Might Be For Us

by Fat1thatyoulove


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The air in the room, now much like the lavender mare's nose is hard to breath through, mixed in it are sweat, tears and fears...Not for just fear for herself but fear for the unborn foal that's curled up oblivious to the world outside of the heavily pregnant mare's womb.

Beneath the lavender coated and stress combed jagged excuse for a mane the bright multicolored stones of the room have cradled a few drops of salty tears as she continues to hold her shaking head from the beast of a creature that walks closer towards where she kneels. Each hoof sound or sloppy clawed click from the mismatched demon of a being sends chills aching through her spine as she just focuses on her breath for the foal's sake.

The sounds of the foot steps stop and the smell and heat of his breath beamed down to her ears as she slightly turns her gaze to scared to look him in the eyes, "Twilight?..." His voice has a faint giddy giggle to it as he waits for a response.

But the lavender mare doesn't give one as her body just trembles with every hard breath expelling or inhaling from her mouth.

"Twilight...I need you to listen to me...." His words end as a smile cracks across his face, protruding his one shaped and curved tooth, “Can you do that Twilight?”

Agian no answer comes from the mare as her ears stay pinned to the voice coming down to her, "...I need something from you, and you will bring it to me..." The voice stops as the tongue from his goat mouth comes to lap at his slightly dried lips, "...Do you understand me?"

Twilight's soft purple eyes flutter as she reluctantly nods her head.

To the gesture the newly wetted lips part again a smile as the cocky and sure voice continues, "Good, then listen to me very carefully Twilight-..."

- - -

(About two weeks earlier.)

"...Ugh! Why do we have to lay in the mud?" The young light blue unicorn stallion's voice rings up and over the chiming crickets being cloaked in the dark almost moonless night around him as he tries to rub a little mud from his face. which only brings a new blob of wet dirt to stain his snout.

The stallion's pointless complaint comes to an end as he feels a cold muddy hoof nudge to his side, "Shhh quiet Bell, you're going to get us caught..."

"OH yuck! You pushed it into my furrr!" Bell's hoof comes to knock the orange pegasus's hoof away as his raised whisper continues to chime above the crickets sitting in the jagged uncut Everfree forest bushes around them."...Great now i'm never going to get this stuff out!"

From the words the orange pegasus’s slightly stuffy nosed voice comes back up, "Why do you care so much Bell? You wanted to do this?"

"Hey! Don't tell me I complain a lot, you should have heard yourself when we told you to move that rain cloud---mhf-fffmp..." The blue unicorn’s rushed voice is silenced by a rim of blue magic that has come around his snout, making his lips protrude a little in a almost pout like face.

The two young stallions turn their heads to the light purple mare laying in front of them as the mare's left hoof comes up in a quick and expert motion followed by a flick of her left ear that slaps against the bush the three lay under.

As her motions end the light blue hold around Bell's snout comes undone and he again speaks up, this time in a much more whisper based tone, "Why didn't you tell Sparky to shut up, he started it?"

The mare rolls her eyes as she turns back to the opening of the plant to again survey their awaiting plan.

From the young mare's averted eyes Bell jabs his muddy hoof to the orange stallion's side, "Cry baby."

The orange stallion copies the jab a little lighter as he speaks up, "Filly." A smile quickly breaks over his face as his stuffy nosed voice sparks the result he was looking for.


"SHH!" Sparky's voice quickly comes to the blue stallion's ears but it goes unnoticed to the blue furred stallion as his head is plunged to the mud by the light blue magic that sparked above his head.

Bell gives a groan as he brings his now coated face from the ground to the light purple mare that taps her hoof to her mouth with an annoyed expression.

"HEY! I got the--..SHHH!!!" A tan coated and slightly thicker built stallion plops his flank to the ground as his panted voice comes back up from the other three ponies hush, "*pant* Sorry *pant* -Sorry....But I got it." The tired out stallion nods his head to the jar as a little tap-tap is heard from inside the darkened glass container.

"Finally!..." The blue stallion's voice comes up as he wipes some of the wet dirt from his face, "...Now lets hurry up and do this before they find us....Are we still good?"

The word's spark the mare's head as she turns back to the scene outside of the bush. From her hidden position her blue eyes trace over the few nicely dressed ponies as they trot in and towards the brightly and festively lit red barn that sits a short gallop away from her spot. Her eyes come back to the impatiently waiting stallion as she nods.

"Good, now come on lets get ready." Bell's voice stays a whisper as he brings himself to a low stance behind the row of thick bushes that line the area between the Everfree forest and the low cut grass of the south farm's field barn.

The other two ponies that were in the bush follow his lead as they stand, but the tan coated stallion just hooves the jar up as he continues to catch his breath, "I-I am not standing...*pant* next time something needs to be caught, don't send the earth pony!"

His low voice causes the muddy blue unicorn's horn to spark up in a pink glow taking the jar into the air next to him as he snaps back, "You better be able to run when we need to."


"SHHH!!!" The two standing stallion's rush there response back as the light purple mare's horn sparks up quick wrapping a line of blue magic around the seated stallion's mouth.

To the new insured silence Bell's eyes dart over the bush, "Ok, lets do this..."

"Um...are you sure?" The pale orange pegasus's voice comes up as he starts to rub his left hoof over his right, "...I mean its not like they really deserve it? Right?"

"Don't deserve it? You think it's fair how Pearl Tiara can just manipulate every school year? You think its right how she can get everypony to do what she wants just because her dad is Filthy Rich?" Bell holds a sharp eye to the pegasus's dropped ears as he waits for a response.

Sparky hesitates for a moment but luckily a response comes up in a laugh as the tan seated stallion speaks up, "What? Ha-ha-ha, B-Bell you act like Pearl Tiara is a demented ruler or something? Lets face it, we're just doing this because she always excludes us from all her parties."

Bell blows to the comment as he shakes his head, "Exactly, she always acts like a mare in heat and never invites us."

"Um...Well actually this party is the Running of the Leaves dance that Ponyville school host, we were invited if we brought a date." Sparky's stuffy nosed voice comes up as Bell's fast past rant ends.

But Sparky's sensible words only spark another laugh from the still seated tan stallion as he nods his head, "Ya but come on Sparky, i'm too big, you're a wimp, Bell don't like mares and Violet can't talk...Not really the best dates."

Bell's eyes spark up a little wide to the stallion's comment as he speaks up in protest, but it's the sprawled out winged pegasus’s contestion that is heard...However neither of the two stallion’s words hit the tan stallion's ears as Violet's horn sparks up and a small bolt is sent to the seated stallion's back.

"WHOA!" As the blue bolt strikes against his back his tan coat becomes a frosted bluish white color that sends the tired out stallion into a quick almost jumped up stance.

Violet gives a quite wheezing laugh as she flips the few strains of mane that have fallen into her gaze back away from her eyes.

As Futty slightly trots around trying to ease the chill the jar still being held in Bell's hold comes in front of him, "Alright no more waiting lets do this, Sparky make sure it doesn't get away...." The orange pegasus nods his head as he holds his sprawled out wings. "...Violet you know the spell that will make this thing only want to eat food right?" The light purple mare nods her head with a smile as her horn sparks up.

"Alright, one, two, three..." The cap of the jar comes open to a quick moving Parasprite, "Quick hit it, hit it!" Bell backs up from the spooked bright yellow flying bug as it quickly darts around the new free air around it.

Violet's blue eyes squint to the bug as her tongue pokes a little from her mouth, but her pause doesn't last long as a small bolt of blue magic comes to hit against the darting bug.

The Parasprite pauses it's bug like fluttering as it just blinks its big shining eyes to the night. From the bug's confusion Bell trots beside it as he points his hoof towards the brightly lit barn and screams up almost in a feminine squeal, "Your foods in there you dumb bug! GO!"

Without another moment of hesitation the Parasprite zips towards the festive area with its hungry eyes pinned to the barn.
Violet, Sparky and Futty come near Bell's position as they watch their plan coming to action.

Theres a moment of silence before a few feminine screams are heard from the barn as the Parasprite, that now is almost unseeable flies in through the open door. Futty and Bell start up in a laugh as they lean to each other. Sparky and Violet just hold a silent smile to the few gussied up ponies that quickly dart from the now fully open doors.

However Violet and Sparky's silent smiles get a little bigger as they watch a red punch drenched pale pink mare wearing a bright white and gold dress with wet mane that hangs to one side stepping out of the barn doors with a high pitched squeal of a voice, "WHERE ARE YOU LOSERS I KNOW YOU DID THIS!!"

Bell's eyes hold to the mare as he watches her squinting towards the dark area of the Everfree forest they reside in. Their moment of fun is brought to an end as her squinted stare widens a little and her hoof comes up, "Just wait until school starts there won't be any where to hide!!"

"Run for it!" Bell darts away from his spot as the three ponies behind him start up there trots with their own respected playful laughing.