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Might Be For Us - Fat1thatyoulove

The sequel to the MAybe series, part 48-50. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Long day

The giddy and almost filly joyied tomboyish laugh continues to ring around Violet's make believe world as her and the stallion continues to just talk about things past with a new found enjoyment.

"...I remember that!" The light purple mare holds her head up high as she stops her words for a moment, "But we would have never had gotten that sled down that hill if I didn't use that spell."

Sparky blows to the comment as he holds his smile, "Ya sure but I had to pick icy crystals out of my wings for hours when I got home." The stallion brings his hoof up as he points to the mare in front of him, "And don't let anypony tell you that is an easy thing to do."

Violet's eyes drift to her friends wings as she lets out another so desperately wanted laugh.

The joyish tone holds for a few moments as the two young ponies just end up staring to the other laughing pony in front of them...But as the tone starts to fade a little Violet's voice drops a bit, "Do you think this spell could be used easier?"

The light orange pegasus just blinks to the unicorn's words as he tries to bring some knowledge about unicorn magic to his mind, "Uh...what do you mean?"

Violet looks around the simple white stoned room with an almost similar flooring as she moves her hoof to point around her, "This is a dream spell...Well don't you think it could be used from a daydream?" The mare's words start to get a little excited as she sits her flank back to the ground and out of pure instinct brings her hoof and ears to match the same words expelling from her mouth, "I mean I-I could finally say MOM or DAD!? I-I could finally speak-..." Her eyes catch her hoof's motion as her voice stops and brings her talking hooves to a standstill, "I...I could finally not have something wrong with me..."

Her mouth closes as she turns her eyes to the make believe ground she sits on.

The young stallion who still stands unmoved where he has for the duration of the spell swallows hard trying to figure out what to say, "W-who said you had something wrong with you?"

Violet gets a slight smile to the comment as a faint giggle comes from the words, "That's what my dad always said when I asked..." The light purple mare nods her head to her own words as she tilts her eyes back to the pegasus, "Thanks Sparky...You're a good friend."

"Ya..." A slight laugh comes over Sparky as he waits for the mare to continue.

Violet takes a deep breath as she stands from the ground with a slightly heightened voice, "Alright...Enough talk, we both still have something very important to get back to." As her words come to an end her horn sparks up in a blue glow. With in a moment the white stone room turns into nothing more than a smear of white color.

- - -

The chiming magic to Violet's horn finally comes to a rest as she brings her eyes back open to the room, but the young mare's eyes only come to a forced half shut as she's left feeling completely drained.

Sparky stands from his spot on the ground as he moves a hoof to rub to his flank, "Maybe next time we should sit on something softer?" A little smile comes over him as he stretches his legs a little, but as he rolls his neck he notices something that shoots his wings up, "It's night!"

The stallion quickly picks his bags from the ground as he looks to the mare still sitting down, "I need to get going!-...You ok?" His voice comes to an abrupt halt as Violet struggles to stand herself up, but she manages to put on a smile as she opens her mouth to answer him. But she quickly blinks back to the world around her as she leans to the bed and starts her hooves up.

Her motions cock the pegasus's head as he looks her over, "Are you sure that spell was easy? Cause you look like you just got done running from Pearl?"

Violet rolls her hoof to his words as her horn sparks up and begins to push him out the door.

Sparky's hooves screech a little to the floor as the magic to his flank quickly scoots him to the close threshold, "Alright alright...bye Violet." His hoof comes to the door as he takes his first hoof out of the room, trying to be as quiet as he can for the other mare's closed rooms around the hall.

It takes the stallion a few seconds to build his courage up but he moves into the hallway as he closes the door behind him.

To her new sealed off little world Violet turns back to the two bags she carried in earlier as she quickly unpacks. Her sleepy eyes still hold open though as the overstuffed satchels burst open to books, quills, papers, winter garments and other clothing.

Violet squints to the new mess growing over her desired bed as she sighs and sparks her horn up. The books, quills, papers and ink wells float over to the desk on the right side of the room as they are neatly stacked and positioned.

Her eyes come back to the still cluttered bed as her need to sleep continues to build, Violet looks around the room for a few moments as the bulk of her winter things come up into the air and float of the bed to the white wood dresser in the room, next to follow after them are her untied ribbons as her magic continues to bounce around her room.

With only the empty satchel left to the bed her horn's glow wraps over them as there floated to the opposite side of the bed as they drop to the floor with a light, plop, sound. To the successful noise her eyes and hooves dart towards the desk.

Again her horn comes up in a low blue glow as a quill comes up and a dark grayish inkwell becomes uncapped. A loose piece of paper comes over to sit in the middle of the desk as her neat horn controlled motions spark up.

Violet may be tired but the burning curse that her mother has passed onto her keeps her from her much needed rest as the page takes on a few written words,
Tomorrow's to do list...

- - -

Sparky's slight pause to being pushed out of the room has ended as the stallion starts his trot quietly down the nighttime halls. But as he passes by the open door on his left a low female voice freezes his trot, "Hey, theres no stallion's on this side of the castle."

The sound of the mare's hooves coming towards the hallway turn Sparky's head as he looks over the crystal mare leaving her room. Starlight's mane that earlier in the day was neatly pinned up has now turned to a more loose lay, but her well spoken voice makes up for her relaxed look as she looks over the stallion and then to the only other room past her own, "Why were you here so late...Sparky was it?"

A nervous laugh comes from him as he speaks up, "Uh just helping Violet with a spell."

Starlight pauses for a moment as she cocks her head, "A spell?" Her voice comes up a little surprised as she blinks her eyes towards the closed room at the end of the hall, "Did Princess Luna tell her something about what we should be practicing?" Her eyes turn back to the stallion as her slightly rushed voice comes out, "What is it?"

With a faint laugh Sparky attempts to change the topic, "Oh it's nothing really...And I can't even imagine a pony like you being worried about practicing spells, not after the spell you did earlier."

The crystal mare blinks to the words as she speaks up, "T-that was just a simple movement spell..."

Sparky's mind clicks to his successful changing of subject as he gives an almost shocked smile to the mare's coy words, "Simple? You moved the sun?" A laugh rings a little louder to the room as the two young ponies come into the main entrance way of Canterlot castle.

Starlight gives a sheepish smile as she stops her trot, "Well I feel as though I should thank you...Since I did that spell no pony really wants to talk to me-." Her slightly downed tone ends fast as she brings her head up, "I'm sorry, you must need to get going, after all I never saw either of you leave that room the whole day..." A faint laugh comes from her as she continues, "Um...Good night Sparky."

The light orange stallion gives a nod as he moves towards the doors of the castle, "Good night." As his words come to an end he starts out of the castle and into the night's chilled air.

- - -
(About an hour later)

The sky over Canterlot is dark with the half moon presiding as the main source of light to the mostly sleeping city; the night world and the very prominent fall chill that runs through the pegasus's coat with every flap of his wings have made his trip through the city decently quick.

Of course the stallion would have made it there sooner if he only had to focus on his flight path, but as he brings his eyes up from the flapping loose paper map in his hooves grasp for what seems like the hundredth time he looks over a large building in front of him.

Sparky's night flight has brought him to the edge of the city, but his exhausting mind; racked from reading the map is over as he brings himself to land to the dirt path beneath him. The bluish sky stoned building in front of him is not the size of Canterlot castle but it definitely shows it's own presence well. But the word's spelled out on the front of the buildings arches bring a smile to the stallions face as he places the map back to a side pouch of his satchel as he starts his trot up.

The stallion halfheartedly expected to see some fancy and elite looking track to be located near the building, but instead there's just a simple ground track that looks almost no different than Ponyville’s; it's no Wonderbolt's stadium but it does have it's own unique prestige.

But Sparky's locked eyed gaze is broken as a voice comes to him, "Hey, no Dodos out past curfew!"

To the authority commanding male tone Sparky stops his trot and swings his eyes up in and into the sky as three pegasus wearing sky blue outfits with yellowish gold bolts stitched into them start to land.

Sparky is quite as a very pale sky blue stallion with slicked back blue mane takes a hoof forward and speaks up, still holding the authority commanding tone as before, "Wait...You're not a Dodo? Who are you?"

"Um...What's a Dodo?" Sparky's voice is low as the stallion in front of him continues just to look him over.

"A Dodo is any first year flyer for the Wonderbolts..." The stallion squints his eyes as he raises his hoof, "Now who are you?"

Sparky straightens his stance up as he tries to hold confidence running through his own name, "My name is Sparky Wave...And uh I i'm here for the Wonderbolts."

"You're Sparky Wave?!" A younger vibrant yellow mare speaks up in surprise as she and the other younger looking white stallion next to her start to mutter to themselves.

But the almost shocked tone of the two ponies brings a quick reaction from Sparky as he speaks up, "Ya i'm Sparky...You know me?"

The stallion in front of the other two younger pegasus traces his eyes over Sparky's build as his voice comes back with a slightly friendlier tone, "Well I was told a Sparky Wave would be arriving a little late from the castle..."

"Ya that's me." Sparky nods his head to the words as the stallion in front of him just goes into a slightly confused stare.

"Oh well then welcome Sparky, I am Sorin of the Wonderbolts...I'm the stallion's head master for the first year academy." The stallion's right hoof comes up from the dirt ground as he waits for the light orange pegasus's hoof to meet him.

But the name has brought an almost fanboy smile to the young stallion's face as he struggles to bring his mind into action, after a few awkward moments though Sparky's hoof meets the stallion's as he speaks up, "It's an honor to meet you..."

Sorin nods to the comment as he turns back to the dark black maned white stallion behind him, "Streak could you show Sparky here to his room?"

The white stallion blinks to the statement but he nods his head as he takes a step forward, "Yes sir." His deep voice turns now to Sparky as he beckons him on with his hoof, "Come on Dodo follow me."

Sorin and the younger mare take a step aside as Sparky follows after the stallion. The leading pegasus's trot has made short work from their position to the building's entrance as he takes his first hoof inside.

The stone floor is a mixture of white and blue tile that's shines bright from the lights of the tall room's roof that's decorated to the brim with gold, silver and brass statues of wings, trophies and other cloud or sky crafted decorations.

Sparky's young and excited voice comes up as he looks over the wonderbolt outfit wearing stallion in front of him, "Are you a new Wonderbolt?"

"Ha! Am I a wonderbolt..." The stallion's voice has lost the respectful tone it held outside as he turns his deep gold eyes to Sparky's gaze, "Alright listen up Dodo..." His trot stops as he turns around to the light orange stallion, "I am a Strix, which is the last rank before your considered a Wonderbolt in training...There's only two of this rank and our job is to manage our house. For me that means any two bit pegasus that thinks they can be a Wonderbolt because there parents sent them to the academy or just got lucky on an application letter." His hoof comes up as he squints his eyes to Sparky, "You've already got me in a bad mood Dodo, you arrived late. That means that tomorrow's team relay is going to have to be changed up." A light chuckle comes from Streak as he shakes his head, "When I heard that a pegasus was going to be late because they were coming from the castle I thought, hey i'm going to get some important stallion, some excellent flyer...But NO I get this."

Sparky blinks to the stallion's words as he keeps his mouth shut.

"...I get a colt that looks like he has a hard time moving a thunder cloud on weather duty." Streak perks his head up as he widens his stare, "So do you see why I don't want to answer dumb question right now?"

"I...I just wanted to know if you were a Wonderbolt in training..." Sparky's ears flop down a little as he shoots a faint smile to the annoyed stallion.

Streak shakes his head as he starts his trot back up, "And that's how I know you're not ready Dodo...Everypony knows only a Strix can wear a Wonderbolt outfit, and you only become a Strix when you are selected." He turns an eyes to him as he starts down a hallway from the main entrance hall, "...No pegasus should come into the Wonderbolt's academy not knowing what a Strix is...It just shows you don't have what it takes."

Sparky's building annoyance to the cocky stallion's words starts to show as he pokes his head up, "I don't want to be a Wonderbolt, I want to be a cloud shaper for the Wonderbolt's shows."

The white pegasus's trot comes to an end at the last door in the hall as he turns around with a little chuckle, "Well then you got nothing to worry about Dodo, all you have to do is be a smart chicken and you get what you want." Streak holds his hoof to the doorless room as he cocks his head to Sparky, "Now help me with what I want, because the last test for a Strix is to help mold first year flyers...So for the next four weeks when it comes time for flying or racing you fly faster or run harder than you ever have."

The light orange pegasus nods to the comment as he starts into the simple dull colored room with nothing more than a simple light switch a window a bed on one side and a military like locker on the other.

Streaks voice comes back as he nods his head down the hall, "Bathrooms and showers are at the end of the hall Dodo, get some sleep because after tomorrow's orientation we hit the track..." The stallion shakes his head as he turns to start his trot, "After track you can bury yourself in your class books Cloud-shaper Dodo."

The sound of Streaks hooves start to fade as he disappears to the hallway hidden behind Sparky's doorless room.

As the sounds start to become a distant memory the young stallion moves his bags to sit in front of the locker as he just instead sits to the bed pushed up against the wall. But his ear flicks to the sound of the raging squawking springs as his flank comes to sit just barely on the bed.

A faint sigh comes over the stallion as he looks to the overly sized window that sits to the room, in the near distance the white stone buildings of Canterlot’s city are visible with the tall Castle that the stallion left only an hour ago sitting high above the pleasantly sleeping city. Sparky flops his head to the two pillows of the bed as he brings the blanket over his still fall chilled fur coat as he gets ready for his first night in his four week stay.

End of chapter 8

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