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A simple plot, but I know one day, good things are coming our way.


Applejack sells apples and Apple accessories. That includes iPhones now. Pinkie Pie buys one for three bits.

Edited/Pre-read by: Gemstone The Unicorn.

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>Pinkie Pie: Hi Twily
>Twilight Sparkle: Hey Pinkie Pie. It's interesting to see that the text message feature works.
>Pinkie Pie: Yeash it5s awrsoemesa
>Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie, these devices weren't made for hooves. You should turn on autocorrect so that it can fix your mistakes and make texting easier for you.
>Pinkie Pie: Okieuy Dfokie Lokiwe
>Pinkie Pie: I turned on auto corn dog
>Twilight Sparkle: You mean autocorrect?
>Pinkie Pie: Of course silly
>Twilight Sparkle: You should really proof read your messages before you send them. Autocorrect isn't foolproof. It will save you embarrassment one day if you just proof read.
>Pinkie Pie: Haha ok Ill do that thanks Twily love ya


>Twilight Sparkle: Okay, take care, Pinkie.
>Pinkie Pie: Im gonna go home right now because Im really horny
>Twilight Sparkle: What?
>Pinkie Pie: horny sorry
>Twilight Sparkle: Still, what?
>Pinkie Pie: horny
>Pinkie Pie: HORNY
>Pinkie Pie: H U N G R Y
>Pinkie Pie: Mother ducking celestial auto cock bucket
>Pinkie Pie: Forget it
>Twilight Sparkle: ...



:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

>Rainbow Dash: Say, what are you doing right now?
Pinkie Pie thought for a second. "I'm just home right now. I could just ask Rainbow to come over and hang out."
>Pinkie Pie: Im homosexual now you can cum in if you want ;)
There was a knock at the door.

This might be my new favorite! :rainbowlaugh: Now, excuse me while I pass out due to laughing so hard...

5122891 Thank you! And thanks for being my guinea pig :scootangel:

5122900 Just noticed I credited the wrong person :facehoof:
That's what I get for being lazy and copy/pasting from my other story :rainbowlaugh:

I'm sorry...let me take a breather. That...that ending killed me! :rainbowlaugh: I've never laughed at a story like this in a long time. This was an absolute joy to read. :pinkiehappy:

5123028 I was so bored at work so I basically just put together all the stupid things my iPhone has done to me recently in story form :rainbowlaugh:
I once asked my friend, "Are you ready to oil me up?"
I was asking if he was ready to PICK me up.

5123032 LOL I hate autocorrect. :derpytongue2:

OMG! My sides nearly went at the last line! :rainbowlaugh:

Instant fave and like for this! :pinkiehappy:

5123144 Thank you, glad you liked it :D

This is great! :pinkiehappy:

....but it needs more Sonata Dusk.

Best story.

5123718 5123766 I agree wholeheartedly with both of you.

Give this author a medal! Totally favouriting and liking! :raritywink: Please make another chapter!! :fluttershysad:

A thousand :rainbowlaugh:s, good sir!

5123822 I may have to if it gets like 100 likes or something :)

This is the most perfectest of stories ever and this deserves all the likes and faves.

5123909 Thank you very much. Tell your friends :rainbowlaugh:

Oh my! JUST! TAKE MY FAV! Freaking hilarious! I sell propane apples and propane Apple accessories.

"Well, at the Apple Store, they were charging something like one thousand dollars for it. I think in our currency, that's three bits."

So that guy who charged Fluttershy ten bits for a single cherry in Putting Your Hoof Down was really charging her... a hell-load of money? Steal indeed, Pinkie!

Pinkie Pie thought for a second. "I'm just home right now. I could just ask Rainbow to come over and hang out," she said out loud.
>Pinkie Pie: Im homosexual now u can cum inside if you want ;)
There was a knock at the door.

Rainbow Dash sure moves fast. Then again, I think any of Pinkie's friends would do that if they received that message.

5124075 I know I certainly would if I got a winky face from her :rainbowlaugh:
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

wtf 0/10 phone didn't even bend

no really nice story x)


Pulling her apple out, she asked, "Why is it bent?" Figuring that it was a special feature of the advanced human technology that she couldn't fully comprehend, she shrugged it off.

Ya sure?

>Pinkie Pie: Im homosexual now u can cum inside if you want ;)

You owe me a new pair of lungs.

5124145 Sorry, I broke mine writing it at work. I love my brain :pinkiehappy:

5124144 how the fuck did I miss that o.0 must have accidentally scrolled over it wow

5124151 Lol. Trust me, the whole reason I wrote this is because I work at IBM and a dude today was complaining about his new 6 Plus being crap. Not sure if his bent, but I would NEVER skip that hilarious fact. Poor rich soul. I wrote the story on my lunch break. Thank him for that :rainbowlaugh:

5124155 Lol I'm gonna switch back to firefox I swear if I can miss things like that with the jumpy scrolling of chrome what else am I not seeing ;D

5124173 Yeah, I wrote this on Firefox. I think it's the best browser for the new update. Safari, IE, and Chrome have some big glitches since the library update :derpyderp2:

5124181 Chrome and FF seem to both work perfectly for me on this site on both mobile and desktop <3 I have Chrome 64 bit beta on here but all seems well ^^

5124192 wait no, all seems well EXCEPT THE DAMN SCROLLING q.q gonna google that and see what I can do about it x)

YESSSSS! BEAUTIFUL ending XD! :rainbowlaugh: Also, a great spin on what auto correct really does :moustache:

Wait, so why isn't the picture of an iphone 6 plus and just an iphone 5?:rainbowhuh:

5124535 Lol because I couldn't find a picture of just a Six Plus, there was always something else in it.

Dat ending tho.... XD

5124559 Thanks, I'll change it when I'm home haha.

Sometimes when I want to type God when Im mad it changes it to Steve Jobs and I dont know who that even is


Ah, autocorrect. One of the best and worst things ever conceived.

I can't help but feel that Pinkie would somehow be able to text perfectly with hooves. Because Pinkie Pie.

Also, I'm not sure if you've noticed this, but this story has been featured on the front page. Congrats!:twilightsmile:

I'd make a screenshot, but I'm too lazy.

Speaking as the proverbial analog man, I find this applies very much to how I feel about tech in general:

Really very amusing. :twilightsmile:

AAAAAAnnnnnndddd, that's why I turned myself into a grammar nazi when texting :rainbowlaugh:

5124602 Yeah, thanks, you can see it when you have Mature stories off, I think. Which doesn't mean anything if people don't come visit the story lol. I can't ever get more than 50 thumbs up for a one-shot.

Question? Does Equestria use Sim cards?


I already know I'm going to love this :rainbowlaugh:

Aaaaand it was hilarious. Fav'd :eeyup:

Applejack, always true to her element. She says that she stole them, and everypony is okay with that because she was honest. :ajsmug:

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