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Pinkie Pie wakes up to find herself in a totally different situation than she expects, for she is no longer Pinkie Pie. She is bread. And bread has but one mission...

...she will become toast!

An unlikely crossover between Equestria Girls and I Am Bread.

Special Thanks to DualX for the title pic.

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♪Spider Bread, Spider Bread,
Does whatever it fucking wants.
Can it become toast?
No it can't, cause it sucks.
Look ouuut, it's the Spider Bread. ♫

Ahem. Blame TFS.

It was average at the very least.

And it would—right up until a few months later, when Sunset Shimmer woke up with the preposterous notion that she was a professional wrestler.

But that, my friends is another story for another time.

It'd better fucking be! This was great!!! TEN MOUSTACHES!!!


Well, it seems Pinkie is a god of gaming, because no mere mortal can master "I am Bread"

Wow. Easily the deepest, most powerful I Am Bread crossover I've ever read. (Though I should note that while the Apple siblings have a cold, the furnace has a flue.) I do love stories that have some degree of magic in the human world. That rock farming exists in this world—among other things—says quite a lot. Thank you for this.

:facehoof: "Did Pinkie fall asleep in the breadbox again?"


I agree. That ending was not what I expected. Though this is the only I am Bread crossover or Fanfic I've ever read.

This is AMAZING! I laughed much too hard, and was hit by the unexpected feels train. Pinkie Pie's much too important :pinkiesad2: And do I detect a sequel with Sunset Shimmer? :trixieshiftright: Loved it! :heart:

5762403 that's what makes it the best! Ahem. Anyway, the story was very entertaining. I only wish I was bread of this caliber. Praise to Pinkie for she is best bread!

At first I just thought "Pinkie's having a whacked up dream isn't she?" Because I don't know I Am Bread. Was surprised. 10/10 would bread again.


Sunset Shimmer could totally own Brie Bella.

Sunset Shimmer as a Pro wrestler? That could be awesome.

Reminiscent of Kafka at the height of his powers.

Comment posted by Murks deleted Mar 21st, 2015


5765067 Umm... It would be appreciated if you got my gender correct. I'm a guy, please and thank you.

Feh, bagels are so much better! :raritywink:

Oh... actually, I'd only considered the likely gender of Wrestle!Shimmer's hypothetical opponent(s) and hadn't even thought that it might be read as directed at you specifically. Probably should've put it in quotation marks. Mea culpa.

5765586 Ah. Sorry for sounding like an absolute dickstain.

Furnace demons inhabited by vengeful ghosts who want to burn peoples it had mind-controlled into thinking that they're bread.

And yet, it's nowhere near the strangest story I've read. :pinkiecrazy:

Her last launch was almost a failure. She didn’t think it possible that she would be caught on the cake dome, but even when she was, there was no stopping bread. Bread was a marvelous thing, as was being bread, and because Pinkie was bread, she could become toast, which she aimed to do because she was bread. Bread.

Oh, please tell me that Pinkie Bread is going to find the rocket! Oh please, oh please, oh please!

to Sonata, it sounded like a grocery list for Martians

Wait a second, what do martians eat anyway?

She turned her eye to the robin. “Williams, you’re up first. Go right ahead.”

AW! DUDE! Man, the feels of that joke. They hurt! :applecry: Although, it was pretty funny too. Good way to remember. :moustache:

Please tell me you'll make a sequel where Rainbow wakes up thinking she's a baguette! I really want to see that one! :scootangel:

Oh, and the pro wrestler one. That one too please.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

5761493 That's Team Four Star, right?

Wow, it's been two weeks on this fic and I haven't even responded to any of the lovely comments I got on it. I have to apologize, as I've been super busy lately and will likely remain super busy these next few weeks. Preparing for another move will do that to ya.


For some reason, this comment makes me think of the Tick theme song.



Maybe I'll write it, but most likely not. I don't normally do any sequels for these one-shots. I remember promising sequels to stuff like This Is the Most Absurd Sweetie Belle X Spike Shipfic You Will Ever Read, and after months of trying to match the unique greatness of the original and failing, just quietly giving up. So when I write a one-shot... chances are, that's all it's ever gonna be.


Why not? She's good at everything else.


You're very welcome for it, too. Knew I was spelling that wrong...


That ending was pretty unexpected, but that's what I liked about it most.


Well, what would you name a robin?


The Metamorphosis actually was a big influence on the story. Thanks for noticing!


That makes me wonder what the strangest one WAS.

5827610 The list is rather long... there was the one with the human getting it on with both parts of the Headless Horse... and then losing his head... and going to different dimensions to find various parts and swapping parts and... then it got retconned and rewritten because even the author lost track of what the heck was going on. :rainbowhuh:

Then there was AJ in the one where she... did... a thing... to Big Mac... with her giant schlong... while they were rollerblading... :applejackconfused:

And then I recall that... other one. Which I don't want to talk about. At all. :fluttershbad:

Now to wait for the sequel/spin-off, 'Twi am Pancake.'


Sorry to burst your bubble, bud, but there will never be a sequel. It was a fun idea, very entertaining, and I don't think I have anything else to add.

People sure make the weirdest indie games...

You mean to say you won't write the one where Sunset acts as a professional wrestler?

Well then... And to think that this girl couldn't be any more random... I was wrong.


That was really great thank you. From beginning to the end I was like "wat... wat da fuk is that...". It was really interesting, thank you very much :D. I wanted to know the ending of the story badly, so it was really interesting. Not boring at all. And that ending, jeez. It was so good. Unexpected and awesome ending. Good job :pinkiehappy:

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