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Set in a alternate Universe, Edward Elric has no family or friends but only himself to rely on. One night when walking home he blacks out after being shot by a couple of thugs and when he comes to, he's in the land of Equestia where the human-like residents referred to themselves as "Ponies". Having arrived to the foreign land he gains a hidden power that in time reveals itself as a the young man gets into trouble from time to time.

Has little gore and is violent at time's
Sex was only tagged in there for the scenes that may include some naked stuff and such.
The story while have different Points of Views as well as Pictures to make it more interesting
Also the only alternate Universe is the Full Metal Alchemist not My Little Pony FIM I wanted to get this across before anyone started to ask questions and stuff.

Also Ed doesn't have auto mail

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I love Full metal alchemist so this caught my eye and I love it!

i'm usually not a big fab of crossovers but this is pretty good.

Comment posted by nb deleted Aug 19th, 2013

3068073 Thanks man that means a lot to me :D

The story seems just about right. It is really hard to make an opinion based on "prologue" but as far as I'm concerned you didn't make any mistakes so I will follow this now and leave more profound comments in the future.


3082821 Wow... Glad to have you on board, I didn't like how the prologue came out but it had to be done. I'm currently planning out the first book aka "making friends" and making it so that I can make more suspense and such. Also I've been watching the anime again for Full Metal and Brotherhood and have trying to see if I can make more references in the story and stuff but ya I'm really glad that somebody actually saw the chapter not as the whole story but only the beginning to whats to come. Also I'm trying to decide if I should be more descriptive with the scenes or make it easy to follow and understand. I'm doing a little of both :twilightsheepish:

3091638 I would appreciate as descriptive approach as possible but that's generally the way I am. Also, did some of the events from Edward's childhood happen in this universe or do you just use his personality in the story?

Hm... Who will be the first pony that will take the honor of calling Edward small, pipsqueak, shrimp, little beansprout, shorty, alchemy freak, etc? :pinkiecrazy:


3147570 I'm working as fast as I can but I'm trying to outline the whole first story and still work on the second chapter :raritydespair: In general I'm trying :applecry:

Not really shouting moar but....
Any basic guess for when chap. 1 comes out?


3167720 well the next chapter is coming out soon but I want it to be ready so i'm having me editors look it over :twilightsheepish:

Okay so far, a few grammar and spelling issues, nothing too glaring. So, I shall await the furtherness of this story whilst my contemplate WHY my T key is so fucking hot and every other key is cold.

A definite improvement, looking forward to how this will all pan out.

This revised chapter is much better!! :raritystarry:

And why am I picturing Applejack or Twilight making Ed chug a bottle of milk? :derpyderp1:

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3208980 Anthro :3 meaning like a cross between Pony and Human. Which means Hands and Feet, with the addition of Wings and Horns. But they still don't look human in general. :twilightsmile:


3278425 I'm trying but the third chapter is being stubborn :ajbemused:

Not bad. Got some minor grammatical errors, but nothing horrendous.

I'll give this a track for now and see where it goes. :twilightsmile:

Big questions I've been wondering is does Ed have to draw out a transmutation circle for his alchemy or does he (Or will gain) know about the Truth thingy (I haven't seen the episode where they explain it) so he doesn't have to. Or does he even know alchemy?

Aside from those questions, nice to see an FMA cross-over. Only read one of these prior and finding these, well written ones at least, is a nice treat.

“Its a pleasure to you Miss Sparkle”

*it's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Sparkle.

It is much better than the previous version. I was worried you abandoned this story. Good that you didn't :twilightsmile:
PS: Twi is just adorable. :raritystarry:


3363683 Will put that in as soon as possible and Isn't she just adorable :twilightsmile:

THis is similar to the manga instead it was Ed who was alseep and attacked the bandits subconsiously by reacting to the word RUNT


3366530 Really? I remember little in the manga but I re watched the whole series of regular and brotherhood so I'm up to date :coolphoto:


I personally think it would be Rainbow Dash who would do so. (and call him short)

It was either her or Prince Blueblood. The most fit term coming from him to Ed would probably be "accursed microbe." :rainbowlaugh:


3378627 But not yet though he must come to terms with what is all and what is one. :scootangel:

He has :ajbemused: Now let him kick as once again

Or I will find you, and I will scatter legos throughout your house. :pinkiecrazy:


3380891 Calm down my child... He will kick much ass with his current level but when the time comes the power will awaken... little does he know that it will cost him so much more... :unsuresweetie:

Ed you idiot.
That will cause a lot of trouble

Oh sweet! A new chapter! Today is starting off great already.

I can only imagine the talk Ed and Twilight are going to have once she wakes up :twilightblush:...and the talk the other girls are going to have with Twilight at lunch :twilightsheepish:...I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of akward talks in the future :trollestia:

I only found one mistake...if it even is a mistake but right here

He then turned around and bowed "Thank you for helping me find my way, I'll be sure to Twilight that you helped."

I think the word "tell" should be between "to" and "Twilight"

I guess my only question is what the pairing is going to be? Like are we talking a Ed/Twilight thing...or maybe a Ed/Harem thing?

Dude, I think you spelled 'prologue' wrong.


3665199 lol what will cause trouble :twilightsmile:


3665865 Moar coming on the way :rainbowkiss:

3665267 Fixed :3

3665227 Thanks for the fix dude :twilightblush: Oh and in the story Ed's gonna have a harem thing but more toward's Twilight then the other's

3666104 Sweet! Now I'm really excited to see what happens next chapter.

Here's hoping it's a Ed/Main 6 harem with Twilight being the top mare.

Sweet! An update!

I will say that I do generally prefer longer chapters over more frequent updates.
1.5k words usually being one of the prerequisites I have for stories, tho there are exceptions as with all things.

Keep em comin, just please don't be insulted if I decide to let a few chapters back up before I read them if they remain this relatively short. :twilightblush:


3667955 Hm >.> seems like I gotta step up my game :moustache:

Ed and Twilight :twilightoops: Hmmmm that would actually be really funny!

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