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A simple plot, but I know one day, good things are coming our way.


Rainbow Dash finally gets her chance to compete in the Equestria Games, but she has to also face the stallion she loves with all her heart. Will she finally be able to win the gold medal she always desired? She has three different events to compete in; three chances to be on top of the world.

A not-too-complicated SoarinDash story taking place during the Equestria Games and featuring flashbacks to canon events with extra stuff added to them. This story, however, ignores the rule that each pony can only compete in one event, because I am comparing the Equestria Games to the Olympics. It is only just a fanfic, nothing special. This story is in two different timelines: what's happening at the Equestria Games, and what's in Rainbow's memory.

Artwork by: Nabbiekitty.
Edited/Pre-read by: Gemstone The Unicorn (final chapter only).

Chapters (6)
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Just in case anyone is going to ask: yes, I will add a chapter of Til Kingdom Come soon, and yes, the next chapter of A Guard and A Princess is coming soon too. Both are about half done.

Time to get my reading glasses:moustache:

As my avatar will tell this intrigues me.

Huzzah! A new SoarinDash fic:rainbowkiss:

3811866 Huzzah! The shipping has been doubled!

Oh yes! you're back! I LOVE YOUR SOARINDASH....AND NOW THERES MORE OF IT TO LOVE! so excited I'm savouring every moment of this ~Alex

3811876 4000 words in two hours. It's possible :rainbowkiss:

3811895 I started working on it during the episode!

Right, that was an amazing chapter well done, dude you write too good for words sometimes. Hope this fic will be as good as your other SoarinDash's which our some if not the best on the site:raritywink: I love how you characterised them already, Dash being slightly shy was a tiny bit off...but who really cares :ajsmug: anyways dude utterly brilliant work, you have my like, fave, follow...well you did have that the min you posted but still I'm just really REALLY happy you're back with SoarinDash.

Oh just a little editing thing I noticed btw

You seem to have that special something.

- that was the start of Soarin Saying his advice to Dash...there was no speach marks at the start, just put that in and it'll be fixed.

Anyways dude amazing work as always I can't wait to see what you write next ~Alex

3811920 Thanks so much! And thanks for finding that.

3811929 No problem dude, I'll help someone out like you in any way I possibly can, reading your things is an honor and a pleasure and I take great pride in helping people out. Just shout if you need anything can't wait for the next chap :raritywink::scootangel: ~Alex

3811946 As I say no problem dude, anytime...though this fic seriously needs featured so I'm gonna go write blogs and talk to people :rainbowlaugh: ~Alex

3811952 Thank you! That would be an honour if that would happen :)

You SIR! Deserve a follow from me:moustache:

3811969 Come on manes this guy deserves the feature, lets go make that happen ~Alex

3811980 Wouldn't that be against the rules, buddy?:unsuresweetie:

3811981 haha, well dude...you are like my 2nd fave writer in the entire site...litrally I love Coldplay and the fact you put it in with a fic with one of my fave ships and made the best job at writing it...dude first off you deserve 500 follows, second off this fic needs to be featured. I said I'd help out in any way I could whether that be editing, proofreading or just even blogging about you. You are a great writer. :scootangel:

3811984 no no, you know how you promote stuff, this was a great fic, I just made a blog about it. Btw how did that book fic of yours go?

If you spam a story to get a feature and abuse the system, yes, but if you like a story and want to advertise it, no. So you can tell others about it, but please don't spam it anywhere.

One way I think to get this featured is to put it in more groups.:eeyup:

Alright buddy I hit a blog up to tell my followers to read your story:twilightsmile:

It's almost finished thanks for asking:scootangel:

3811988 By the way, I'm trying to get permission from Coldplay to use the Violet Hill name and write a real human novel with the same idea to have it become my first published novel :pinkiehappy:

3812011 dude....that would be too awesome for words, Violet hill was amazing dude, stroke of genius writing! I love learning songs on the piano from coldplay, did you like their christmas lights song?

3812019 That is one of my all time favourite songs :scootangel:

3812025 I loved it that song too, it's now that, clocks, Square one, Fix you, violet hill, paradise...in fact I really love nearly every song they make haha :rainbowlaugh:

Annnnd you're featured!! congrats buddy:yay:

3812039 What?? No way!!! Awesome!! Thanks for bringing the good news!

Great story, love the garden scene. KEEP IT UP

That was great good job keep up the good work cant wait 'till chapter 2!!
*squee *

Well I'm hooked cant wait for the next chpt

3812059 See I told you I'd help you out as much as I could...didn't know blogs could be that powerful, but it was probably more down to your writing and respect around the site, anyways it's always good to get into the box, congrats!

3812083 The support is always appreciated! It's also probably because I posted this so quickly after the episode and there haven't been many stories today.

3812092 well glad that your back as I said, now off to finish my own soarindash for this new episode :rainbowlaugh: anyway keep up the good work, it was an honor talking to you :rainbowdetermined2:

3812079 ur welcome lol and congrats on the story being featured

Finally something wholesome! :pinkiehappy:

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