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I don't usually read things over 9k. But damn, I love Sparity when it's Equestria Girls.
Bestiality is awesome.

Something wrong?
Zoophilia is best philia.

2854390 What about chrysophilia?

zoophilia always wins.

Eh, it was pretty good, but ruined by the fact that Spike is still a little lap dog. How the hell could be properly fuck her doggy style? Unless his dick is freakishly big, the mechanics of it dot add up. If you had said he grew into a bigger dog, then it would work. But a dog the size of a Maltese banging a full-sized human from behind? Eh, nope.

Honestly, this is the first time i ever, in the history of me being here, have read a story with humand in it. It will be first and last because you executed it perfectly here. Beasitality can go so far.


There was some mention that he had grown a bit. Plus, yes, larger member than normal. And if you notice, rarity adjusted her posture so that he could mount her right.

I tried my best, but even with that little problem i am rather proud of it.


Your kind words warm the cockles of my cockles.:raritystarry:


Zoophilia is a stretch, but might be appropriate. The participants are both sapient and consenting. So not strictly bestiality. But zoophilia seems to imply a similar thing. There needs to be a name for interspecies between sentient species.


Now I must ask, what philia is that?


Not strictly bestiality. But glad you enjoyed it.

2855505 Love of gold (yes, that's a real philia)

2855634 I actually came across this term when I was trying to find the food philia


I don't know the name of that one either, but I see it a surprising amount.

I have the weirdest fucking boner right now.

Well, I read it. And it was somehow sweeter than I expected it to be. Good job.


Wouldn't it be Xenophillia? That speaks of love and affection for an object or a person from an unknown or foreign land, typically used to describe someone from another planet in the realm of science fiction. Technically Spike did come from another world, so he and the human Rarity are both foreign from one another.

Just a suggestion. It obviously isn't non consensual bestiality since both of them are sapient with thought, personality, and free will.

ha, i liked that. enjoyable read.

How old is Rarity in this? I thought she was 16 in the movie.

2857624 She was graduating and it was roughly 2 years later, plus it said she bought the lube on her eighteenth birthday, so 18, 19 at most.

The graduation proceeded without a hitch. The girls all sat together, and cooed over both Rarity's beautiful coiffure and perfect makeup, and Spike, who had been given a little tuxedo jacket, a top hat and, for extra cuteness, a mustache. The two shared a wink over what the manly accessory meant and why Rarity sat very gingerly. When her name was called Rarity had a particular gait, sashaying up to the podium completely nude under her robe, with dog semen slowly sliding along her thighs.


That was completely unexpected!!! Sparity, with a bit of bestiality? It actually works!!! Who would have known? And Rarity as the one that would go to graduation naked....NICE!!! A complete and plausible twist to the pony we know best as the Element of Generosity.

You anticipated my thoughts. I was thinking about it this morning. And as originally used it is perfect. He is a clear foreigner and she loves him. Though that would describe the act. She doesn't fetishize his canine form she loves him for being him. The form is immaterial. An interesting case, intellectually and artistically.


I do sweet. I do it hust with all my might. Glad it came through and glad you liked it.


Well technically philia doesn't simply refer to the physical act of love. Philia, or phileo, is the Greek word describing a friendship love, that there is a deep emotional bond that exists. That's why we apply the word phillia after the base word to describe what kind of love it is, Xenos is the Greek word for "foreign, stranger, or unknown" so Xenophillia would mean "love for a person from another land."

If we were simply referring to the physical act of love then we would use the Greek word Eros, from which we derive the word erotic. Philia isn't supposed to have a negative connotation, it's a beautiful word that the Greeks used to describe feelings of deep bonds of friendship, and regardless of their romance there definitely is a friendship between Spike and Rarity.

Though you are right about the body being immaterial, all that's important is that you love the mind, personality, and soul of the person that you care about. Spike may be from another land, regardless of whether he's a dog or a dragon, but there is still an essential personality and will inside of his body that Rarity has fallen in love with. Barriers that would keep them apart are as far away from their minds as one end of the universe is from the other. That's a beautiful sentiment.


Is pretty good!

only tell him. only telling him.

Her slid. Her feet slid.

and pants. and pant.

fell form. fell from.

You are way too good at this.

My associates and I have always used zoophilia for what might be more properly termed 'intellective bestiality' - zoo referring to animals, without necessarily meaning animalistic beasts.


Given the many potential 'what-if?' situations inherent in fantasy and sci fi, I think keeping options open is good. Zoophilia captures the animal part but xenophilia capures the foreignness. Both are important. Xenozoophilia? He is both annalien and an animal but still intelligent.


I do romance and I try to do it well. I you can imagine this was spawned in a thread that was mostly about dog-Spike humping Rarity's boots and leg. And the "oddness" of him sexing her up. I just gave it my own brand of beauty.

There is plenty of -philia here. Eros aplenty, of course, but love is at the core of all they do. He's giving up his family and friends two and a half years at a stretch for a woman who is also surrendering a normal future. He is probably also not going to live for hundreds of years. He considers that an acceptable situation. This is love.

Fuck I probably shouldn't have enjoyed this. But what the hell...

Good job.:moustache:


That actually reminds me of something I wanted to ask. How is lifespan going to work? In one world he'd outlive everyone many times over, and the other he'd have a decade. I'd love to think that they average out.

Also, the transition from winter scene back to graduation was not very clear. For a while I was thinking they were still in her room.


Well, in my humble opinion, sir you did a great job of doing this romance well. It's a very interesting concept for Spike to have all these hormonal instincts that are threatening to overcome his mind and his personality -- which Rarity loves -- and struggle to maintain who he is in the face of what he has become. Normally the idea of being driven by such instinctual desire would bother Spike because what he wants above anything else is to share a deep emotional with Rarity, and he struggles to have that when he is being driven by such base instincts.

So yes, you turned a casual "leg humping" story, which is usually reserved for humor, into an actual meaningful romance. That's an accomplishment.

Yes, Spike is giving up a great deal. He's giving up his home, his friends, and even people that are close enough to be considered his family; all for a woman he loves. That's dedication, and it's probably a level of love that I am no where near close to being at, I'm not sure that I would be able to do that. Hell, even the quality and longevity of his physical body is being sacrificed, depending on their breed dogs usually are only lucky enough to live for 15 or 20 years, with maybe a few oddities that live for 30. As a dragon he'd be around for hundreds or even thousands of years potentially. G3 Spike even once made an offhand comment about how he would live to be over a million years old, dragons are super durable creatures; a dog's life span is like the blink of an eye by comparison.

Now that's love, there is no way anyone can say that this is a casual fling when you look at the totality of what Spike is giving up. And while I appreciate the sentiment of how deep and personal that kind of love is; if you ever do a follow up you should give some screen time to the idea of Spike considering if everything he has given up is worth it, and if perhaps there is some way he can overcome those obstacles. I mean a lot of fan fics have Spike seek to transform into a pony, why not try to turn human? Just a suggestion, you don't have to do anything you don't want to.

Oh god that pacing.

The way that you switch between past and present, sex scenes and emotional pieces shatters the text into dozens of smaller parts that are each too short to really get into the story (or the sex).

Other than that: Original take on an old idea, a bit too much exposition, decent writing


I like to imagine an average as well. I want him and her to have a nice, long time together.


I had considered that Spike would convince human-Rarity to come to Equestria so they could live out a longer time, though as I told Kagitaar I imagine he has an averaged lifespan that lets them be together.

As for becoming human... no. Maybe it's my experiences in the furry fandom but I hold a bit of disdain for the quick and dirty "made acceptable by turning human" trope. I hated when the Beast turned into a human. I know it's for the sake of his lifespan, but Rarity should have some connection to Spike's body. But that's just me. I'm the one who has been banging the drum for Diamond Dog/Pony romance, and all other interspecies romance types.

Aside from the taste of powder there was a slight tang, vaguely metallic and somewhat musky

Salty milk and pennies?

I hate to sound so obvious, but I have to ask. According to this story, Spike chose to return to the human world to stay with Human Rarity. I take it that when Spike goes back to the human world, he goes back to being Rarity's dog--a girl's best friend, if you will. Is Spike's return to the Human world permanent?


Yes, he would still be a dog and it's permanent in the sense that he lives there now, but he can still go back for a few days every 30 moons to visit.


Wouldn't two Rarities rend the fabric of space-time? I mean, I know they have their own Doctor, but I don't think he'd be able to hold things together.

Edit: Meant to add this to the previous...sigh.


I doubt it. I mean, presumably there is a Twilight. And a Sunset Shimmer. I had a terrible thought that... Sunset had to live somewhere. Did she literally act out the legend of the Doppelganger and kill her human counterpart and take her place? It would be interesting to see two Rarities, especially if one doesn't know how to use magic.


You can presume it, but it could go either way.

You know, probably the biggest downside to Spike staying in the human world is, what kind of life is he even going to be able to have there? He can't go anywhere on his own or talk to anyone but a few select people for fear of becoming a medical experiment. He's just a dog to the rest of the world around them, so he basically has to BE human-Rarity's pet, in all practical sense.

I'd also think the short lifespan of a dog would be an issue, but I guess you said you expect him to live as long as she does. Still, it seems like they could have a far better life together in Equestria, even if it'd be weird having two Raritys.

As a person who just recently did a human!Rarity dog!Spike make out comic, even I found this a little weird. Still, the only rational moral objection to human/dog relationships is the inability of actual dogs to give proper consent, and everything else is up to the couple to figure out. It really is no different than the pony/dragon pairing in that sense.

I have to commend you, though. While this is certainly not the kind of thing I would normally read, you really managed to portray Rarity's growth of affection, from initial cautious curiosity to fully committed. I could really feel the sincerity of the relationship because of that, I think.

One criticism I have to add is that Rarity's dialogue sounds like it's a bit overreached. That is, the attempt to make her sound graceful and refined at times go overboard and end up making her sound a bit ignorantly pretentious, which I don't think is the intent, here.

The end was interesting, and I was a bit intrigued with pony!Rarity's reaction. It almost makes me wish for a sequel in which pony!Rarity has to deal with a sudden unrequited crush on her part. After all, though she may have initially seen him as a baby, after two years he ought to be significantly matured (and by that time a first impression can actually be reset to an extent), and she is, after all, merely an AU version of human!Rarity, meaning that she ought to have the potential for similar feelings. I could easily see a situation in which pony!Rarity is his Rarity away from home, or possibly, being the Element of Generosity in both 'verses, both Raritys decide to share. Alternatively, one could always speculate what would happen to Spike's doppelgänger if he went to Equestria. Would it simply be a dog's brain in a dragon body or would sapiance rub off and pony!Rarity would fall for him? I dunno, a lot of possibilities for exploring the themes introduced here.


Rarity points out (in the "Winter" section) that a dog's life isn't bad when that dog is sentient/sapient and can appreciate all the pampering that comes of being a rich dog. He has a circle of friends and a devoted lover. Life is sweet.

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