Might Be For Us

by Fat1thatyoulove

Chapter 5

Chapter 27 – Letting it out

The cool night air brings a slightly welcomed push to the two tired young ponies as their trot towards the library starts to near it's end.

However the approaching oak tree library only makes the pegasus stallion ache even more as he realizes he still has to either trot or fly across Ponyville.

Despite the stallion's lack of joy Violet on the other hoof picks her speedup as she comes to stand at the door, but she stop as she turns to the dirtied stallion behind her.

Sparky just nods his head as he speaks up, "Night Violet..."

The light purple mare blinks to the comment for a moment as she brings her hooves up.

To the motions Sparky's voice comes up a little more, "Well ya, I guess I do have a far trip..." A slight laugh comes up from him as he smiles, "Any chance you could teleport me across town?"

A smile comes over Violet as she shakes her head.

Sparky pretty much already knew her answer but his mind comes back down as he nods to her comment, "I didn't think so."

But before the pegasus has to turn back to the dirt path he just traveled down Violet quickly sparks her hooves up.

There's a slight moment of hesitation but Sparky halts his trot all the same as he speaks up, "Stay here?...Your parents wouldn't mind?"

Violet gives a little smile as she shakes her head, her hoof comes up to the door as she opens it and takes a hoof inside.

The light orange pegasus follows after her with a new spring to his step at the idea of not having to wait about an hour to trot back across town.

However as the door comes to close Violet and Sparky both stop as they stare to the sleepy eyed dragon sitting at the table, to the two ponies Spike loses his tired stare and speaks up, "Where have you two been? You said it was stuff for school?" The little dragon raises his childish tone as his eyes get a little wider, "And great you're bringing in dirt, come on! I told Twilight I wouldn't mess up the library."

Violet rolls her eyes to the comment as she floats her dirty bag to the table, but as the bag comes to sit on the table a smile comes up as she sparks her hooves up to the little dragon.

Spike squints his eyes to the comment as he speaks up, "You promise to clean this up before you leave tomorrow?"

The light purple mare nods her head as she starts her trot up the stairs, Sparky hesitates for a moment but he eventually brings his trot up behind her. But he only gets up a few stairs before Spike speaks up again, "Hey...Where are you going?"

Sparky stops his trot as he turns to the childish voice, "Uh...Violet said I could stay for the night."
Spike blinks to the words for a few moments as he looks over the young stallion, but his eyes turn to Violet as she gives a simple nod. But the nod doesn't bring up Spike's voice as he just blinks to the two ponies not knowing what to say, with a tired sigh he just rolls his claw, "Just make sure you two clean up this library before you leave...I'm NOT cleaning up the mess you guys brought in."

Another light smile comes over Violet's face as she again brings her trot up as she leads her friend behind her. Her trot comes to an end as she points her hoof to the large room on the left towards the end of the hallway.

It doesn't take but a few seconds for Sparky to place the room as he speaks up, "You want me to sleep in your parent's room?"

A simple nod comes from Violet as she looks over the stallion and brings her hooves up.

"Y-ya, i'll get cleaned up before I lay down."

Violet looks over the stallion for a moment as she brings her hooves up once more. To the comment Sparky gives a little smile as he speaks up, "It was nothing Violet..."

To the nonchalant words Violet nudges her friend's chest as she shakes her head with a laughy smile. Sparky takes on his own chuckle as he speaks up, "No really...I think we could have taken those Timber Wolves."

A strange confident laugh comes up from the usually more timid stallion as he returns his friend's playful nudge.

Violet holds her smile to the stallion's unusual tone as she stares to him, but she quickly blinks her eyes from him as the dirtied mare gives a simple good night and then starts her trot towards the bathroom to get cleaned up.

"Good night.." As Sparky's words end he takes his first step to the bedroom as he holds his eyes to the large balcony window-door, his trot is quick from his own desire to sleep as he plans a quick and easy way to get clean.

His hoof comes to the door to the outside night as he takes his step to the small oak wood balcony. To the outside world he turns his head up to the mostly cloudless sky as he searches for a cloud with a decent size.

The search only last for a few moment as he spreads his tired wings, theres no pain despite sliding across the forest's uneven floor as he starts to flaps his wings from the balcony.

Sparky's flight goes fast as he darts towards the cloud a few fast flaps away from the library's upper floor. The cool watery mist of the cloud comes to rush past his coat as he darts through it, his wings turn the puff of it's insides into quick drops as it starts to run through his coat like a shower. His motions continue until the decent sized cloud has turned to a few wispy remnants, leaving his coat damp but not longer dirtied.

As he notices the absent cloud he starts his descent towards the library's balcony again, this time making his flaps a little hard to hopefully dry most of the water droplets.

A tired out sigh comes from Sparky as he folds his wings to his back and takes another trot back inside.
But his sleep wanting eyes don't get to hold to the bed without a reminder as to what's made him so tired, (Sleep now pegasus..)

Sparky's eyes twinge to the echo in his head as his trot slows to a more tired speed, his hoof comes to the bed as he slowly starts to ease himself into it's covered warmth that burns off the fall cooled water on his coat.


His eyes spark open as he sits up in the bed, but his stare to the room starts to turn more towards the side of the bed as he blinks to the dark stallion's faded outline starting to form.

Sombra's figure shifts into view as his stare pins to the nightstand beside the bed, (Stallion, pick this book up.) Sparky turns his gaze to the worn down looking book with a few loose sheets of paper under it, "I-I don't think-(Stallion! Pick this book up!) Sombra's eyes spark up with a bright purple wisp that steam from the corner of his eyes.

Sparky's head pounds to the words as he extends his hoof to the book, as his hoof comes to drape over the book Sombra's ghostly figure fades as his echo gets a little louder, (Never hesitate when you are spoken to...Now open this book.)

The echo comes to an end as the tired stallion moves his hoof to the book and brings it open, the room is dark but from the cloudless sky allows the moon's light to creep over the book's worn down text, (I know this book...)

Sparky's eyes widen a little as he swallows to a building thought, (Ah...I feel your fear pegasus, but you it is misguided...) The light orange pegasus blinks to the echo as it's chiming to his head starts to come down a little, (...There is nothing bound to this parchment, but there is a force placed over it...Turn the pages stallion.)

Without hesitation Sparky obeys the command as he starts to flip through the faded pages, some of the text on the pages look to be restored to a perfect color almost like new, but others look to be nothing but crumpled up wordless pages weathered by time.

(He, has put a charm on this text...But why?) As Sombra's comment ends the feel of his magic runs and pulses to Sparky's wings as the young stallion clenches his teeth and closes his eyes not to scream out to the powerful and burning feel in his body.

But the feeling of Sombra's magic ends quick as a low chime comes to the now slightly glowing book, (Stallion you will take this book with you tomorrow.)

Sparky's mouth quivers to the words as he looks over the seemingly meaningless old book, (Bite your tongue stallion...You have served me well so far, do not make me cross my judgement.)

A nod comes to Sparky's head as he just pins his eyes to the book in his hold. (Now rest stallion. My powers you have drained this day.)

As the words end Sparky's eyelids go heavy as he flops back to the pillows of the bed.

- - -

Sparky's eyes open to the same room he has just closed his eyes to, but the room has taken on a brighter feel, not day and not night but the room still holds an indescribable light to it as the stallion's eyes trace around it.

"I have a plan for you stallion." As the echoy voice comes to an end Sombra's shape comes in front of where Sparky still sits in the bed, but the covers are not over the stallion as he just sits to the side of the bed.

Sparky is silent as he stares to the dark grayish black stallion.

"I asked you once already, now I ask again...What do you know of me pegasus?" Sombra cocks his head up as he holds his mouth closed only allowing the tips of his two long sharp teeth to poke through his upper lips.

To the words Sparky swallows hard, "A-all foals were taught about you in history...With the Crystal Empire back it was kind of a big thing.."

The dark stallion holds his green and red eyes to the pegasus as Sparky pauses for a moment expecting the stallion to speak over his voice. But Sombra's echo doesn't start up as Sparky continues, "You took over the Crystal empire, you enslaved the crystal ponies after you took the Crystal Heart from them."

Sombra's stare holds unchanged as the deep echo expels from his unmoving mouth, "What of the Empire's Queen...What did I do to her?"

From the dark stallion's emotionless face Sparky pauses, "Y-...you killed her."

The words straighten Sombra's posture as he tightens his eyes, the deep echo again comes up as it rings out, "I killed my Queen? I killed MY Queen!" Sombra's echo sparks up a little more as Sparky's head shrinks down from the tone, "They have slandered my name, my life and all that I strived to achieve..." Sombra holds his head up high as he looks over the stallion with a devious grin, "They were correct of one thing stallion...I did seek to take the Heart from the crystal ponies, I seek to take it again. To finally destroy that cursed item once and for all! To finally get my revenge on what it took from me!"

Sombra's stance hardens as he stares to the stallion in front of him, "You all have been lied to...The Crystal Empire was not lost, it was saved. The heart is unstable and can only be charged with the most powerful magic of all...Life."

Sparky blinks to the words as he just quivers his mouth, "B-but all the Crystal Ponies-..."

"The Crystal Heart's magic has been allowed to spread across Equestria, my last attempt was thwarted by the White one's champion. the magic balance will be...altered...once the Heart's power is taken from the land. But it must be done, the Heart has taken my Queen...And I can not rest until it's destructive nature is striped from this land!"

A sick smile crosses Sombra's face as he looks over Sparky's face, "Oh do not worry stallion, the crystal ponies would not be harmed...I just need to teach the deceitful ones a lesson...A lesson that will be remembered."

Sombra's long dark reddish horn sparks up in a bright green as his echo rings out, "You are no longer needing to listen stallion...My spell over you for this night has run it's course."

As the chime of Sombra’s horn ends Sparky again closes his eye, but this time the dream spell that has ended has left the stallion to a deep sleep that he will not be stirred from until the sun's first light.

End of chapter 27