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What a beautiful Sunset.


Fluttershy invites Twilight and Rainbow Dash to a peaceful day of fishing at a pond on Applejack's farm. But Rainbow gets too excited about the activity, and Fluttershy ends up on the wrong end of the hook.

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Getting two fish hooks in your eye. Ouch. And I thought getting your finger stuck on them was painful. :fluttershyouch:

Let me guess. This happened to you, right?

It didn't go exactly the same way, but yes.

I only have one thing to say.:fluttershyouch:

I have had many hooks caught in my hand before and one in my ear. i feel your pain.
Good story. :twilightsmile: I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for the read... It brought back some good memories.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by ToxicZpony deleted Oct 13th, 2013

I came into this story just to see if Fluttershy was alright at the end. I'm glad to see she did, I was worried they had barbs. Of course that would be inhumane, or inponane if you want to use pony talk.



Dash... I think you might be going to Cloudsdale alone. Though, given that this is Fluttershy we're talking about, maybe not.

Either way. I think you're excused from fishing duty. Possibly forever.

You see, this is just one of many reasons grocery stores were invented. :pinkiecrazy: And don't let Rainbow know about spear fishing, that can't go well. :pinkiecrazy:

Based on a real childhood experience?! :fluttershyouch:

I read the description and thought this would be like that one spongebob episode-

(sorry about the shit quality, video found randomly on YouTube)

But this was not exactly like that. Funny, yet true. I would hate to have been in the position you were that day, whether it be you as Fluttershy or Rainbow, I'd hate it. Yet another reason I don't fish lol

"Soo.... You still up for going to Cloudsdale"

That KILLED me, I Facepalmed so hard I made my nose bleed. No Joke.

3339857 If you have ever fished, then this has happened at least once. With me it was my thumb.


And that's why I never gonna be fishing XD

“She tried to get that hook out with another hook,” Twilight stated.

Oh Sokka-

I mean...Rainbow:rainbowlaugh:

Based off a childhood experience.

This is why I'm terrified of fishing... So many sharp things...


Actually, I've been fishing several times and I've never been hooked or had someone I knew get speared.

Possibly because of my paranoid checking of my environment for acceptable levels of sharp objects of pain and agony. Acceptable being 0.

My brother had a lure stuck in his leg once so he knows how it feels like.

Also, FLUTTERSHY IN PAIN! :applecry:

seemed to nitice the second

Seems like there's a little mistake, there.
Also, there was no trip to the doctor here, LIAR!
I'm surprised that Fluttershy didn't feel the second hook go into her...
I enjoyed the story, though.

Why would ponies be fishing. Aren't they herbivores? But then again, we did see Rarity's father fishing, so maybe it is simply a hobby, or maybe the ponies of equestria are actually partially hunters... :unsuresweetie: Ill let you people take it from here.

"Everypony" rating, eh?

All I can say is ow. :fluttershbad: and nice going Dash :facehoof:


You know, if the Mane Six were to turn into... Oh... Oh.

Pinkie would be Aang,
Rainbow would be Sokka,
Rarity would be Katara,
AJ would be Toph,
and Twilight would be Zuko.
I know Rainbow, Aang and Twilight are girls and Zuko, Aang & Sokka are guys, but whatever.

4745570 Honestly I think that Twilight would be Katara and Rarity would be Princess Azula

Well, Katara is a bit of a perfectionist (sort of, she just strikes me as perfectionist.) She's responsible and such, so I feel like Rares would fit her better. I COULDN'T FIND A BETTER PONY FOR ZUKO, I'M SORRY. :rainbowlaugh:



Nahh, she doesn't have a big enough temper, and Zuko isn't boastful like Trixie is.

I'm trying though :yay:


It's the thought that counts, yes. :trollestia:

By The Way, I Love the Story, It's Funny.

Wow, Didn't Think You were that Stupid, Vegeta
- Nappa, DBZ Abridged

4129901 "EVERYPONY" RATING MY FLANK!!! :twilightangry2:
3339857 Not Me. :pinkiehappy:

I've never been hooked before, although I once took a flaming marshmallow to the face.

Fluttershy fed fish to her "ferrets", Rarity's dad has been seen fishing, the Apples have used fishing poles, and so has Spike.

Maybe, as fanon would have us believe, some ponies eat fish, or maybe ponies instinctively dislike creatures with scales.

3878597 I've been hooked a few times, mostly while spitting worms. I wish I could say they hurt, but with all the bent and broken bits of electrical wire embedded in there, my fingers feel no pain (except from heat). The only one that really hurt was the one I got wedged under a nail while I was using it to scrape off fish-puke.

My uncle got a 6-hook lure stuck to his forearm with a fish on it though. He held the fish still while I got the wire-cutters to break off the hook in his arm.

Also, AJ missed a step. Cut off the ring at the top, or the hook won't actually go all the way through.


maybe ponies instinctively dislike creatures with scales.

Is that Spike's problem?

Having spent a lot of time as the only competent scout in a rather large troop, I knew roughly where this was going. Though I was really afraid this was gonna be a case of eyescream, and I was sure i was gonna have flashbacks there for a moment.

Did enjoy the story. :D I do wonder though, which one were you when this actually happened? Cause I loved the second hook logic, that was great.

“She tried to get that hook out with another hook,” Twilight stated.

Well you tried your best, Rainbow

Ugh what happened to the doctor? The description mentions the hospital...

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