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The Apple Family reunion has arrived, bringing the Oranges with it! When all of Applejack's insecurities about being a business-farmer collide at once, can a waitressing Rainbow Dash make any difference?

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Already reviewed it on DA, not much to really add. I like the adorableness and I really do wish the show would do more with AJ and RD's friendship. It really seems deep and complex and all around cool to watch.

Also, Braeburn! Yaaaaaay!

That was nice. I especially appreciate the mental agony you caused to the Appledashers out there by putting Rainbow and Applejack together in bed, and having nothing happen.

The line about switching elements would be funnier if I didn't think they were switched. Rainbow is honest but not loyal; Applejack is loyal but not particularly honest. (Of course it would be more interesting if Rainbow switched with me - I think she'd make an admirable Element of Evil.)

Very entertaining.

...Why doesn't this story have more comments? :rainbowhuh:

That was an amusing, cute, and overall enjoyable read, and the bit at the end with switching elements definitely made me smile (but not chuckle aloud, because I'm at work and NO ONE MUST KNOW that I am reading this instead of working...) :trixieshiftright:

But yes-- good work!

Thanks, all. :)


"Why doesn't this have more comments" appears to be the motto for my stories, actually! I think it's because I don't write about newly introduced characters before their time, nor do I write about background ponies, plus I tend to write more about down-to-earth things and small scenarios than shattering spectacles or wars or romance. Which is fine, we all have our niches. :twilightsmile:

Now back to work with you! :pinkiehappy:

That was great! I don't know how it happened, but somehow Appledash grew on me, and I loved how you made it more friendshippy than anything. Everyone was super in character. Overall, super awesome job :pinkiehappy:

I really like this story:pinkiesmile:

Granny Smith you pervert :flutterrage:

Oh, I loved this installment. It's such a thoughtful look at Applejack's situation, at all the weight she's got on her shoulders. And I love that her anxiety managed to bring out Dash's sweet side again. It’s funny, I wouldn’t expect two of the “toughest” ponies would have such a tender relationship, but it works surprisingly well.

Two important things of note:
1) Much like with Slipstream, I absolutely live for showing the softer sides of "tomboy" characters. In fact, I've got a doozy in the works for Dashie on that front... :scootangel:
2) Out of all the P3 installments I've written, this stands as my personal favorite.

Let's face it -- we've all seen the unfair stereotypes associated with country folk like AJ. They constantly come up when I have friends tell me they don't like her. Yet to know that instead, canonically, Applejack is every bit of a businessmare as Rarity if not more, yet simply rejects folks's citified way o' thinkin' 'bout economics tickles me absolutely pink.

The punchline here is that I'm as citified as one can get! :rainbowlaugh: Gosh, I love Applejack. She's just so utterly charming and pure-hearted.

So yeah, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

2958122 You're welcome! I enjoyed it very much, and I greatly appreciate your thoughts on AJ. One of my favorite things about Friendship is Magic is that it doesn't resort to those sorts of stereotypes when it comes to the Apple family. And you don't either, so you have my gratitude. :heart:

Very nice.

I can see why you like this one in particular; it was definitely one of your better works. Good portrayal and exploration of Applejack, and you managed to mostly keep Rainbow Dash in character even though she wasn't being a pompous jerk, which is an extremely fine line to walk. Well-written, as always. Nice story idea and good pacing and execution of it.

Though I have to say...lord knows I'm all for Rainbow Dash receiving as much humiliation as possible in the (inevitably futile) attempt to shrink her attitude down to the point where she could be a halfway decent person (pony, whatever), but even I thought that Rarity bringing Twilight to see Rainbow Dash in the maid's outfit was an exceptionally shitty thing to do. I mean, maybe I missed some really good reason for Rarity wanting Twilight's presence? She didn't seem to offer one, and if there wasn't one, then bringing a mutual friend, someone whose respect RD cares to have, to see the spectacle is just...a remarkably cruel thing to do, at least to somepony who would be as embarrassed as RD would be (and is) to be seen in the outfit. I guess I'm not criticizing you for out -of-characterness here, though, because I suppose I can't say for absolute certain that it's out of character for Rarity--I could see something like this happening in the show out of ignorance on Rarity's part for just how uncomfortable RD would be in that situation...but I feel like an act like this would, in the show, be a serious issue to address and learn from, not just a little bit of comedy to fix and forget forever with a convenient teleportation spell. I guess I just don't like the way the whole thing went down in general in this scene.

I dunno. Probably me being way too critical in a manner way too specific to my perspective, so apologies for mucking up your comments section with it. Anyway, everything else was a positive even from my grumpy perspective, so good job.


Thanks, Genius, and good question. Sorry it took so long for me to get to it, but at least you know when I'm slow in prereading your fics, it's nothing personal. I'm a snail everywhere. :rainbowlaugh:

Here's your answer!
A year and a half ago, I was still toying with the futile idea of my stories being interconnected. When I'd written this story, I'd come off of writing Blunder and Lightning, which sets up this very event -- the reunion, the maid suit, et al. (in Chapter 3) for reasons spelled out in chapters beforehand.

Looking back on it, it was kind of silly (the interconnection, not the maid suit; like you I have zero qualms against giving Dash comeuppance in any way; hell, remembering she can have vulnerable moments is sometimes the only way I can continue to like the character) but only rereading it again after a so long do I realize it seems a little out of place, yeah.

Honestly that whole first scene before the title card reads like some of the weaker show episodes, and I'm not too proud of it. Live and learn, I suppose.

Glad you liked it overall though. Thanks for commenting.

3718475 Oh, I got where it came from. I read Blunder and Lightning. And I don't think the interconnection is all that silly. I mean, you can't overplay it and it has to be reasonably explained in each new story when it's brought up, but little shout-outs to your previous stories remind people of whose work they're reading if they enjoyed your previous stuff and where everyone is in your mental reckoning.

My thoughts were simply on the way that the situation went down, not on wondering how it came to be. Rarity's decision to bring Twilight along for no apparent reason other than to unnecessarily humiliate Rainbow Dash is what I had a problem with, which isn't affected by knowing the context of the maid suit or not. And since it might have been my first time ever thinking that Rainbow Dash deserved better than she got (and I've read that Cupcakes garbage), I felt the irrepressible urge to mention it.


And since it might have been my first time ever thinking that Rainbow Dash deserved better than she got (and I've read that Cupcakes garbage)

...Christ, man, I'm all for concrit, but go straight for the jugular, why don't you :pinkiegasp:

(I should've been clearer in my last reply -- the characterization in that section is a sore spot for me. It reads like one of those Merriwether Williams episodes where everypony's an asshole to every other pony for the sake of a joke.)

3720891 Hmmm, come to think of it, that might have been a little meaner of a comment than I'd intended. Er, meaner to you, I mean. The meanness was actually meant just for Rainbow Dash on that. To emphasize the haaaaaaaate. In no way did I mean to imply that you wrote, or ever have written, or have ever thought, or have ever expelled from your ass, anything worse than or even as bad as Cupcakes. Just bad phrasing on my part, sorry.

3721440 No worries. Was just a little unsure. I'm often twisting in the wind when I write. XD

I read this story, and the whole Pony Permutation Project, a while ago, but I wanted to mention just how much I enjoyed it. I think I liked Slipstream more as a story, but with this one I love how you somehow developed a logical sequence of events that led to Rainbow Dash in a French maid's outfit... and it only adds to the charm that I can hardly remember what that sequence of events even is!

This project as a whole was a really great idea; we see many of these interactions so seldom on the show, and all of them are very interesting to explore in depth...

"So do orange Apples exist now, too?"

You do realize that Applejack is orange too, right Dash? :ajbemused:



She's yellowish red.

This is my first time re-reading this story since I last saw it on Fanfiction.net, and I only have the following to say:
While this was a mostly sweet story, and AJ did acknowledge that she felt guilty for forcing Rainbow to wear the outfit in the first place, I still can't help but think that RD deserves to get some kind of retribution for that. Even if it's as minor as getting to prank AJ once without fear of retribution.

I mean, yeah, her actions in Blunder and Lightning did mean she should have been forced to do something to make it up, and simply catering the Reunion was one thing. But I can't help but feel that having her wear a maid outfit was too far, even for that.

And, upon further reflection (though I have no idea why I'm saying this now instead of when I gave the downvote. Guess I was rereading some of the other stories and this one just popped into my mind), this is an example of a story that, for me at least, and after having grown attached to the characters even more so than I was in the early days, is completely ruined by one scene, that being the opening scene with Rarity and the CMC.

If that wasn't there, this story would likely have not only remained in my favorites, but I'd likely have given it an upvote upon rereading it.

As is, however, that scene alone is why I not only have not reread this fic in at least a year or so, but why I also decided I had to downvote it at some point during these past few months.

And as a result of that scene, this is honestly my least favorite story in the P3 Project as is, and is the mane reason I hope you do a full reboot of the series to bring things more in-line with canon.

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