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Nov 7th "Maybe"



This is the 10th part to the Maybe series. This part takes place right after Maybe is all I need, and follows the main character through the first days of being in a new body.

To old readers the next few parts (if there is more) are precursor to what the new plot will be.

To new readers I strongly suggest not to read this part first it is part 10 and I feel you will not truly understand the story if you start this late in.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 25 )

continue my little author so i can have more well written fics to read.:trollestia:

Nice piece of story for the trilogy!

Should there a specific reason like Dragon Ball


You win dragonball z it is.

jus keep writin an i'll keep readin:ajsmug:



keep writin sugercube:ajsmug:


heh heh:ajsmug: ah don need ta be told darlin , pinky pie showed me how ta use em pinky senses.

air assassin

thats a good term ^^ nice and creative ^^ *had to applaud for this XD *

Nothing about the C1 to say expect two things: it is like allways nice and smooth, And, the far more relevant part even if it is rigth that his brain would not accept the fact to have now total different (hint-)Legs its maybe a bit to... *things of a fitting term...* strongly showen/mutch displayed or better the feeling is a bit to strong what you create its more like "ow dear lord, he is paraplegic! The bullet have destroyed a importent nerve!!!"
And the "lerning to walk" i can imagine it would be like ice-skating now to have single-fingertip-hoofs(Horse Hoofs) instat of ground-walking-Ape-feets.

but lets see "Onward to chapter 2!"

WOW...Oo aham... did you ever fall down some staires? Only if you are realy lucky it will not hurt ^^" (managed to fall down 20 steps at my grandfather house the stairs were with carpeting and quite steep... was not funny... and to make the entire scene even more ... LOLable... my grandparents cat sit rigth in front of me as i finaly was downstares and i could swear... this cat was smiling... )

I guess the walk to the resterant would for him far more exhausting. To explain: a couple of days after i managed to poisen me with a leef of an little... how to call them in english... "thick-leef-flower" type plant (yes all flowers with thick leefs are toxicall...) with had found its way in my salad... so better, after puking and feeling sick like never before finaly endet after 3 days, I was stubborn enough and thought i had enough energy for it, i maked a "little" walk on 'fresh air', so something about 2km (short distance) but i nearly managed to kill my selfe with this walk... i was after 1km so exhausted that my heart stoped two times... no it didn't skiped a beat it actually stoped... THANK GOD i know how to force some one to come back to life / how to force a heart to continue to pump... i realy nearly died... no joke, if your body have experienced such a extreme situation (like be woundet off a bullet and a super strong Magical beeing tryed to take over or poisening you self with a "thick-leef-flower" leef your body if FAR weeker than you would belief even if you don't feel so very week.

So the walk to the restaurante would be at least for him nearly a martyrdom. ^^ based on my experiance and guesses ^^

[...] your coat it's so.” She brings one of her hooves up to her face for dramatic appeal “It’s so shiny!”

You’re struck a little off by her comment, shinny? You look to Twilight “Am I shinny?”

well... this time this new reading program was helping *can't help, have to lauth about the irony...*(a program with is bearly able to speak and sound like some one farted in an tincan... have shown an typing error... lol... )
... shiny; one n ^^

again nothing more to say anithing else is nice and smooth ^^ btw. the end scene is so cut. ^^

and now let see... ONWARD TO CHAPTER 3!!!

She points to the door with her hoof “Try and open the door with magic, just picture it open and concentrate.”

Oo please what?

You look to the door you came from and try to focus on it. You stare at the door for a few moments and feel like you should give up but just before you do the door flies open in and a gust of wind knocks you down. You hit your head on the ground as you fall backwards. As you blink your eyes back into focuses you see Rainbow Dash’s face. She stares at you and starts to laugh “Dude…you’re still ugly.”

*sigth in relief* i guess this would be a bit to fast :derpytongue2: it would probably be a to difficult task for now to use Magic. ^^"

good work in this chapter... not that the other chapters aren't good, but here is nothing to be criticized. (the Quotations was just a lil readers comment :twilightblush:)

and so for.. ONWART TO CHEPTER 4!

“STOP!” The cracky famine voice hits your ears like a drum beat and you collapse to the ground in a panting exhaustion.

Rainbow looks at her stop watch and then to you “Not bad.”

ok... he can't be mortal enymore XD *readers commant*

Rainbow calls out to you as you walk away “Oh sorry human, are these stories boring you?”

woulden't be dude or so be better here than "human"?

hmpf... i can't point a finger on it, but i have the feeling there is a lack of deepness in mater of "feelings emitted in the reader"... hmpf...
*after a couple of Minutes* in the bed scene where he tryes to fondle(ow new word i never used XP) twilight you could probably add that he feeled sad or in some way sorrow, not to be able anymore to be nice to here in the way he was able to be before.
what do you think Fat1thatyoulove ?

either way again great work ^^ :moustache:


Thanks for you input I always look forward to hearing from you :twilightsmile:

and your right about the 'bed scene' I think i'll go back and look over it. :moustache:

I hope you don't mind me asking, but of what nationality are you?

2133404 Of cause dear ^^ you can Ask me any thing ^^ :twilightsmile:
I'm a German ^^ Saxony to be more specific.

May I ask, why you are asking? :duck::raritywink:

P.S. Ow... let me guess ^^ you searching for an Editor or Pre-reader, am i right?

Helements of Armory? Shed.mov reference! XD

If there are no more humans in the story why does it still have the tag? Also never a big fan of that change in HIE stories, takes alot of the fun out for me. Oh well, been a great story so far. Will keep reading a few more parts to give the new direction a shot.


The human tag is there because technically he maintains his human mind, so he is still human. Only thing that has changed is how he looks.

Also, the series has 61 parts total if you enjoy the characters so far you should have no problem with the rest of the series. Nothing changes but hand to hoof, he still has no idea what the world is. :twilightblush:


Read the description, he says next FEW, IF there are more, as if there aren't about 30 parts after this, and probably more on the way

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