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When I first saw this I was reluctant to read it, but god am I happy I did. Kill them all Jason. Kill them all to make mommy happy.

So Jason kills the ponies? Well, they kinda had it coming. TCB Ponies are after all xenocidal assholes.

Maybe, through the horror Jason inflicts (if and when he's defeated by the ponies at a terrible cost) on them, they would not be so hateful toward humans? And stop all the ponification and mind destroying nonsense?

I want more, and soon god damn it! In all seriousness though, please make a new chapter for this story soon, as myself and many others (as already proven) would really, really enjoy it... This is only the first chapter and it has already got me pumped up for more Jason Voorhees.

Update, I want to see Jason kill... FOR HUMANITY!!!

I wondered for a moment why I recognized the Crystal Lake name, then I saw comments and the cover pic and connected za dots. I feel ze stupid right now.

I normally hate Conversion Bureau stories, but this...I can get behind this.:pinkiecrazy:


So, we're being saved by Jason Voorhees. Please take a minute or two to let that information sink in.

Yeah, OK. But humanity is really tempting fate by hoping Pamela's baby boy doesn't pick them off as well. Because he can and will . He doesn't pick sides. He kills.

I... Have no picks to nit at. I fucking love this.

By the way, Jason should kill Celestia like this if you ask me:

*cue H20 Delirious laughter*

"Spitfire," Moore started, "it is an undeniable, and may I say fundamental quality of man, that when faced with extinction, every alternative, is preferable."

I see what you did there :ajsmug:

So. Torn. I really hate dark pony stories, and I hate Conversion Bureau stories even more, but, I love Jason. Argh. *wiggles*

6004540 Jason kills TCB ponies. So, double yay!

I honestly thought the story was gonna suck but I was wrong and its awesome how you incorporate the freddy vs jason vs ash background into the story. :moustache:

I wonder if Freddy is gona show up.

6004545 Ehh, is part of why I dislike TCB stuff, some of my favorite ponies are made in to monsters, and, I just can't stand reading, or seeing them be that way. That, and I'm not big on pony gore. So, while I love Jason, I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to read this. But, I will give it a thumbs up, cause of the Jason love.

So Jason is going to be the hero of this story?

I hope this version of Celestia gets axed. Seriously, she sounds despicable. I'm almost tempted to make a conversion fic where they detect two powerful humanoid beings from the universe in which my fic takes place. They get there and Celestia is defeated by Light and Dark Jak. What do you think?

If you rip jason in half....

He will come back and kill you while floating in mid air without his lower body


( First TCB story so... )

Dear Mr. Man

Well shoot, ya got my interest. And that's quite a feat since I usually avoid the stories with the "dark" tag, that, and I know next to nothing about the Conversion Bureau series. But, I can honestly say I felt a sudden drop in my stomach when I finished reading the description, and I do love me some Jason. So I'll be checking this baby out tomorrow.

Sincerely Yours, The Cake Devil.

This is going to be awesome.

That would be a glorious blood bath. :pinkiehappy: Having a killer murdering ponies in the physical realm while another kills in the dream realm. The best part, Luna won't be there to save Celestia's little slaves. I say let's get all of them, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Leatherface, everyone single one of these classic slashers just to show the ponies what happens when an alien decides to play God to humanity. :pinkiecrazy:

Well Luna's presence is a big variable in most CB stories, but when you think about it, the most logical explanation for why the CB Celestia is so different from the one in the show could be traced back to her original fight with Nightmare Moon. If instead of banishing Luna with a hope of her return, Celestia had deliberately or accidentally killed her, that might have led to a thousand years of her trying to suppress guilt by insisting that she was justified and in the right, which could lead to her being as warped as the CB Celestia is.

Sorry Twilight but...


As an X TCB fan and a long time fan of Jason, I am so reading this latter.

Normally I don't like reading these Conversion Bureau stories manly because how unlikely it is to happen unless certain radical things happen like what B-Navigator theorize. But this one...



6004773 Thats the thing, the one thing no other being should try to do to humanity. That is trying in hold us down, trying to suppress us, it may work for a little while, but it is human nature to never be bound, to always advance ever forward no matter what happens.

Personally, I kinda wanted the xenocidal Celestia of this fan-series to get her hooves on the human's secret weapon, or what she thought was the human's last resort and try to use it against them... only find out the truth of the Lament Configuration.

"We have such sights to show you."

hey i was just wondering but is anything else going to awaken due to the ponies influence? I mean in historical myth and fiction there's a shit tone of scary ass things going bump in the night. It would be interesting to see if you expand on the idea you've put forth with the Necronomicon awaking from its slumber.

Prepare for death. HERE. COMES. JASON.


I try to think them as 'TCB Ponies', not the good and compassionate 'canon ponies' from the show itself.

There are very few stories where the canon ponies (canon like anyway) meet those nasty TCB Ponies. Those are my favorites. There's nothing better than seeing evil TCB getting a beat down by good canon ponies.

If these were canon ponies in this story (well as close to canon ponies in a fan fiction) I would feel upset about Jason killing them. As it stands they are TCB Ponies, so they kinda getting what they deserve. Sorry TCB Ponies, I just seem to find it hard to take pity on xenocidal assholes.

So let me get this straight. Ponies are ding the conversion bureau and you make them go to Crystal Lake to go against one of Humanity's worst nightmares who is now fighting for humanity?


You're a bloody genius. :rainbowlaugh:


Usually, Luna is depicted to be against Xenolestia, and things don't end well for her going against her sister.


Okay, I feel like three or four of those shouldn't have fazed him since he's gotten up from then before

Not a big fan of these stories but i can read this. Also i absolutely love the RvB reference.

You have my attention. Only because of Jason Voorhees. I excepted Ash to appear after you mentioned The Necronomicon.


I have now read it. It's good. Though, you should have asked for permission to use PHL. They from The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum by redskin122004

That said, sure hope the PHL ponies get to live. I like those ponies, they are rarely seen in TCB.

So the Afterlife is using the Barrier and the Necronomicon to empower Jason and send him against Xenolestia and the Bureau...
Can we hope that Pinhead and associates will give Jason an hand?
I say Pinhead because Pinhead&Co. are more 'reasonable' than say Freddy Krueger...
... and I hope Ash "This is my BOOMSTICK" WIlliams will appear.

Honestly, given the love/hate for TCB, I can see this going either way for everyone involved; I'm not going to spoil the fun for you

Enjoy your ride, you're going to love this

I can get behind this one, so long as they're brought down. With Jason around they're no doubt, screwed.

Well... it was nice of you to use the group that I created...

Just kind of wished you let me know...

Because I couldn't really finish reading it without getting frustrated with how you are portraying everything with the PHL and newfoals.

I get it, suppose not to be taken seriously, but if you are going to use the group as a base for the story, at least research a little further about certain things.

A perfect enemy to send against Equestria. The Elements of Harmony will be completely useless against him. After all, at his core, Jason is still a child.

And nothing is more pure, nor more cruel than the heart of a child.

I am sincerely sorry I didn't ask for permission. Would you prefer that I change it?

6005533 it needs work.

Specifically the details on certain ponies, newfoals, amoung other details. Bendy, myself, Doctor Fluffy or any number of authors for Spectrum can help clean up.

Number one though, just to point out.

New foals do not feel fear. Anger, joy, and thats about it

Theyre ike zombies.

6005540 Not to be rude or anything but this is the author's story, not yours. The author can portray the characters however they so desire.

In all fairness, I only came up with this after reading his work, so I want to show respect.


Alright then, so I'll adjust that soon. Thank you!

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