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A simple plot, but I know one day, good things are coming our way.


Rainbow Dash is in the hospital with the unfortunate news that her cancer has spread. Her closest friends come by to comfort her when she needs it the most.

Artwork by: Redesine.

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4470586 I was so upset last night I couldn't sleep. I wrote this in 30 minutes, if you could believe that. Just couldn't get the thought out of my head until I finished it.

4470589 I'm glad you wrote this:twilightsmile:

Wow....that....that's so sad..... :fluttercry: I wanna see her live! LIVE!!!!!

4470595 Haha that ending is her being alive :rainbowwild:

Hey, can you guys who are downvoting my story, like, oh, I don't know, NOT be total cocks, and just move on?! Like, seriously. I wrote this to show respect, which is something you guys surely lack :ajbemused:

4470633 Yeah, Rainbow is flying at the end because she made a recovery. Haha.


4470647 Lol. That's a sick game. People live with cancer, though. My aunt survived it last year.

4470651 WHat do you mean "a sick game"?

4470695 SCP Containment Breach. I love it. It's how every scary game should be.

4470704 And did some dumb nurses/doctors administered some SCP-500 to Rainbow? :ajbemused:

4470743 Um, no. People live from cancer. It just takes time to heal, but it's possible. What kind of encouraging story would I write if the main character died? That wouldn't make anybody feel good. Lol.

*sniff* Oh, why must cancer exist in this bucking world? :fluttershysad: Brilliant job!

4470933 Thanks. And yeah, I know. It's a stupid thing that hurts us all.

TgTf Productions would be honored to know so many people are here to offer him support. When his time comes he will be missed. :pinkiesad2:

4470971 But hey, miracles happen. I know personally 3 people to beat cancer in the last year, including a close family member. It happens.

Whoa, this was added to a lot of groups :rainbowhuh:

4470977 Indeed. We can only hope, and offer as much support as possible.

Those who disliked this are heartless bastards.

4471062 My thought exactly, simply because they disliked it the moment it was posted. I still think I have followers who only follow me to dislike every story I post...

SHE LIVES!! :yay:
That makes me happy to see. For a second there in that last scene, I thought she went to Heaven or something. Haha!

Well, great fic! Especially for something you made in like half an hour. :twilightsmile:
I sure hope it inspires people to keep their hope in any similar times.

4471112 Thanks very much :yay:
By the way, freaking awesome profile picture. Lol.

Give Dashie cancer...

Well, at least it wasn't Scootaloo, otherwise it'd be...


Eyup. :eeyup:


This...this is beautiful... :pinkiesad2: I'd give a like, fave, follow, but I'm already following you. *Clicks Like and Fave.*

My 8-year-old cousin is a cancer survivor. Right now she is an adorable, talented dancer and gymnast. This story reminds me of her.

Toronto, you accomplished the near impossible: you made me cry. I think these mustaches belong to you. :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

4471157 Thank you so much :heart:
I'm so glad to hear that as well!
And I will gladly take those mustaches :rainbowkiss:

Great story, I bet TgTfProductions appreciated the effort.

That story was very impressive despite having only written it in 30min. You may have a like for your story. :twilightsmile:

I'm also gonna try to spread this to other people I know on this site.

4471146 Ha. I'd probably cry myself if I gave it to Scoots. She's a little angel who deserves the best :scootangel:

4471175 Thanks very much, it's greatly appreciated!

Now I'm going to sit here and just say this.

I'm not going to critique this one bit, because fics like these don't need that. Fictions like these, words like these teach us the lesson that life is way to short and we only get a single shot at it, with no prediction of how long we actually have on this beautiful world. We need to grab life by the hoof and make the best of what we can before the inevitable and I think fics like these speak for themselves. However even if our time is cut short, love can come from many different places before we leave.

I would say more, but anxiety problems. Dunno why I feel this fiction is quite sudden for you Toronto, but I guess you did a nice job at handing out the message


No problem, it's not what I wish I could do, but it's what I can do. I've known a few people who have battled with cancer, some have won, some have lost. But providing hope and support is something we can all do :rainbowdetermined2:


I have had two good friends battle cancer. One survived, the other... :fluttercry:

You are a good man to show support for TgTf Productions. Little gestures like this mean the world and more to those who's lives have been cut short by something beyond their control.

I've yet to speak with you as i have the others in our Soarindash contest, but this was one hell of a first impression :twilightsmile:

Fine work, very touching, and for a good cause. You've earned all the respect i can muster :eeyup:

4471220 Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot! I don't know if I can say my other stories are better or worse, because this one I wrote in such a short time, but I was more emotionally involved in this one. I guess that's up for everyone else to decide :twilightsmile:

4471209 Thanks. Honestly, I couldn't sleep last night, so I wrote this entire thing on my phone. The idea literally sprouted from a message I sent to the person I wrote this for. So I guess that's why it was a little sudden, because it all happened so fast :twilightblush:

4471218 Same with me with both cases. But yeah, we have to stay strong for one another :pinkiesmile:

I've had quite a few family members cured of cancer.

My brother has been 25 years cancer-free after childhood leukemia, for instance.

However, every person I've ever known with pancreatic cancer (about 10 or so), save one, died within a year. The sole outlier caught it early and had sever other contributing factors (auto-immune response, being one) which allowed it to be cured. It's one of the worst cancers, difficult to catch early, becomes resistant to treatment quickly.

4471230 Well, one of my friends had what I think was Liver cancer, she was given a few months to live, but she got over it, mostly because of her extremely positive attitude. In fact, she was happier than anybody else I knew, even though she was bedridden. The doctors actually said her happiness brought her through.

So, it is hard, but it isn't impossible. The most important thing to do is stay happy through trials. That's what I was going for in this story. Anything is possible :twilightsmile:

Wow... I almost cried, that was something else...

TgTfProductions... best of wishes, I want you to know y heart is with you, and I'm sure as hell praying for you. :fluttercry:

I first read TgTf Productions as Tgf Productions... Tgf being Tumor Growth Factor.

Which was oddly appropriate.


4471256 Thanks. Sorry that I didn't make you cry fully :trollestia:

It is a fact few are privy to that Little Ponies cannot get cancer.

Their bodies are composed mostly of marshmallows and rainbows; which, as any good pseudoscientist knows, are completely inorganic!


4471260 Well, don' be sorry, I don't cry much anyway... that fact you got close says something.

4471266 And unicorns poop out candy, so they basically spread happiness and joy across the world :scootangel:

4471269 :yay: I accomplished something!

Who the hell would downvote this??

4471283 I don't know, but I have a feeling that I have a few followers who downvote all my stories. It literally had 2 downvotes after the story was only up for 30 seconds :twilightangry2:

4471300 Well apparently they didn't get the message that this story is DEDICATED to someone who is DYING.

Holy crap, this actually got featured :pinkiehappy:
Joyful celebration all around :moustache::yay::rainbowkiss::twilightblush:


I think that just goes to show how caring people can be, we get the word out and send out our support. I'm actually not surprised at all, besides, the story was very good.

And as for the down-voters, they might be trolls, or perhaps they've lost people to cancer and they're bitter about it when others have had the luck and ability to pull through alright.

Either way, your friend will be in my heart and on my mind for a while. :fluttershysad:

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