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this play as

dbz narrator,

next time on your-human and you libertatem it is going to be a Blood bath in Ponyville as are spacemarine friends take on the false princess of friendship with her guards, slaves are freed, and a line is drawn to stop this evil.

nice start looking forward to more, good job love it.

i am going to follow this only due to the chaos it may or may not cause on this site.
that and spess marhines.

What crossover is this


Probably Warhammer 40K, considering the art looks like a bunch of Space Marines, and they used the Imperiums term for scorched earth operations.

Despite a few words being wrong, we would highly caution how things advance. Tactically they are exposed, no known knowledge of their capabilities thus their own pony enemies when magic is concerned. It might be true that this 'team' has the upper hand by equipment, but that means nothing if the enemy gets a lucky head shot or worse divides the human team to a more manageable solution then strip them down.

Though admittedly they will be noticeably different to the humans there by being 'Space Marines' in body, depending on the size or condition they could be physically be better then a earth pony. the humans here are likely not of a military background but enjoy the game they cosplayed as, which will work against them if they don't adapt and train themselves on the uses where a military trained individual could out maneuver them.

6488985 Warhammer 40K & The "Your Human and You" verse, where humans never got pass the "Cave Men' stage of intelligence and became cheap slave laborers... or something like that... :rainbowhuh:

I find my self liking this, can't wait for more.

He's right this is going to be fun

In the name of the God Emperor and in fealty to the Golden Throne I declare extermimatis on this world. I sign the death warrant of a entire world and a billion souls to oblivion. May imperial justice account for all balance. The Emperor Protects.

A fucking Mazing, Space Marines and the Your Human and You verse! Hey you should add this to Humans are Superior group and the Humans are Magnificent group.

Oh you bastard.. i was working on a YHaY 40k story.
Whelp! time to read anyways!

Look at aaaaaaall the smurfs.


Spess mehreens! Today the enemeh is at our dooh! You know what yor duty is and you mus do eeit!

Oh yesssssssss
I wanted to see something like this

How tall are 40k suits?

6491037 between 8-10 ft depending on the height of the wearer. Still head ans shoulders above everyone else though. Muscles out to next week and a brain augmented by the best tech priests. 40k, where everything except normal humans are big and badass.

6491037 I think the smallest Space Marine is around 8ft.

Drive me closer, i want to hit those ponies with my sword!

You got the source material wrong. In the YHaYverse(?), humans are nothing more than domesticated animals for labouring purposes.
Also, they don't show any real signs of emotion. And why would the highlight of the town be the slave auction house?
Get an editor, btw. Like really, get an editor.

Man, women, children sold in markets by

Men, women, and children

more images appears showing families torn

more images appeared, showing

group of children cleaning what looks like a barracks as one of them accidentally

a barracks. One of them

anger as the images shows

as one of the images shows

this is how they repay him!


struggling to stand up but failed doing so

failing to do so

slap him at the back of his

him on the back

This goes on for a while.

One chapter and I can already tell this is going to be all kinds of awesome!

Aww man, 6 knifes? So lucky, did you bribe Gaben or something? Also, FUCK THE PONES!

I think you're a little mixed up. While I'm not the greatest fan of Your Human and You (the OC is a little problematic and the fact that pony mares all seem to want sex with the animalistic, non sapient humans is just weird) it definitely doesn't deplict slavery of humans by ponies. While various ponies in the fic are guilty of amoral, in some cases outright evil, abuses towards the humans, these are the antagonists; they are not cast in a positive light.

Even said antagonists are no more guilty of enslaving humans than I am of enslaving my pet labrador; with the sole exception of the protagonist, all the humans in that setting are non sapient animals with about the same intelligence as a dog and rather less than a chimp. Most of them are kept as pets, and well treated. The fic has been compared to Planet of the Apes.

The idea that all the ponies (ponies, not antho's) in that setting (and possibly in general) should be wiped out by vengeful space marines as a matter of natural justice is frankly ludicrous. The fact that so many commentors appear delighted by the idea is disturbing.

6491512 The Pony human sex desire isn't just weird, it's downright disturbing, also the OC takes the lot he's dealt with FAR to easily. I don't really like the fic either, but your other points, yeah I agree with them.

This really isn't a fic about what the Your Human and You story is about, the humans there are simple animals, it's pretty much a role reversal of us and horses, except Humans are much more prominent in Equestria. This fic just seems to be an excuse to get Space Marines murdering Anthropomorphic ponies, and it's about as well written as I thought it would be.

And Spartan, sorry about how harsh this is, but if you're even willing to hear me out, I'd advise you take some time to really think about your setting and do some planning than just rush out something that popped into your mind.

I originally plan to introduce the human slaves as intelligent beings in the first chapter but decided to post that idea in the next chapter.



Is it just me or does that happen a lot with Your Human and You spinoffs? Maybe they're all confusing YHAY with Chains or something. Neither explains why they're anthro in this story.

Bad and worse, basically. It's a Displaced fic combined with a "humans enslaved" fic that has the Your Human and You title despite not having anything to do with that story.



If it were Chains based it wouldn't have bugged me enough to comment. I'm no fan of YHaY, as I said, but this blatant misrepresentation is still deeply annoying. Thow in the fact it's a displaced fic with a heavy 'let's have us an excuse to kill all ponies via our shitty space marine self insert avatars' vibe an I couldn't resist calling it out on it's bullshit.

Normally, I ignore displaced utterly; it's awful, sure, and for many good reasons, but little is generally to be gained by pointing out that in the comments sections of displaced fics. It's the combination of shitty things that mark out this fic: displaced, kill all ponies and the misrepresentation of another setting. A triumvirate of bullshit, if you will.

No idea about the antho thing. It's not from YHaY, that's for sure. Also, have an apology as well. This comment was delivered with rather more foul language than is my habit. This fic has simply rubbed me the wrong way.

I can't really complain about the language. I swear more or less constantly, but not so much online.

I can also relate to how you feel about this fic. I hate stories that are just thinly veiled excuses for a bunch of glorious ubermensch to kill evil ponies. I also hate clumsy wish fulfillment stories. I'm tired of people trying to combine the fanatical hatred that fuels Warhammer with cute little ponies in serious stories. I wish I could slap this story.

*As much as I hate stories where the glorious pony master race saves all the horrible monkeys from themselves


*As much as I hate stories where the glorious pony master race saves all the horrible monkeys from themselves

Quite. Balance, pragmatism and shades of grey are your friends when writing HiE fics of any stripe

We have arrived. And it is now we perform our charge.

They stand on two legs and have hands...
...yet he has to take his helmet off for them to realize he is human.

That could just be me spewing nonsense though.

Very Mediocre.

6494590 Anthropomorphic ponies remember?

Ooooooohh... :rainbowderp:

...I didn't see that tag the first five times. :facehoof:
I am blind. :twilightblush:

“I’m telling you man, this is legitimately overkill."

There is no such thing as overkill, there's only fire and reload.

Comment posted by CopperFan16 deleted Oct 6th, 2015

Too many god damned ultra smurfs!

6496402 There is such a thing, but there's no kill quite as satisfying as overkill

Wow. Self-insert wish fulfillment that butchers it's source material. This has to be a troll fic.

When will a new chapter come out this is a good idea for a storyline and I can't wait :)

Love it or hate it, you have to admit, it'll be interesting.

“You shall not.” I raise my staff in the air. “PASS!” I slam my Force staff on the ground thus sending a shockwave knocking the guards off their feet. Before the guards could recover, cracks started to form on the opposite side and collapses as those who were on the bridge fell to their deaths.
I make a mad dash to the other side as the bridge behind me crumbles apart. But my path in front of me breaks apart leaving a large gap. Without thinking I make a giant leap across the gap and barely made it.

You seriously went there?

“That was close.” John said and pats me on the back. “Oh and awesome Gandalf accent.”

You did.

“ENOUGH! You are to stand down this instant! I am a princess and I will not be bullied by a hu-” Twilight was soon cut off as Ben grab Twilight’s left leg and smash her to the ground like a ragdoll for a few times but stops for a moment and sees Twilight still struggling and again smash her on to the ground twice for good measure and walks away.
“Puny alicorn”

Original Avengers reference. Good one.

“This looks like a gay version of Power Rangers!” Ben said.

Okay, that made me laugh.

Also, hundreds of guards that are completely useless and the only treat are the "bosses." I wonder why that's familiar. *cough* Dynasty Warriors *cough*

the tittle is fine


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