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Silly crusaders, trying to tame manticores

I like the story and I can't wait to read more!

Whoa, Kenshin Himura in equestria, nice choice.

Ok this is good, but can you please follow some of the stuff from the manga? Like not calling him 'Battosai the Manslayer' but 'Hittokiri Battosai'? Two, he always says 'this one' not 'I' or 'me', but overall this is looking good.:twilightsmile:

Update please, it's started to get interesting.javascript:smilie(':fluttershysad:');

well now was not expecting this crossover. Could be interesting. *grabs popcorn*

I am tempted to fave this based solely on the premise.
I FRIGGING LOVE ROROUNI KENSHIN! (I hope I spelled that right...)
Note that I did not say Samurai X... I tried watching the anime but couldn't push through more than the first like, two episodes. So if there are any serious inconsistencies between them, I will not understand.

Well, suppose I should prepare to read this... tomorrow. This one needs his sleep.

I should have the next chapter posted within a few days.:pinkiehappy:

Okay, let start with this. I hate reflection as a Kenshin fan. It spits on the face of everything that Noroboru Watsuki wanted to say with the magna and spits in the face of magna's happy ending (If you want to see Kenshin get the ending he deserves, I suggest you read it). That said, saying that it takes place anywhere in the same universe as that fic means that you would have to come up with a pretty good premise in order to get me to read it...

Congrats, you succeeded in coming up with a pretty good premise.

Now, as to what I think...you are doing good so far and I like your determination to finish it-keep that up, it means that you love what you are doing. Now, there are some problems here and there grammar wise: commas, puncuation, ect. One problem I see is the tendacy to walls of text if you don't have speakers (see the beginning and Fluttershy's appearence) be careful of that and try to find a good way to space it out.

Now, I am going to fave this, because you got me hooked and I am curious to see where you are going.

Okay, I've actually read it now. While it does seem like a good story so far, you may want to fix some things in the future chapters... I don't really think I need to name them, because they've already been abundantly pointed out.

Really, I have nothing to say that no one's already said.

Keep going. You have this one's attention.

Rurouni Kenshin Crossover?:rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:


About time.:moustache:


Manga, not magna.


I noticed that you wrote in a few places:


I believe those should be manticore. Unless they're some ungodly hybrid between a manticore and an alicorn...


I wonder if you realize that it means the same thing both ways?

Hito = person (man), kira = (katakana) killer

Hitokira Battousai = Mankiller Battousai = Battousai the Manslayer

3328062I know that...but it just feels better ya know? But your doing a good job man:twilightsmile:

This cross-over is just crazy enough to keep me interested.

You did a very good job making this intriguing enough to gain attention.
Put plainly, I have NO IDEA what manga/anime this is crossed with, yet I still enjoyed it.
Hoping for more

And if anyone can tell me what the Anime/manga is tha'd be nice too.

3328225 I have only ever seen the anime but I will try my best :pinkiehappy:

I am looking for some one to review my new chapters before I post them, in case any ones interested. :pinkiehappy:

3331587Read the manga it is so much better than the anime that's for certain. I've seen the anime and read the manga and the book is better.

Looks good, but you need to seriously space the lines and separate paragraphs. Was a little difficult to read.

It will probably be one to two weeks before the next chapter is up. Just thought I should let you all know.

Okay I originally gave this a look because it was a Roruni Kenshin Cross over... suffice to say I'm hooked. I loved the series even before I became a brony so i hope this story pans out well.:twilightsmile:

also I'm just follow you right just to get you a heads up keep going, your doing great. javascript:smilie(':twilightsmile:');

more man kenshin rocks he's funny and awesome:twilightsmile:

the next chapter should be up in a few days, I was wonder what everyone's opinion on this would be. If I were to introduce another Rurouni Kenshin Character later on in the story, who should it be?



Or Saito

some grammar mistakes. other than that....well done

sorry for the late chapter. it should be up in a few more days.

Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes only to find herself and the three CMC in the arms of a strange looking stallion

Did you turn him into a pony, or are the ponies in this story humanized?

Ahem...to me...the only choice for a charactr to join Kenshin in this: Is Saito Haijembe. I am sorry to all of you Aoishi, Yahiko, and Sano fans. But lets face it...Saito wins

Sanosuke would make an epic battle partner for Kenshin and who know what kind of shinanagans he would get in to.

And yet there has been no mention of how the ponies actually look, and she labeld him as a stallion. So it could still be that this is a humanized story that yet another author erroneously labelled as anthro.
Of course if this is a real anthro story then that means that he is no longer a human, which would just suck.

So yeah, the author should really clear this up.

It is common to call any male being in an Anthro-Equestria, a stallion. It's the anthro-pony equivalent of our "man".

I do agree that it could be clearer, but the use of "stallion" is correct.

That is the thing though. If she is an anthro pony, and he is still a human she really shouldn't know that he is a male, and definitely wouldn't classify him as a stallion. She wouldn't know because they look different. Plus him having long hair wouldn't help.
That is why I am asking if this is a humanized story labelled as anthro, or if he was turned into a pony.

However Anthro generally means with the same sexual characteristics as a human. So the lack of breasts on the upper-chest would easily ID Kenshin as male. Add in his sharper features, distinct Adam's apple and more muscular features only add credence to that assumption.

That really is too much assumption on her part.
Either way, saying stallion is just wrong. That implies that he is a pony, or that they are humanized. At most she should have said something that seems male, because she doesn't know what he is.

I don't think you understand what anthro means. It means a human with the features of another animal (in this case a pony). That means the person would have fur, hooves, wings (for Pegasi/Alicorns), horns (unicorns/alicorns), tails, moveable ears, muzzles, and so on.

Humanized means that they are either fully human, or have all but a few human features (so wings and horns, but no fur and muzzles).

EDIT: Example pics added.

Sanosuke!! He is the best choice in being with Kenshin in Equestria! :D

I know what anthro is.
On that note you have it the other way around. Anthro would be an anime with human qualities. As in being able to stand upright, a human like body shape, and the ability to talk.

But this still does not mean that she will know that he is a male. At most it he would just seem like a male by her standards, but will be unsure because she doesn't know what he is. That is why her classifying him as a stallion is both confusing, and wrong.

That is why the use of that word makes it confusing to know if this is a real anthro story, or one with humanized ponies.

Do you understand what I am saying now?

Slightly. She thinks that Kenshin is male (from what I understand he still is human, but younger than what he died as). However, since she doesn't recognize his species, but since he has all of the characteristics of being male, she calls him a "stallion". This would be the same as us, humans, calling something that looks male "a man". It's not saying anything about his species, just his gender.

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