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Might Be For Us - Fat1thatyoulove

The sequel to the MAybe series, part 48-50. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – It feels like last week

The early morning light of the sun has come up and now holds its glow to the world under it, unchanged like it has for the last few years. But today even though the world has brought it to come with a normal sun rise it’s anything but normal. Today is something special, both for the young lavender unicorn still trying to pack the few things you and Twilight tried to tell her to pack yesterday; and also for what today will bring. Because today as Twilight has put it is the day Violet takes her first hooves into the world of Equestria, with no mom or dad for the duration of her time in Canterlot.

You blink your eyes to the stairs you stand in front of as you hold that thought a little disheartened still waiting for your last long stare you will be able to give the light purple mare for a while. Time flies too fast, and each time you blink your eyes it feels like you've already missed something you shouldn't have...Naturally you attempt to hold your eyes open even as they beg to blink, not wanting to ruin the moment Violet comes back to the stairs.

Of course though your desires don't get to come to fruition as a sharp claw to your side quickly turns your eyes into a blinking frenzy as you turn to the still shorter purple dragon, "Aw, cheer up. At least dragon's age differently." Spike holds a smile as he pokes his head up proud to you with a smile.

How does he know what I’m thinking? Your mind is cut short as you hear a pop of magic coming from beside you. With a quick turn of the head you notice the light purple pony you've been waiting for has bypassed the stairs for a flashier and slightly unnecessary spell. Sure the two satchels she has on look a little stuffed but come on...it's just a few steps.

"OH good you're finally down." The fading magic moves the lavender mare that was seated to her chair as Twilight trots over towards Violet still holding her voice dominant to the room, "...You packed your boots right?"

Violet begins to instinctively nod as the mare continues down her minds list, "...And all of your quills and ink right? And all of your books and your toothbrush and your mane brush...You did remember to pack the bits we gave you right? AND you have your train tickets and you remembered to-..."

Twilight's words become a faded blur of almost never ending ands as you just listen to them like the nodding young mare close to you.

But the lavender mare's words don't get to trial on all day as she stops them to a silent stare held over the pony in front of her, "...Oh..." Twilight moves her body close to Violet as she nuzzles her unable to really give a proper hug as she balances her weight to her four hooves.

Her voice comes back in a slightly more sniffly tone as she takes a hoof back, "Y-you will tell us everything you do right? Celestia has told me a few things have been changed for a unicorn's first year and I want to know everything."

A faint chuckle comes over you as you start to cut the lavender mare off, "I think Violet should worry about getting to Canterlot right now, instead of having to write us a detail essay."

Violet capitalizes on the lavender mare's cut short voice as she nods her head and shoots a smile to her as she wraps her hooves around again her with another hug. But Twilight's hold over the mare doesn't stop with the end of Violet’s embrace as she sparks her horn up in a very faint purple glow that brings the mane brush up from its rest on the table, "I told you not to pack in the morning, look now your mane is all messed up."

You hold your eyes to the mare's low magic for a moment but you keep your mouth shut to it as you instead give a little grin to the light purple mare's slightly annoyed expression as the bristles runs through her normal ruffled and relaxed tomboyish style.

"There you go..." Twilight holds a wide smile as she admires her quick work that has turned the young purple mare into Twilight's old uncurled mane style. A weak smile comes over you as the almost Twilight look alike tries to boast her acting skills with a faint smile to Twilight’s checking eyes.

Luckily Twilight doesn't notice the faked smile as she quickly brings a little spring to her step, "OH! I almost forgot you should take the dictionary on spells for school." Spike follows after the heavy hoof clapping mare as you quickly move to the spot Twilight left, "Alright Violet you got about five minutes before she ask you to take the library with you."

The comment sparks a true to life smile as Violet catches your drift and begins to move towards the door, but the young pony’s trot comes to an end as she quickly darts her snout to an open slit in her saddle.

You blink to the motion but as you watch her mouth return with a dull pinkish ribbon you give a little smile.

Violet's horn sparks up as the untied bow floats over towards you. But you don't grab to it as you just stare to it with your hearts building emotions to the pony in front of you, your voice comes up in a slight laughing shake as you look between the bow and the pony, "Y-your old bow huh? Leave all the other new and nice ones here and take this old thing with you huh?"

A happy grin comes over the mare as she shakes her head and pats her hoof to her bag. You swallow back your voice as your own purple magic comes over the bow, "You haven't needed me to tie a bow in years..."

Violet's horn drops as she nods her head with a soft smile.

You just nod back as you slowly float the bow to her tail and begin to tie it, the old ribbon is too short in length to wrap around the young mare's tail base but you manage to tie it all the same a little further down. As your magic ‘s hold over the mare comes to an end you feel the same loving embrace you saw Violet give Twilight now coming over you...But unlike the heavy pregnant mare you move your right hoof up and around the mare's neck as you close your eyes and whisper a little, "Be safe alright?"

The hug comes to an end as Violet moves her hoof back to the ground, but she continues to listen to your voice as you push your heavy emotions back and move your hoof to raise, "No I’m serious, if you see a book glowing you run if you see a door with weird crystal things you keep it closed and if you see a dark bug thing you kick it hard ok?"

A faint wheezing laugh comes from the young mare's open mouth as she nods her head again. You hold your eyes to her as she turns back to the door and opens it.

But your gaze doesn't come to an end as fast as you thought it would be as you notice a light orange pegasus with his hoof raised in a knocking position.

"O-oh you're ready to go?"

Sparky moves aside from the door as the light purple mare steps outside, from her motion you start your trot up as you look over the young orange stallion, "Hi Sparky."

Your words spark a quick response from him as he speaks up, "Hi Mr.Sparkle."

You think over the response as you just blink to the stallion, is my name really that hard to just say? With a faint shrug you nod your head and bring your voice up, "You two have fun in Canterlot..."

The young stallion quickly nods his head as he cuts you off, "Ok."

"...Just remember though Sparky, I’ve killed a few things in my time." With a smile you slowly close the door as you look over Violet's rolled eyed expression as she starts her trot up. You know the orange pegasus is just a friend but the fact that you can say something like that is something you've wanted to say to some stallion next to Violet.

As the door closes you nod to your comment a little proud of yourself. But you're cocky trot back to the house is cut short as Twilight and Spike come back to the room, "Wait did Violet leave? She didn't even get the book?"

You shift your eyes to the small dragon struggling to hold a brown hardcover book that looks to be about as heavy as him as you speak up, "Ya, she already left."

Twilight sighs as she looks back to Spike, "Well I guess she won't really need it...Besides everypony gets one on the first week."

You squint to her words as you think to yourself, then why give her an extra?

Your silent thinking doesn't stop the mare as she turns back to Spike, "Oh, you can put it up now Spike."

An annoyed groan comes over the smallish dragon as he starts out of the room.

As he does you give a little sigh and turn your eyes to the lavender mare beside you as you smile, "Now what?"

Twilight blows to the comment as she acts unfazed to the event that only just ended, "What do you mean now what? I thought a certain somepony was going to learn a fix it spell for the crib that..." She clears her throat as she continues, "...That somepony broke."

You squint to her smile as you roll your eyes, and start your trot up to help the struggling dragon in the other room with the heavy book Twilight's voice softens, "You know, I was only a few months older when I started Celestia's school away from my parents."

You nod to the comment as you halt your trot, "Ya but your parents were not a train ride away."

A little giggle comes from the lavender mare as she slightly tilts her head back, "Oh nothing’s going to happen on her first year, it’s all in the school she'll never even leave it for the four weeks-.." Her word stops as her ears perk up a little and her hoof rises to her pregnant hanging stomach, another giggle starts up as she tilts her head down, "....I think a certain filly is already missing her big sister."

You smile to the words as you begin to play along in her game, "Oh ya? Filly huh?"

Twilight turns her eyes to you as she smiles, "I was right before."

"Pff, ya and you said that spell works on every stallion." You hold your smile as you start your tort up from the mare's quick voice.

"Hey, it's not my fault you're not normal." Twilight cocks her head as she follows after you awaiting a response.

But you don't give into her as you just hold a silent smile, ha! Who wants to be normal?

End of chapter 2

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