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Nov 7th "Maybe"



This story is a sequel to Might Be a maybe...

Part 48-50 in the MAybe series. It's been three long, exciting and strange years since your life as you knew it was altered completely. However as much as three years change life and the world there's somethings even time doesn't wither away. Love, loss, fear, revenge. Three years have pasted by, and now it's somepony else's turn to travel down the path of her parents...However, how much of yours and Twilight's past has lingered on this path?

Chapters updated daily or every two days.
About 3 parts to the story so don't get scared at "End part I."

Chapters (40)
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Like me guy?

Violet = :trollestia:

And I mean, thanks to literacy in gr 1-8, I totally can't see violet being a mass murderer...


She's cute:twilightsmile:

(Not a chapter idea)

lol Violet = :trollestia:

AKA, Princess Do-Nothing.


Ya, new part...2 chapters in and i'm already scared for everypony.

DOn't lie Fatty, we all know somepony is going to die...Now who will it be? :duck:

3261970 don't make my job harder fatty, who dies?

I need to guide him to the judgement area.

Or, if that pony is a bad one, hell:twilightsmile:

So yea, just tell me, it makes my life a lot easier.

:yay:yay thank you fatty I have been waiting for this.

Oh my god, people still care about this series?


Oh my gosh! :pinkiehappy:

You sir(or madame) are the first comment I have ever gotten (in 45 stories) to ever post a negative comment.

Honestly I applaud you, and now anyone else who post a comment can be considers a hate :pinkiegasp: (I made it to the big leagues...:fluttercry: after 45 stories someone finally said something about it's length.)

Oh also I apologies if you're one of those people that hate to many emodacons, don't worry i'm done with them.

Real fast, seeing as how i'm use to just getting dislikes for no reason. Could you say what you don't like? Is it because it's 45 parts instead of just one longggg story or is it because the plot suck?

Or is it because you haven't continue reading after like part 2 or 3, when I first started writing without an editor or any help from people on this website.

Really would love some constructive criticism. So if you're not up to speed on the 45 parts then never mind cause you wouldn't be able to help because you don't know anything...But if you are caught up could you help me out with your thoughts and opinions?

TLDR? Like my story?
Just wondering, if you have read my story would you mind giving some constructive criticism, I would heavily enjoy it. especially seeing as how I have not regular gotten it over my last 45 parts.
If not I understand. :heart:


$20, says this guys never read the stroty.

He probobly is just someone that read the first part said nothing to help a new writer. Or just decied that you're story (Which is pretty dang good! :pinkiehappy::heart::heart:) was just to long and didn't want to read it.

:rainbowderp: Or this person is just *jello-us they don't have a story :rainbowlaugh:

...No hard feelings Crown8, I just think it's funny if you've never read but still wondered why people care about this story.


Meh, it's all good to me. I write for my enjoyment not everyone else...:rainbowderp:
Still like it when anyone enjoys it though. :twilightsmile:


3262665 ---> Wreaked ya :derpytongue2:

lol, Fatty! Why-you ask ppl who no haz a story for advice? :rainbowlaugh:


Mate, it's not that the Maybe series is bad, it's just that there are SOOO many parts.


Also, kudos on writing such a successful series.


Oh, well thank you. :twilightsmile:
Hey if you can suffer through the first few parts from when I was a young writer :twilightblush:. You might enjoy this story, I really don't like to leave anything to change chance and I answer all questions that's brought up in the text later on.

I wrote my story in parts because it allowed me to not stress. Every part is it's own story, but each part also links to the next via the under lining plot of the series. :eeyup:

I do thank you for the kudos, i've wrote this story for about a year now. Really i'm surprised I still have stuff to write that's different then the last lol.



But truth be told, I don't care for the series because it's just not my cup of tea.


Human in Equestria that gets turn to pony is the cup of tea. (just in cause you didn't know).

Also if you would rather just read about pony no humans then I also wrote the other series Times before, Literacy for Foals and Make it Simple.
^They all tie in but they all don't have humans.


I like HiE, but not human-turned-pony.


The Land Before Them
Is humans that do not turn pony, if you would like to see my style :pinkiehappy:

Well fatty let's make it a stallion this time. Please? I'll love you forever.

what if its an earth pony... that has a craving for beef jerkey :twilightsmile:

or an alicorn...

and now to work on my story :pinkiehappy:



Because eating out Twilight would take on a new meaning.

3270157 .....................................................................................................

*that totally isnt sexual in anyway possible...*


wait, sparkey and violet arent fillies and colts anymore?


Im getting old. Lets see now... my age is... 999999...

yay almost my retirement:twilightsmile:

was she creating a sun? Or attempting to control it...

why u leave cliffhanger?!

Im going to become 1000000 years old by the time the new one comes out!

3274202 She was able to move it a bit.

I don't get how twilight got pregnant... Again..

Comment posted by Fat1thatyoulove deleted Sep 29th, 2013


Part 47, or you could just say it happened again over the years. I decided to leave it up to the readers, both ways work. :moustache:

3276255 if the end of your story has the saddest ending ever like twilight dying, imma hunt you down :twilightsmile:


:pinkiecrazy: try it.

Also if you wait like idk 10 mins? I'm about to post two more chapter, mainly because if I go with only 2 a day i'll be on this story for about a months lol.

My god...:rainbowderp:

Fatty's world has expanded to a Wonder bolts academy and a Unicorn school. HOW! How do you have this my time? Sh!t for that matter how are you able to think all this stuff up?! :flutterrage: I can't even write a story, how the heck 50 parts and you still got something new.

:rainbowdetermined2: You wont to impress me further? make a new city that they go to or something likes more about the giraffes cuz you only talked about them once.

But if not, you still get this :raritystarry: :raritystarry: :raritystarry: :raritystarry: :raritystarry:

~Also the foal is a colt or your fingers I will break. :twistnerd:

The sterilization spell did not work. Because he is not a normal stallion.:facehoof:

3276268 And I'll help and have a $10,000 dollar gun with me.( The barret m107.):twilightsmile:

Bullies... How to beat them, kill the joy, remove the fun, be boring, be the opposite of what they want to see.

if they want crying you laugh:twilightsmile:

Congratulations, you made a new friend maybe...:twilightsmile:

Cadence... Pregnant?

Oh no... I don't like this... Not one bit...

So in that case... ON WITH THE SHOW!:twilightsmile:


You're very in tuned in the story. :moustache: But do you know all the secrets?

3276383 I was saying the same thing about the foal.:rainbowlaugh:

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