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Silent End... · 10:18pm Jul 20th, 2016

College is hitting me hard which is why I have not been on lately, which is understandable.

Unfortunately I have lost my touch in my creative ways, and am sad to say that I am officially retired as a writer.

I've got too many things on my mind right now between finishing college, job hunting (again), what I am going to do next, where I am going to live, etc...

I'll still be around to read a story or two, but I am done with things for now.

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Thanks for the favorite on TwiDash For Dummies

Hey, just dropping in to thank you for adding 'Remembering, Mother' to your favourites! :twilightsmile:

If you enjoyed that, then perhaps there are some other works of mine which you'll like.

'To Be A Wonderbolt' is an older story of mine with a similarly sad story. This one follows a grown-up Scootaloo remembering Rainbow Dash.

If, however, you'd like something a bit more light-hearted, 'Nightmare In Rainbow' has you covered. It's an amusing little short about one of Rainbow Dash's worst nightmares!

There are plenty others on my main page, and I even keep a list of upcoming stories on there to show people what I'm working on currently. If you enjoy my stuff and want to keep a closer eye on what I'm up to, I'm always happy to accommodate more subscribers! :pinkiehappy:

But again, thank you for the love you've shown, and I hope you enjoy my other work, too. :heart:

Thanks for the favorite on Twilight's New Year Resolution!

Thanks for the adds!!

Hey! Thanks for faving 'Sunset's Shadow'. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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