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Merc the Jerk

Merc's fic guide: by Bookplayer: Is there kicking and/or punching? [Yes/No] Have you considered adding kicking and/or punching? [Yes/No] Have you considered adding more kicking and/or punching?

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Haven't read it yet but if Merc wrote it, it's probably incredible. Have a fave and like

I feel bad for spike on his hartache :fluttershysad: but, i'm glad he's slowly gettin over it :pinkiesad2:. Plus twi's rite he has somepony out there for him; he just has to find them first :twilightsmile:. So, that said i'm goin to keep a eye on this n' see what happens next :ajsmug:

Another fuckin gem of a story is made. Yessir!!!!

You usually do Spike good in your stories so you have my full attention.:moustache:

I can already till the Applejack and Rarity are going to get yelled at by Twilight some time later. Good story!:pinkiehappy:

Excellent as always, oh an I'm surprised you're not using your humanized names in this one. :ajsmug:

Will be watching. :rainbowkiss:

OH my GOSH :yay: Spike in the sand cool this have great potential... all the choices.
Poor Spike but he is growing up.

You got me interested in this story,I hope you update soon.

Oh my. I can't wait to get home so I can read this. Gratz on another release, buddy.

Glad to see this is up, had a lot of fun writing this, as I'm sure you did as well.

Most of my stuff's shit, but thanks anyway, Scatman.

Well, hope we won't disappoint.

Fingers crossed, at least.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, bud. We'll see how we do, then.

Well, every little bit helps, then.

Maybe. Maybe.

Only reason I'm not is because this is technically a collab with a fella who keeps pony names. Otherwise everyone would have their humanized names and be from humanized locations like my other works.

Thanks for the comment, hope you'll enjoy it.

Expect an update if not tonight then tomorrow night. Like I mentioned in the author's notes, this is completely done, just requires editing.

Yep. And I might have to draft you to edit the later chapters, since I edit like a retard.

It was a blast, man. Hope to do more with you again sometime!

U probally won't :twilightsmile: but, can't be too sure on that til a lil further i go in :pinkiesad2:. Otherwise it's just pure guessin on my side :rainbowlaugh:

Good chapter! I shall be awaiting the next update.

Mmmm I'm very intrigued in how Spike will grow up in thi fic. great chapter you really write amazing storys

Damn! Twilight and her friends are rude! It's like they can't grasp the concept that different places have different custom. Still a great story though, so keep on updating.

Wow didn't expect one THIS soon. Not that I'm complaining. What can I say, great chapter and can't wait to see what happens next. :P

Al' Kair wouldn't happen to be a relation to Altair Ibn-La'Ahad would he? :pinkiehappy:

Every one is polite, too polite...
And spike is coming off as an intense beta male, is that intentional?

Expect it soon

Well, hope you enjoy what we got cookin' in the near future.


Damn! Twilight and her friends are rude!


Every one is polite, too polite...

Seeing those two comments close together made me laugh for some reason. That said, it's a bit open to interpretation, I think. We'd talk in more detail about it in the fic if we were gonna get political or preachy, but considering they're from a matriarchal society in a style similar to Greece, going to more stringent rules and regulations in a male-oriented land would be something that'd take them a while to adjust to.

And in regards to:

And spike is coming off as an intense beta male, is that intentional?

Yes. Yes it is. This is a coming-of-age fic in a sense, so expect him to be pretty damn beta at first.

Hope you like it, and be sure to view my collab partner's works too! He deserves well over half the credit on this. :rainbowkiss:

Awfully big and heavy for a relation to an assassin, I'd think. :ajsmug:

Quick question: how do you make a burqa out of a curtain so quickly... I can understand a niqab, since it allows the eyes to be seen, but not a burqa... unless they're nearly blind or the curtain is fairly see-through (which would negate their initial purpose)

[quotestringy man in fine clothes appeared to their side, smiling in a predatory fashion at the six women.]when I first read this I thought

Good chapter. I was surprised, pleasantly so, to see Spike stand up for himself like that. Can't wait to see what happens later.:pinkiehappy:

“This land, for better or worse, is seeped in my peoples traditions and history. As the people’s servant, I’m expected to fulfill their wants. One day they may want change, but until then, it’s my duty to grant them stability.”

Do you mean steeped in traditions?

“Time heals all wounds, Spike,” Al’Kair said. “The scar remains, but one should let it serve as a memory of the time spent with them, not a testament to the pain you felt with the loss.”

I'm really glad that this was his answer, rather than the super-depressing "The pain never heals just dulls and you learn to handle it."

Pretty happy where Spike's character seems to be going. Well... where Spike's dissatisfaction from being the tag-along kid is, anyway.

Yay Spike is growing well I hope everything comes good for spike. and lets get blitzed I'm pretty sure I heard that someone before. But where?

I am looking forward to the next chapter with baited breath, you just got a favorite

Awesome chapter, can't wait for the next one.


Do you mean steeped in traditions?

I did. Keen eye, brother. Thanks.

Adil Amal i like him he gets it.

Another grea chapter but I think there was a slip up,

“Only a little,” he admitted. “Rarity taught me how to do some basic ballroom dancing when I was younger.”

“I, I think so, yeah,” Spike tepidly agreed, his hands hesitating inches away from her body before he swallowed, swearing inwardly once more at his height as he took a more feminine position in the dance, reaching up to her shoulder while her hand rested near his hip. “If it’s a slower song I can manage.”

“I don’t think that will be an issue,” Amira nodded, taking one of Spike’s hands and holding it. “Shall we begin?”

“Me?” he asked, unbelieving, actually taking a moment to glance behind him in confirmation. “Uh, yeah. Sure, just… if it’s anything too fancy, you’ll need to lead.”

“I’ll try not to confuse you.” Amira laughed, taking his hand. “Are you ready?”

“Sure!” Spike agreed instantly, the conversation with Amira going better than he could ever have hoped.

“A hidden enthusiasm makes itself known,” she giggled. “Hopefully it remains, I do enjoy it far more than your sadness.”

I'm not sure but I pretty sure something is out of place here.

Gdocs musta fucked it up when it copied over. I'll get that fixed in a lil' bit. Thanks, pal.

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Spike my buddy you are growing Imma so proud of you. Be strong Spikeroo you can do it. great chapter by the way now I finally know the girl's name. GO SPIKE the Dragon of the sands

This scene contains a lap dance.-1 sin

You good sir... have just won the internet today.

“Yeah,” he said with a nonchalant sniff, trying to look relaxed. “Lavender, maybe. Something a girl might like.”

“Thanks.” Spike blushed a bit at the attention, but his smile soon came out too. “I’m gonna need the luck. She’s something else.”

There may be a line here missing I think. Can clarify if it is or not?

Comment posted by Flanagan deleted Sep 14th, 2014

Great! I love this!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Sand Storm deleted Sep 14th, 2014

Huh. This feels like a harem fic with the main 6, and yet it doesn't because of the way they interact. However, based on the way they interact, it kinda feels like some may have a crush on him. But they don't seem to, so why do I want it to happen?

...This fic is totally fucking with my mind :applejackconfused:

Which is why I can't wait to see how this turns out for mah boy Spike :pinkiehappy: Still a great read so far!

It appears to be missing, good eye

None I can see anyway. Anyway, another great chapter. Nice interaction with Spike and everyone and it looks like Amira is helping raise his confedence a bit. I can't wait to see her just walk up and talk to Spike while he is with girls and walks away with her saying 'see ya'. I can just imagine the look on the girl's faces.:trollestia:

Yay another chapter I love this story yay

Okay, I REALLY wanna see you do a SpikexFluttershy fic. If you can make them just as entertaining in that as you do with them here, I'm pretty sure it'd end up in my top 3 favorite fics on this site, if not the entire internet.

As for the chapter itself, I enjoyed it for the most part. The only real issue I had was with the idea of Dash trying to hook 'Shy up with her teacher. I mean, if the guy was nice, fine. But that's still a REALLY big age gap to cross, and well... I dunno, I just can't picture Dash doing something like that to 'Shy. Probably just me, but there ya go.

5014311 I too cannot wait for that moment. What would be even more epic is if, when she saw him in the presence of the girls, they danced or something similar. Dash especially would be slack jawed with amazement.

Spike and Fluttershy's not really an option in this 'verse. However, depending on popularity, there was another route we wanted to take Fluttershy, if there's enough of a following

Eh, I kinda figured that was the case. Still, my hopes for you writing a story with those two remain high!

was it just me, or did this chapter seem a bit under-par?

Some insane zealot is going to attack the "Equestrian delegates", Amira gets hurt in the fight, Spike goes 'full on, berserk, dragon'. Just a guess.:derpytongue2:

Good chapter. The superman references were a nice touch.

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