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Contains CONSENSUAL ROLEPLAY, BONDAGE, DOMINATION (maledom), HOOF PLAY, FACEFUCKING, WING BUKKAKE, and a loving married couple doing naughty things to each other.



That last one is the most triggering. :twilightoops:

Manes #4 · Jul 27th, 2015 · · 1 ·

(Squirts lotion on hands)

Let's do this.

I would like to see Cadence being the Captain....

This needs a sequel, a video game, and a movie, and only one of those is true. I was busy, so I didn't get around to favoriting and liking this sooner.... I am not fucking biased, but this is a really damn good piece of Pony porn literature, and teaches us to not have sex with terrible lions watching nearby :trollestia:

Majin Syeekoh

a loving married couple doing naughty things to each other.

You degenerate.

Oh thank you so very much! This is awesome! :heart:

Just what I needed after a hard day at work.

Pun not intended.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Cadence? Cadence?!? CADAAAAAAAAANCE!!!

That was pretty hot.

Though, you guys won't be able to have a cake decorated with various baby paraphernalia with that kind of aim.

Hehehehe, good one, goood one. Though I still have problems imagining Shining Armor as the dominant one.
It's just... not fitting him, in my honest opinion.
But the story was fantastic nonetheless, the writing quality amazed me, well done!


Contains CONSENSUAL ROLEPLAY, BONDAGE, DOMINATION (maledom), HOOF PLAY, FACEFUCKING, WING BUKKAKE, and a loving married couple doing naughty things to each other.


Is there no shame?

Shining Armor sure has a lot of stamina to be able to do it with his wife after a full day with his privates.

Also, congrats on feature box!

Not a fan of bukkake, personally, but this was still a bollocking hot read. Have an upvote, dear sir.

6251027 Ack! You gave away a spoiler! Now I don't know if I should find that pic cute or infuriating!

Eh, I'll do both.

Awww... :heart:
Grrrr! :twilightangry2:
Awww... :heart:
Grrrr! :twilightangry2:


Thank you! I'm a ma'am though. :twilightsmile:

6252033 Whoops, my mistake, then. :twilightblush:


He really was making sure his privates were properly groomed, but when he got to show his privates to the privates in his bedroom, it proved he had kept them up to stuff snuff.

a loving married couple doing naughty things to each other.

6251735 Oh, of course there's shame. But, that's for lesser ponies.

This was really well done, Bad. The consent between them was clear without having to beat the reader over the head with it, and I thought you made some of the more kinky material accessible to someone like me who doesn't really consider that to be my thing. There was enough of the "wink wink, nudge nudge" business between the two of them while they were going at it to make it comfortable to read. I'm glad I gave this a chance. :twilightsmile:

Nice job!

Great work, Bad. I think you really nailed the gentle, loving concern they have for each other, both with the code words and simply by having Cadence do something nice like that for Shining. Plus, they both just seemed so real.

Great concept, great execution, and you've given me some great ideas. I think I might need to make that Sombra cosplay after all... :trixieshiftright:

Another fantastic one! This site needs more consensual bondage and casual marriage fun times. Wish I could write as good as this! (Case in point, is that supposed to say good or well?)


Thanks dude! Glad you enjoyed it, even if the kinks aren't exactly your taste. :twilightsmile:


Thanks! And King Sombra cosplay, you say? I have a feeling your husband will be very happy... :raritywink:


Thanks again for reading! And it would be "well" in that sentence. :twilightsheepish:

Nicely done, Bad. I'm always a sucker for roleplay in the bedroom and this fic hit it in all the right spots.

Nicely done! I would have preferred Cadence be the dominant one, but I'm kinda a sucker for Femdom.

I get off more when a woman is in control.

I guess I'm weird that way.

A nice hot, dirty, sexy story. Me likey :moustache:

Comment posted by RoyalBardofCanterlot deleted Jul 28th, 2015

Couldn't agree more with everyone else; stellar writing once again, Badsy. Domming and roleplay aren't my kinks, but you portrayed them in a way that made me like them. In fact, that's probably the only proper way to write about any kink: Show the reader how much the characters enjoy it.

By the way, for extra lulz, read all of Shining's parts in the TF2 Soldier's voice.

Well, that was good. A rather interesting work. Also I am OK with most kinks described here and even liked some of them, you style seemed to me well, blunt in some places and sometimes spoiled the joy of reading. But all in all I enjoyed this little story and I am eager to see a sequel (where Shining is the Private) .

heart-shaped clitoris

:rainbowderp: Now, that was amusing.:rainbowlaugh: I wonder, if all princesses have clits shaped as their cuti marks?

His firm, dark-blue length swung between his hind legs as he approached her. Behind his shaft, a matching pair of balls swayed.

:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh: This particular line left me dumbstruck for a moment, but I guess this interpretation is possible...

Here is a little something, that reminds of your story or even can be used as an illustration.
And this picture is supposed to inspire you on writing a sequel...
Looks like one private is not enough for Cadance ...

I gotta ask something before I read: Is there any futa or genderbending involved?

Good Story!
I like they didn't forget to agree to a safeword. That happens far too rare in stories like this.

What would have happened if an real Private would have accidantly entered the room, e.g. bringing more paperwork?



I probably would have made it into a threesome then. :trollestia:

I've finished re-reading this hot clopfic and I'm very glad to have commissioned this. We definitely need more naughty kinky married sex clopfics involving the royal couple since not only the clop is written well but the characterization is wonderful and the actual consent is shown instead of just simply told. It's too bad that this didn't last very long in the feature box which is quite sad honestly considering the really awesome sexual role-play in this story would attract a lot more attention.

Still though you did a great job on this clopfic and hopefully the royal couple get some more love in the clopping community. :heart:


Thanks again for commissioning it, bud! I really did enjoy writing this, and I'm glad it did well. You're right in that the royal couple needs more sensual, kinky clopfics. :raritywink: And hey, if you're interested in more, check your PMs, yo?

“Yellow? Red?” he asked gently.
Cadence shook her head.

I really like this addition.

His cock slid across her tongue and down her throat ease, coated in a sheen of her saliva.

Add "with" or make "easily".

Saliva pooled around her lips and dribbled to the floor, excess drool hanging from her chin.

Probably mixed with semen...

“Was I too rough?” Shining’s horn glowed. “Do you need anything? Water?” When she didn’t reply, his eyes widened. “Did I hurt you? I’m—”

I learned something about myself today. This is an amazing section as well.

You know, we’ll have to see about you being the Private once in a while.

Uh... I mean, this would be nice. For reading and stuff.

I honestly have not read many good BDSM fics here, and reading this, that makes me disappointed. It is refreshing to see Shining with his actual wife and not paired with Twilight.


Thanks for catching the mistake. Fixed now! :twilightsmile: And glad you enjoyed it and discovered something new about yourself, lol. :raritywink: A shame there aren't more Cadence and Shining kinky clops like this, agreed.

God this was a good dtory, hot, secy, and a bit of romance. You are amazing Bad!

Hot damn, you are a master of description. If anyone tries to say that Shining x Cadance is boring or vanilla, this will be one of the fics I direct them to.

I really liked how you managed to make Shining Armor seem impressive and powerful without delving into full-on measurements. It's not that he's bigger than other stallions, what's important, at least to the two of them, is that he's able to be commanding and sensitive at the same time. Also, kudos to describing balls and wetness. Those are some things that often go unsaid that I personally really enjoy. In fact, you captured their entire bodies so very vividly.

I hope you write this couple again sometime in the future. A lack of vaginal sex, while kinky and very hot, seems to me like we haven't yet reached the main course of the meal yet, but this fic could easily tide me over for a long while until then. <3


Thanks, guys! :heart: And Hardcover, this definitely won't be the last of Shining/Cadence I write! :raritywink:

6304988 I'm so sorry I unfollowed you Bad-Seed chan, senpai, kun, sama, sensei, etc. Etc. Etc


:rainbowlaugh: I forgive you! LOL


... You're right. I'll go back and fix that. :twilightsheepish:

Love this. Straight to the point, a fun roleplay scenario, and consensual between a married couple. It's not anything extreme or exotic, but I'd gladly call this a simple and fun romp.

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