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Please wait for the sequel before asking about OC's getting a chance to appear in chapters. This story is complete, but I am in the process of editing and fixing things before posting them.

Yes, I said sequel, as in, there is more to this series than these chapters.

I know this fic....
Might as well track...

I can't wait to read this when I get a bit of time. I'm not a fan of clop-fics but this looks like it is good and well worth the read based on the description. More feedback later! yahchacha!

Wait... all the mares go into heat? You mean like all at once?
On the same day!?


577979 They usually go into heat at the same general time

That aint even the half of it.

Oh damn I feel sorry for Twilight she's going to get ravaged.:eeyup:


You think that's bad? Wait until two certain mares get their turn with her.

I was wondering when you were gonna post this here. That only leaves CoRoNa if memory serves.

579594Well I know Rainbow Dash would be in it and I have a feeling that Rarity walks up on them.:eeyup:

CoRoNa, Evernight, Dominant Species: Tales from the Shop Keeper, and a few others.

... *silently favourites*

Jesus Fluttershy, no means no..... Still good chapter though.

577978 Just wait for the re-birth chapter

581717 Hush now, don't go spoiling it for those who haven't read it yet.

sorry Twilight, you gonna get raped anyways.......

soooo.... I can assume this story will go like this: clop chapter, non-clop preparation chapter and so on.... at least that's how the last 5 chapters have been.....

582068 mmmmaybe :trollestia:

582085 Just somepony's innocence :twilightoops:


but Twilight already lost her innocence to Flutters.....

oh well.... now she'll definitely be able to confirm the existence of Molestia.....

Well, it all depends on how Mousey takes it. Seriously it could be a very pleasant, and gentle session... until Twilight asks for more.:twilightsheepish::trollestia:

OH SHIT!!!!! Twilight is going to get it so bad I feel sorry for her.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::eeyup::trollestia:

I want more Rarity... Please tell me she's getting another chapter soon?? :raritystarry:
Nevertheless this story is awesome! :twilightsmile:

No more? :applecry: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!:raritycry:

582870 More? :pinkiehappy: YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :pinkiecrazy:

Twilight Sparkle: "Somepony save me... Please?" :twilightoops:

dat ending ahahahahahahahahah

This story arc....
pertains to my interests. :pinkiehappy:
keep on writing! i like your style!

Ummm. The story was very intresting.:pinkiesmile: The corn part was a little weird.:rainbowhuh:

and then the lot thickens

Oh up next is the one where (classified) is trapped in (classified) and ends up (classified) with (classified). It's defiantly up there as one of my favorite chapters. :ajsmug:

I read the part where Dash starts rutting Pinkie.....

and it made me remember THIS

585637 Oh, it's something else that's thickening. The plot is getting stretched, and stretched good, hehe. :rainbowlaugh:

585974 (Classified) certainly learned not to get (classified) while (classified). Poor (classified) getting caught up in (classified) (classified) with the (classified)

(Will 'un-classify' this a while after I post the next chapter in question, hehe)

Oh boy. This story again. I remember I lost it when (classified) turned both herself and (classified) into (classified) (classifieds) and they (classified). Maybe I'll actually read past that part this time.

588082 You mean when Twilight turned both herself and Spike into anthromorthic mice and played guitar?

588698 Oh yea, spoil it for everyone...

588698 Nope, not that part, but at least I have a reason to read on now :derpytongue2:

The idea of Fluttershy being the dominant one in a relationship is one that has defiantly not been explored enough. :flutterrage:

Speaking of which, have you read "Beating the Heat", the Fluttershy in that fanfic, like yours, is the right mix of dominance as well as the same shyness we all have known from her.

is every friggin toy in that Canterlot shop made to automatically attach to the pony using it AND being stuck until removal lotion is used? I fear for the amount of mare-to-stallions that will happen.....

and you're calling Derpy: Bright Eyes?

thank you for confirming some suspicions the readers of: "Choices:Twisted Tales through Time and Space" had about a "cloaked Pegasus" called Bright Eyes

589022 Well, Trip Elex specializes in making magical 'toys'. Not all are attaching, mainly the ones that are intended for use with a partner. The solo use toys are normal, hoof held ones.

As for me calling her Bright Eyes, this was written LONG before the infamous and controversial moment when Derpy is 'officially' named in canon.

Wow hahaha epicness and hotness:eeyup:

Dayum :trollestia:

Nice Chapter Update, keep up the Good Work

There are 2 things I'm scared for in this story. The first is that the CMC is noted as main-characters. I really hope that doesn't mean what I think it means... The second one is that worried about myself. Because I like this story way to much to keep it healthy.

Trust me, the CMC are VERY much main-characters for all the reasons you think. Especially the ending... taught me a fetish that I didn't even know existed! :applejackconfused:

"It's not like either of us can get pregnant... right?"


and the "fun" room? god.... she really deserves her title of Molestia.....

592342 I didn't really spare anypony in this. CMC and even a few OCs included.

592405 Yes, yes she does deserve that title... Just wait till the younger sister gets her turn... *Tries to hide*


*looks at the comment to blaststorm*

glad my OCs are not published yet....
and the CMC O_o, oh goddess.... have mercy on our souls....

592342 I guess you could say Applebloom gets far in there:moustache:

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