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I can't never stay away, Regidar:twilightsmile:

You write so many stories on a consistent basis :rainbowderp::rainbowderp:

Nicely done. Needs proofreading, though.

The moment Regidar makes a R.E.M. story title is the day w33d is legali... Oh wait. FUCK.

Silver Spoon hated the bitch, she truly did. She hated her with ALL her heart.


Great story. As stated previously, it could use a quick prereading run to catch a few minor errors.

I loved the way you wrote Twist's note, with the words crossed out and intentionally misspelled. That was awesome.

a liar and a thief.

"...I sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea."

I hate her type more than anything on this earth. They should make shooting people in the face who pretend to be so close to you and do everything together but turn their backs on you as they let you in on their sick joke of only ever pretending to be close friends a legally punishable by death if the offending pony carries that charade over 7 years only to drop you like a bad habit.

A liar and a thief.

The story was rather short look into the mind of a lazy and coattail riding follower who thinks LONG TERM. There isn't anything inherently wrong with wanting to do whatever is best for your future. What is wrong is her lack of effort into anything to push herself past being just a lackey, something I don't see her as as to me she's more of a alpha bitch herself who just happens to mingle with another she felt was worth her time associating with and shit just grew from there, who knows. But this Silver Spoon is leading the life of the rat. And rats are always met with the worst fates. She uses everypony around her and steals whatever she pleases from those she dislikes or thinks aren't worthy of owning such things.

Diamond may be shrewd and very confrontational, but at least she asserts herself into doing whatever she needs to focus on to become her own success. Whatever her motivations for that drive is we'll likely be left wondering. But at least Diamond has obvious likes and respects for Silver Spoon. Don't care what others say, Diamond and Silvy are pretty tight and I see no need to change or make excuses for Silver to not like Diamond back. This story tried to make us understand Silvy and pity her for making the supposed 'wrong' choice in life. It was pretty open and not trying to force the opinion home, just more questioning whether she chose right or wrong. But rather then pity, all I got was disgust. She's rather gross in this story and to befriend someone even however mean they may be to others, toying with their emotions for years, is something that can lead to a very bad end.

Silver is in deep. And at this point, she's got to be very careful how she would go about things if she somehow chose to change herself. Making it too obvious would only bring her pain. The easy life is all Silver wanted. Some ponies were just born mean and others were just meant to be follows. Silver just happened to be both. She only tore up the paper to spite Diamond Tiara, not to spare Twist. Keeping your options open and doing small kindnesses for others can help you later in life anyways so Silvy did herself a favor there.

Manipulative, cold, two-faced, spiteful and lazy. That is what THIS Silver Spoon is among many other things. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she grew older and seduced Rich into doing her just so she can sneak into his Will and Testaments for when he dies, leaving most his fortune to his daughter... AND Silver Spoon. Oh, the drama that would cause.

Anywho, decent story. The end didn't really do it for me. Would of been nice to see how she thinks when she's out doing stuff with Diamond then just being told she hates her so much. But yeah, nice story... , and I hate its guts. Metaphorically.

(EDIT: But I really do hate this Silver Spoon. Though she's the best done one I've read in a long time. Good job!)

3422692 If Regi got a proofreader, it would take the originality out and it wouldn't truly be a piece of Regidar art anymore. All of the words he ever writes down must be kept pure and sacred.

Arg... my feels....

Not like I wasn't using those.

Great story!

3423870 :rainbowkiss:

3424350 I do plan on continuing this story, because I do like the way I managed to set Silver Spoon up. I think that she has the potential to atone herself, but she's too weak as of right now. She's riding a silver bullet train to greatness, clutching to the back and hoping she won't fall off.

Essentially, she came as a rat.

3427134 That's good to hear, and as far as redemption goes it isn't like DT or Silvy killed any ponies. Either can decide any time whether to make a new friend or get bored of messing with the CMC. It isn't like anypony other than the CMC are remotely shown as disliking DT or Silver, quite a few eps actually show the opposite with the CMC being the more unpopular ponies known for always causing trouble in some way. It's just like middle school I guess. Or Elementary. Shit, Cheerilee teachings those kids rocket science in her class while teaching the basics of the social order so who knows what age they're supposed to be. lol

Still, this is a great setup for Silver Spoon. I would totally read a followup to this story. Many Silver Spoon stories have her played out so weak and helpless and all too innocent and dominated that it can be overly off putting. I didn't feel the story tried to hamfist that in there but instead more like questioning if this is the sort of life, lying and stealing for a quick fix, is the way to go. In that sense it is pitiable. But still doesn't excuse or change her attitude. Still, THIS Silver Spoon you got here is wonderful and can go so many ways. Hell, buck the CMC, Silvy can make friends with Twist and at least have a second 'friend' she wouldn't have to put up too many airs for and Twist does seem to be pretty level headed and easy to deal with.

So yeah, she came as a rat, but she can still be cuddly in her own special way. Much like Diamond Tiara if she ever stopped being a teacher's pet and daddy's girl who only focuses on the BUSINESS end and not the overall need of building a workforce that can trust and respect you. Which at least as long as you do what she says she can be quite amiable towards even blank flanks, which is mostly what I think she wants; to be respected and admired for being able to pull off amazing feats.

And btw, the many annoyed faces she kept making during math class just seemed so cute, been there a couple times in my youth. Funny scene to me at least, very cute.

I guess I'm trying to say is that for the most part you wrote a very "real" Silver Spoon. A rat, but a cuddly rat.

3430132 Yeah, I always thought of the DT/SS dynamic as Diamond Tiara being the constant suck-up alpha bitch who strives to take her father's place one day, while Silver Spoon is sort of the plotting crony who would rather leach of the success of her greater, while hiding comfortably in the shadows. The difference between the two that is greatest, I think, is that Diamond Tiara is extremely set in her course; she knows that's what she HAS to do, what she NEEDS to do, and what she WANTS to do. Silver Spoon... isn't quite sure of anything.

And that makes all the difference.

A rat, but a cuddly rat.

Even the most cuddly of rats can still spread disease. :rainbowwild:


The difference between the two that is greatest, I think, is that Diamond Tiara is extremely set in her course; she knows that's what she HAS to do, what she NEEDS to do, and what she WANTS to do. Silver Spoon... isn't quite sure of anything.

All this! And that's why I feel she has the most potential out of all the other Silver Spoon's to make for an awesome story. She has that 'born with a silver spoon' in her mouth deal. As much as I dislike her *type* I certainly loved her character. Most interesting and fresh. I'm saying that too much, compliments they keep shooting out of me.

But it's true. She's just so INTERESTING because you played with what we know about her and added to that. You built her up in a really nice way. What road she'll take from here can lead to almost anything and that prospect alone, and your awesome way with characterization, managed to get me psyched for a Silver Spoon story. I mean, I don't know how to feel when like my favorite stories involving her is her eating cereal and the other her noobing it up in a Halo crossover.

Not that there aren't adorable and well written epics with Silver Spoon, just none that's really piqued my interests for long.

Even the most cuddly of rats can still spread disease. :rainbowwild:

Cuddly, but don't mean I'm gonna hug them. :trollestia:
But I'll take my chances if I felt she was worth the hugs.

3430273 Well,I'll do my best to get off of my ass and write the story, which, fittingly, entitled: "I Came As a Rat"

I don't think I can give this story a proper review, as after reading through it, I haven't totally grasped the concept of the story in its entirety. But the feelings were there. I definitely felt something tugging at me during the story. Do I take the meaning as something at face value? The fact that the song itself is the meaning? Or is it something deeper, something more profound relating to Silver Spoon herself? I don't know. But it's that mystery that makes it endearing, that regret that makes the character something truly... human.

Her choices come back to haunt her every now and then, but she accepts that it is how things are going to be, and carries on. She carries her guilt with her, and simply continues making the same choice over and over. When we get to the song, it implies that there are others like her, that she isn't some pony that's going to make it through life so easily and be known to all without any effort... but that she'll simply fade into the background, never to be seen or heard from again. A painful meaning, but one that carries a powerful truth.

Overall, despite the grammar and spelling errors, I'm glad this was the first story I truly took the time to read. It gives me hope. I love how in 2400 words, you packed a strong meaning into a single character's, literal, afternoon. Did you use a real song, or did you make it up?

Excellent piece, my friend. I'm glad you recommended it to me. I'll give you a thumbs up and a fav, even if I don't fully understand the story.

3495881 I had to make up the song, they wouldn't let me put real lyrics in.

I don't write things to be terribly deep, so what you gather at face value is definitely what it's about. Someone who just keeps fucking themselves over and over again, and knowing they are doing it to themselves, but just can't climb out of the pit they dug themselves into.


Excellent meaning to write a story alongside, and good choice of the lyrics, my friend. Even simple meanings can have profound effects, so I certainly enjoyed reading this.

3496086 Good to know. :twilightsmile:

A nicely done character study. Good job!

3622140 thank you very much!

This was.... I'm not sure what to say. It's an interesting portrayal of Silver Spoon, a pony who seems to have thought she knew best and may well end up losing everything because she's been making mistake after mistake for her entire life and is only just starting to realize it. This is a great setup for an introspective tragedy or redemption story (or maybe both) following our silver-maned little miscreant here.

And yet, there's something about this story that makes me feel unsettled. Something is bugging me here, and I can't figure out what. Silver Spoon, as portrayed here, is a worm. I get this sense that she is a truly vile creature, and I wonder if she even truly deserves a chance to fix her own life, since she's the cause of her own screwed-up future. She's put marmalade on her eggs, and now she has to eat them, so to speak.

I guess what's bothering me is that I'd love to see this expanded into a tale of Silver trying to turn her life around, but I'm not sure I'd want to see her succeed. Regardless, this is a great story. The best stories, I always say, are the ones that make you think; this one did just that to me. Nice work.

3840204 hehe
thank you
I guess it is a bit unsettling in a way, even though that was not my intent
I do a lot of unintentional shit with my fics
"I Came As a Rat" is going to be the follow up fic, coming soon

Yeah. It's funny when someone comes along and points things out in your story that you didn't even know you'd put in there. Accidental brilliance, perhaps. And I'm interested to see where that sequel goes.

Ahh, what the hell. I was most likely going to follow you anyway, somewhere down the road. Might as well just do it now.

This is probably the strangest portrayal of Silver Spoon I've seen since the terrifying experience that was Rarity's Garden.

3840330 coming when? C:

coming never probably

You make me sad.

Did the lyrics come from a song by someone?

no, i wrote them; per fimfic rules you are not allowed to have copywrited lyrics in stories

Should've added a "ⓒʀᴇɢɪᴅᴀʀ" at the end.

rly makes u think

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