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Pinkie Pie is throwing a party to celebrate Ponyville's 100th birthday, and everypony will be there to celebrate the momentous occasion!

But as news of the party spreads, Gaston sees the party as an insult to his glorious chest hair and throbbing muscles and decides to throw his own party in an attempt to outshine the strange pony folk and prove his manliness to the entire world.

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Comments ( 41 )

i don't even have to read this to give it a thumbs up, although i plan to. just the title/picture/description combo made me laugh til i cried XD

I don't know any greater words to express this with...

So here a picture of a hillbilly kicking a rhino in the balls during a nuclear explosion:



Greatest picture ever! :rainbowlaugh:

Lol its awesome how I just finished watching Beauty and the Beast with my little sis :twilightsmile: Gonna read this cause of Pinkie :)



Oh god, you just summoned an image of Charlie Sheen traipsing through Canterlot.

*30 new notification*

Suddenly, procrastination doesn't seem like a bad idea :rainbowlaugh:

Was that a Shrek reference? "We're gonna need flour... Lots and lots of flour."
Anyways, this was awesome. I think you definitely got Pinkie and Gaston's characters down.


The clash of the century; I can't even figure out what to say.

That pic with the rhino would suit my thoughts well.

Wait, "he does this every time"? This has happened before?!


Pinkie, being the 3rd wall breaker that she is, knows about things outside of the pony world. Gaston boasts to much and Pinkie hates his boasting. :raritywink:


Same here, thumbed up just because the description is SO awesome. I'll read it later :D


This was just the result of 3 days of procrastination. :rainbowlaugh:

It isnt my best work, but it definetely a great way of boosting my confidence level! :pinkiehappy:


Now I've read it, still think it's awesome :pinkiehappy:

The description was enough to drive me to tears, and the story itself was genius. There needs to be more like this xD

Also, this: Gaston


Believe it or not, this is the only Gaston story on the entire site :pinkiegasp:



But nobody stars in an MLP:FiM fan fic like Gaston!

462661 Ah I remember that video.

Good times. :rainbowkiss:

Needs to be longer IMO, with Gaston and Pinkie constantly building bigger and bigger idols to win the crowd over until they reach Eiffel Tower proportions. Also, Pinkie ought to get more than a slap on the fetlocks for her part in the (minor) disaster. Gaston needs comeuppance, but the sewage shifting feels a bit extreme for five whole months - I'd cut that back a bit, after all, Celestia's meant to be benevolent and whatnot.

Still, this fic was a WORLD OF HAM!!! And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Pure..... Genius lol :rainbowlaugh:

The man who eats sixty eggs a day sure knows how to party.

Sweet Celestia. Gaston vs. Pinkie Pie. THE WORLD IS ENDING!

Very nice piece of work man, I think i haven't seen any other fanfic that doesn't have Gaston (imagine my suprise).

But on a unrelated not here is a Youtube Video with Gaston (Warning contains crude humour, No one deserves donuts like Gaston.)

No-one gets Songs stuck in my head like Gaston

460002 4th wall? or does 3rd wall mean other cartoon universes?

“Oh ho ho! Let’s see what those ponies think of us nowwhen we show them that Gaston can party better than they ever could!” Gaston proclaimed with a hint of early triumph in his voice.

You seem to of forgotten a space.


459925 This calls for one thing: Prequel Fi~ic! :twilightsmile:

560137 That's a lotta eggs. I can eat up to four a day.

Would totally like to see some more Gastonia stories lol

wait, so pinkie pie assaults Gaston's party, and ends up destroying everything, and HE'S THE ONE WHO GETS PUNISHED?

when i was a four dozen eggs i ate four dozen lads ev'ry morning to help me get BAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE
and now that i'm grown i eat five dozen lads so i'm roughly the size of a egg

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