't even notice, but it's one thing that has always annoyed me. Feel free to ignore it if you don't feel like changing it.

Doomed. They're all doomed. Rarity's high, Pinkie is likely to go off at any moment (most likely she'll do something at the party), and Rainbow knows who Fluttershy has a crush on. I'm beginning to think the Comedy tag may apply to this fic.

751572 I actually did not know that, and google had for once proven unhelpful, so thank you very much.

752292 Thanks, and yes, Vinyl was random, but I just wanted to establish her character, because she has no pint in cannon history to draw from, so I made some.

A nice little set of chapters, one that I will be paying attention to in the future.

Faved and liked!

753707 Yeah... that actually sounds kind of good, chocolate chips in a strawberry shortcake... Damn you Clonetrooperkev, you made me hungry!

Rainbow Dash.... You DOG! :rainbowlaugh:

Dragon my thoughts, FUS ROO DAH how cliche

The implications of that last line are distressing, please clarify.

772017 Celestia might just screw the ever living daylights out of Fluttershy? :trollestia::fluttershyouch:


Oh, my...

772264 Wouldn't surprise me.
772885 lol

Well that ended better than I thought it would for Twilight, for a moment I thought Magic was going to make her forget Rarity. Also Magic seemed to act a bit like Truth from Fullmetal Alchemist.


After more than 3.000.000 words read, I've learned than EVERYTHING exists. This is the internet, after all.

Including Spike x Mane 6 (Yes, all at the same time) and Luna x Scootaloo (In process of reading)

Now if you allow me, there's a Mane 6 mixer with my name on it

773305 Lunaloo? Next there will be Owlolyscious and Tom...

772885 Bite me. JK thanks though I might clean that up.
773012 What kind of story would it be with out the fear of that happening though?

OH NOES POOR FLUTTERSHY Molestia action though SWEET!

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