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6194406 Thanks :pinkiehappy:, what do you think of the story and what's your favorite part so far?

Dragonzord! You have my attention Axel, I shall be watching this one.

“He’s got the PonyStation 4 and the Pbox one!” Pinkie gasped.

“I have no idea what a Pbox is, but I do know they just released the PonyStation 1 last month. I remember because I bought one for Sweetiebelle.” Rarity said.

“Face it, you like to nerd out some time and play video games like all of us.” Pinkie said with a sly grin spreading across her face.

“S-So I picked up a controller a few times. That does not make me a gamer, I am still a lady!” Rarity said with a blush.

“Pony Fantasy 7 just came out.” Pinkie said.

“WHAT! WHEN!?” Rarity shrieked.

“I rest my case.” Pinkie said with a sly grin, causing Rarity to blush as she tried to stutter out a reply.

You got me already pal! This is going to be good.

6194428 Thank you my friend, also I love your story My Little Pony: Echos of Dream Valley:pinkiehappy:

6194490 Well thank you for that Axel, chapter 14 of Echos will be finished and up here pretty soon so be ready for that.

Besides the fact that is THE GREEN RANGER !?!?!?!?!?,

its a good start, Tommy is no stranger to popping up on places so it makes sense he could rapidly adapt to this new enviroment, i wonder what a certain assistant will think about his Dragonic past.There are some minor grammar issues (check the first paragraph), but nothing harmful.

Speaking of Dragon, Dragonzord or Riot........Please?:fluttershysad:

Just curious, is this Before or after Dino Thunder?

also this:

6194530 This takes place a few years after Dino Thunder.

Also, to answer your other question:



Yes, Tommy will be using his Dragonzord in the future.:pinkiehappy:

This is a awesome Fanfiction!! You out did your self pal! Tommy is my favorite Ranger out of the whole series. I love all the ranger colors he became but my two favs were Green and the White Ranger. Anyway keep on making magic with these fanfictions.

OK, I'm going to say it. Thank you so much for making this crossover. I never thought. I was going to see Tommy Oliver In an MLP crossover, but you proved me wrong. Hope to see more of this story soon.
P.S: Curse you for coming up with so many interesting stories. I don't know which one I want to be updated.

Tommy Oliver...
BUT ...


6194674 You can see a little preview of what I plan to do with this story in my blog.

6194684 OMG! THAT ONE?!
anyways time to read:twilightsmile:

This is really good. You have my full attention for your stories, first one on creepy pasts, them samurai, now power Rangers? You are really amazing when it comes to making great stories. I love every bit of this. Keep it up and I'll be looking forward to your other updates to the others. :twilightsmile:

Aaaaaaand favorite, also "PonyStation 4" and "Pbox one".... Really, REALLY!? Do ANY ponies in Equestria have originality?

You're welcome:pinkiehappy: it is amazing and can't wait for more

love the story so far cant wait for the chapter

More More More More , THIS IS GREAT LOVE POWER RANGERS AND TOMMY THE MOST OF ALL, sorry about that this is the best Power Ranger story MLP crossover I have seen, and Green Ranger from first season best 6th ranger ever, also Tommy as Green ranger is one of the two most strongest rangers the other has to be Trent as White Dino Ranger,

I see Tommy and Luna being best Friends with her both have a dark past,

keep up the great work, also

Wow, this brings me way back into my childhood. It's been ages since I thought about the Power Rangers though the theme song that the other readers have posted certainly brings back fond memories of the old show and the song is still as badass as ever.:rainbowdetermined2:

This looks to be an interesting story and deserves a follow! Did Tommy loose his powers like in canon and how will they be repaired or did that never happen? Looking forward to Tommy showing Equis why he is considered the greatest ranger ever.

This is interesting but get an editor. Because Fluttershy thinks it's wrong to read "others dairies" but I think it's wrong to read others' diaries. (There are many more typos including the incorrect your/you're.)

6195473 Don't worry, Tommy will gain his powers back.:pinkiehappy:

This is beyond bad ass! I loved how you had Tommy keeping a journal to keep track of his inner turmoil, it was just barely glossed over in the show and it's nice to see him more fully humanized like that. Kudos to you my friend in a massive way, this is going to be an interesting ride. More so since Tommy is acting the way he would given the circumstances.

All I saw was the best ranger of all part of a crossover. I haven't even read this thing yet.

...oh boy. What am I even in for?

6195724 Thank you, Tommy's journal will be playing an important and reoccurring part in the story. Expect to see a lot more of it in the future.:pinkiehappy:

6195748 Oh yeah I had figured that one. It really makes sense that he would have had one too. Also I have to compliment you on the realism of the situation. On the show people were merely hurt, and never badly. The rampages Rita's monsters went on definitely have killed people. It's easy to see why that wasn't the case in the show though, it's wasn't the right place for it.

You missed some spelling errors too, like when you used the word innocence when you meant Innocents. And the ponies wouldn't be using Oh God as an exclamation, it would be more along the lines of Oh Faust in this case.

6195725 One epic ride is what you're in for.

Not gonna lie, a few parts of this kinda made me roll my eyes.

First off, I held off judgement until I figured out when this was set for Tommy, and since he's a teacher it's safe to assume this is around that season where he's the black ranger. At that point, I'm pretty sure Earth had made contact with all sorts of friendly alien life. Hell, some of them had ranger teams of their own. His first reaction on seeing the girls shouldn't have been a cliche faint.

And then five random adults start shaking down three kids in broad daylight out in the open? I get you want it established Tommy's a badass, but that just doesn't happen. If Ponyville were enough of a rundown lawless slum for that kind of thing, you'd better believe there'd be guards everywhere if Twilight was even in the same zip code.

Add in Pinkie throwing out the catchphrase and the flag was officially raised for me. I'm not going to downvote it and declare it a trainwreck, and I'm interested in seeing what kind of enemy you've got in mind that they can't just blast with the elements and call it a day. But I felt the need to be a party pooper about this since anybody awesome enough to do a crossover like this probably wouldn't want criticism withheld.

Good luck with the rest. I'll be back.

Pacing kinda sucks...And why would Tommy be freaked out by aliens? Hell hes friends with some.


They're remaking the movie with zordon as the first ranger. The Red Ranger.

Its supposed to be awesome with better fighting style in today's choreography.

Its good so far. We'll see if I still like it as it goes on. Just don't go to fast or too slow. Especially with the romance. If you have them all in love with him in a week it will ruin the story. If you have a bunch of usless filler it will ruin the story. Since its rated M I'm guessing there are going to be lemons. Now I don't have a problem with that. However by God do not half ass them. If you're not good with lemons have someone write them for you. Just don't give me that bullshit some authors do where you write out the foreplay and then cop out by writing "then they made love that night". All that being said I thoroughly enjoy your other story A Second Chance for Deaths Friends. So I have faith in you.

of course rarity is one of those gamers.

this will be a fun ride.

6195831 Well from the bug bear episode we can say, monsters is an usual thing in ponyville, so he has that xD

My only hope is that if you do bring in Zedd he gets the full on treatment.... by that I mean you better DAMN WELL make me scared of him.

6196823 Oh I will :pinkiecrazy:... (Begins to laugh evilly)

It took me a second to realize that the fic was a power rangers fic...god I remember toning in to one of the newer ones all the time...I hope this keeps up so far a good fic.

6196886 Good.... the Prince of Darkness doesn't need to be TONED DOWN and be another Rita.

Not even a day old and it's already featured, not to shabby:raritywink:

Um... here's a stupid question: Isn't he the white Ranger? Yeah, he started out green, but I'm certain that he was white when the core series ended.

Also, I'm confused. For a guy who was reluctant about revealing his past, he just basically told the main six that he is someone of great importance Towards the end. Furthermore, the spelling sort of is off putting at points. Combined with your jumps between viewpoints, it sort of... First off, don't get the wrong idea. You clearly have an idea what you doing. When you literally tell the reader that you're switching to another character's viewpoint, it ruins the immersion. It's like you're playing final fantasy 7 and when you encounter that one winged angel, instead of the actual scene, you get a screen that says "YOU ARE NOW FIGHTING SEPHIROTH" in bright flashing letters and then the fight starts.


I won't say the grammar is out-right bad, but still. It's... I don't know, all I do know is that reading this is giving me a headache. Now, with an editor or something, it might be good. But I can't continue to read this (got to about the half-way point). bleh. I love love love English as a language, and while I'm not a teacher in it or anything like that, I can tell that this piece right here is not as good as it can be.

I don't mean to rain on everybody's parade, but this is kind of badly written. Still, the idea is awesome as far as I can tell. Just keep learning and eventually it'll be just great!

6197683 He was The red ranger in turbo and the Black ranger in Dino thunder, Tommy has been practically a whole squad's worth of colors by himself at this point.

ok, so... Basically, he can be his own Ranger team XD


At first, while I was reading the description, I was like "Dis gotta be a story where some dude gets power ranger powers... It might be interesting."

Then just as I got to the first page break it took me a minute but when all the information and clues started piecing themselves together before his physical description came up I was like "...OH SHIT! This is Tommy the brachio-ranger!"

And then for the rest of the chapter I was sitting in my seat with a stupid smile on my face due to nostalgia and actually liking Dino-thunder. can't wait to see how he gets set up in this story :pinkiehappy: Oooh! I can't wait to see the source of this season's power!

All the pics I saw in the story so far are really nice, did you do them? or did you find them/have them comished?

Dino Thunder is my favorite season. :3

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