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Pinkie Pie loves playing practical pranks! But when she prods the wrong pegasus, will the Party Pony be able to pick up the pieces, or will she become a pariah?...

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Oh my Luna in a Halloween get-up!!! Those few lines from giggle at the ghosties has soooooooooo much potential for a sad fic!!! Anyways, I enjoyed this little series greatly and I think I would love seeing you take on a bigger project! (while leaning away from shipping and more towards deep friendship) if you need a pre-reader, just say so and I'll get in touch! Also thankyou for inspiring a sad fix that I need to now go write! Bye~ ...oh! Almost forgot! The think about everyone giving her space seemed a little odd...mabe add in a few things before to foreshadow her odd behavior.

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oooh, nice alternate explanation of Pinkie's reluctance to prank Fluttershy!

Pinkie pie does have a middle name, it was said in The Cutie Mark Chronicles though. But I think that she should know her own middle name before then (it's Diane btw):pinkiehappy:

""Hi I'm Pinkie Pie and this is my faaaaaaaavorite store in Ponyville!":pinkiesmile:
"I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.":rainbowderp:

Well done indeed.

I smell explanations. :twilightsmile:

Lets have a contest! How much aliteration can you put in one short description! By my count... 40%!
Solid effort, mate.
This is Australia...

I thought the story was kinda slow at the beginning and I didn't know what to expect, but it was awesome. How Pinkie learned that Fluttershy was off limits to pranks, nice.

Oh, where to begin? This is brilliant. First-person Pinkie is hard to write without it becoming tiresome, but you’ve managed to make her consistently hilarious. The gradual shift from lighthearted comedy to poignant self-examination was handled so smoothly I didn’t even realize the change at first. And I love, love, love Pinkie’s reconciliation with Fluttershy. Mutual forgiveness always makes for a heartwarming resolution.

I also admire how neatly you worked this into canon. This fic makes a perfect lead-in to “Griffon the Brush-Off.”

Very good! :pinkiehappy: I really liked this one, the first-person narration in diary format was amazing, I think you did a great job writing Pinkie here.

And it was very sweet too :twilightsmile: Very well done.

Ooooh! That'd make an awesome catchphrase: "'Party' Is My Middle Name!" Even though it's not. My middle name is really... uh... I guess it'd be "Blank," since I don't have one.

Oh, I'm going to have a lot of fun teasing you with things like this. :pinkiecrazy:

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie and this is my faaaaaavorite store in Ponyville!"

I'm CapNTilfy, and this is my favorite stealth reference in the citadel story.

And it only got worse from there. She asked just what traps I might have lying around the house for this party, and then... then she told everypony there that I wasn't to be trusted. That I'd been playing her for a fool for too long. She called me so many names! "Meanie," "Liar," "Selfish"... I lost track. By the time it was over, nopony was in a partying mood, so they all left.

Seems kinda OOC for Flutters.

Pages 22-27: I know Pinkie kinda brought this on herself, but damn! Hit me in the feels.

I just wish we could keep doing it. But Dash's been away for a couple of days and now I can't even find her for the usual game of tag. After asking around, other ponies have talked about her going to meet an old friend.

I hope she's as fun as Rainbow Dash is...


alright, spent the whole evening yakking and playing video games instead of writing something else this time #fresh

oh god, first person Pinkie journaling. :pinkiehappy: There's an idea like this sitting in my old concepts file, where she'd keep a travel log as she journeyed across Equestria to get back home after a teleportation mishap. And like everything else in that file, writing down the idea was satisfying enough and it never made it into production. :twilightsheepish:


I'm two entries in and this is already super cute and playing with the text in all the right ways eeeeee





Gosh this was good. Perspective aside, this doesn't just feel like an episode, this could be an episode. The pacing and tone as it slides from setup to conflict to resolution is juuuuuust right.

I've always had a soft spot for Pinkie Pie, because when she's allowed to be a person and not a joke machine, she's the slightly off-kilter ball of sweetness and caring we see here. And she makes mistakes and hurts and feels like any other person, too. And she tries to laugh that hurt off and power through it with good cheer, and... that doesn't always work either.

...huh, this beat Party of One to the punch by three weeks.

PinkieDash was big for ages, but for my money, if you want to pick the pony who'd most understand that she has vulnerable moments hiding behind broad grins, it's Fluttershy. And in turn, Pinkie's entire thing is making people happy by accounting for who they are and what makes them smile, and Fluttershy doesn't get that sort of understanding often. But what makes an individual smile is something you have to learn, and this is the story of Pinkie figuring that out for her. They could be such close friends, but that's gotta start somewhere.

I feel like I should say more about the story itself, but it's... nearly impeccable? The tie-in to Griffon the Brush Off opens up more questions than it answers, I think, and maybe everyone shuns Pinkie a little too hard, but it opens the door up for Applejack to play understanding big sis, and that's a beautifully tender moment.

The narration is wonderful. I forget which episode it is, but there's that one gag where her thoughts are represented with cutesy felt cutouts, and this was the textual equivalent of felt and I just wanna give her the biggest hug and watch her little felt neurons spark with joy and spontaneity.

Just as strong as the last couple Rarity stories, despite the complete shift in format, perspective, and character. :twilightsmile:


It might be just me, but it seems a lot like Flutters simply lied to Pinkie about giving her the cold shoulder, and then it's straight to happy ending. Love it.

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