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Original Works. It was a good run.

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Already in a group? Again. wow.

(16 live readers?? WOW.)

Agreed upon Rape

So, they both agree that it was a rape? I'm confused.

6350805 It means that it was planned, and that bot parties knew what was happening. So more like it's roleplaying. Now, please put yours in spoilers, as it was like that for a reason.


Fine, fine. All I'm saying is "agreed-upon rape" isn't really a thing, because then it's not actually rape. It's—like you said—a rape roleplay.

Well, unfortunately, and I mean absolutely no offense by this, but... I have no meat.

I'm sorry, but Fluttershy takes care of carnivorous animals. I'm sure she would have the meats!

Let me be perfectly clear, i do NOT want to read this.
My hand didn't get the memo, unfortunately, and appears to be clicking anyways.

It shall be disciplined.

And i shall read this, to punish myself, for not keeping my hand in check.

*unzips trousers*

dat title & premise :rainbowlaugh:

Gilda best catbird

Trigger warnings need to die. All you need to say is "This story contains", not ride the coattails of Tumblr psychology. Going to read this still.


At this point, I think 'Trigger warnings' is just synonymous with 'This story contains'.

wait.... WAIT.... Jumnbled, you lied to me! It wasn't Gilda's idea AT ALL!

(Wonderful story, by the way)

Ok I need to read this just because of the awesome joke.

About half way through the story I got very confused, until I realized that both of them agreed on this. Wow.

Man, that was good. I need more of this couple. Or just more lesbo Gilda. Both work for me.

6350919 It's okay, because Gilda brought some meat with her.

6350810 I find it funny that you send a link to your patreon and instead of finding a home page to see what I can pledge,I instead find a regular user page.:rainbowlaugh:

Anyway I kinda figured that would be flutters kink, also love the GildaXFluttershy.

I clap for the pun.

6872256 Why not clop for the pun?

As the birds chirped in the background, Gilda inspected her talons, trying to be patient With her previous thought and the heat that beat upon her though, she couldn’t help but feel her rage start to boil within her.


While I'm not a fan of these particular kinks, I found this to be a really enjoyable read, and the ending was really sweet. Really nice work here.

This was a ride from start to finish, and that twist at the end made it all the more better! Keep up the.good work

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