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This looks fun. Not really much for HiE, buuuuuuut.....

I'll give it a go.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Story Approver

Honestly, I feel a little dirty having this sit in the submission Q, but maybe some folks will find joy in my attempts at humor. Which is really all that this story is.

Might I ask if this story will contain much Twiluna romance?

Story Approver

Yes, TwiLuna, and the eventual inclusion of the human into them, will be part of the story, once it gets to such scenes.

Salute! :rainbowdetermined2:

Story Approver


And, it seems like Two poor souls didn't heed my warnings. Oh well.

I took this with every amount of seriousness I have... Granted, I have no seriousness whatsoever, I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHIT!!

Story Approver

Lol, good, as I wrote it without using a single piece of my brain. It was... relieving, writing without caring about, well, anything.

Interesting. Yes. That's a good word to use for the whole thing, really.

All my yes, nice choice of picture there my friend!

So, 7 parts glee, 3 parts 'What the fuck?' I take it? If so, I'll take it.

Story Approver

I've got something like 3,000 more words atm? In the middle of writing a scene with a guest of James 'Jimmy' Hoffa.

Kinda trying to write/work more on my Vampony story today, but might have another one done soon. Depends on how well my brain wants to function.

Is she at least good looking? I mean, if you're getting a new body anyway, it might as well be a quality one. :twilightsheepish:

Trampled by elephants. Hilarious tragic, really.

I can't stop giggling like an idiot over this story.


Ah ah ah. I was here first. YOU are stalking ME.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2800253 or maybe i came before you but just didn't leave a coment :ajsmug::duck::trollestia:

Shut your faces both of you. I'm stalking both of you.

Nice story by the way~



But, yes, indeed. Very good story.

~Skeeter The Lurker



Nothing dangerous here. Its available for reading.

trampled by elephants on the fourth of july. AND A BABY ZEBRA! looney toons

well shit. Mr Thompson is gone... on the brightside you have a set of lady jugs. :pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

No dick... boobs... no dick... boobs...

A hard choice, indeed.

=====<Inspiration Time!>=========

"Ah, Elam. I'm sorry for reactively blasting you with enough magic to level this castle. I really shouldn't have lost control of my magic like that, even if I was completely taken by surprise. So, I'm sorry for not giving you the choice to stay or not." She paused, looking over my covered form. "Also, I'm sorry for making you a mare. That's probably gotta be awkward." Out of nowhere, a piece of parchment and quill appeared, floating next to Twilight. "Now, questions! Tell me, what is–"

Elam leveled a steady gaze at the purple equine in front of her, not noticing the weird whistling sound that seemed to permeate the air before a loud firecracker-like pop signaled a few synapses fraying in his cerebral cortex. Neither pony heard the sound. "Excuse me, uhhh, McSparkle Bitch?" Twilight stopped mid-syllable as she spotted the almost manic grin slowly spread across Elam's features. "Hehe. You seem to be unaware that not only did you not just fucking kidnap me, blast me with a mighty sonic magic death beam, took away my PeeWee Herman, entrapped me in an alternate universe, and I'm soon to be turned INTO A TALKING FUCKING HORSE!" The last part of the sentence made both Princesses cringe from the volume, Twilights hooves going to her ears now as she idly wondered if she would be going deaf. "I should take a chair to your goddamn skull and use one of the legs to perform a lobotomy on your shit tard brain!"

Twilight started backing away, wincing with each word coming out of his mouth as it hit her right in the soul for maximum damage. Elam still wasn't done. "I'm trapped in this faggy girly dimension full of pastel colored spastic idiots and the first thing out of your fucking mouth is you want to experiment on me?!" Elam's face was starting to flush red. "I, uh-", Twilight stuttered as tears started forming in her yes. "Should I turn around and lather up my asshole for you?! You could at least give me some wine and croissants before you fuck me any harder! Were you dropped on your head as a baby or were you thrown against a fucking wall?!"

Twilight's eyes streamed with tears running down her cheeks, staining her fur and ending up in a puddle on the floor. The Princess of Magic, savior of the world multiple times over and friend to all was quivering in a corner, eyes shut as the verbal punches landed with no mercy to tearing down her mind. It would have continued except when Elam took a breath, wanting to continue when a shining glint out of the corner of her eye got to her. Even in her rage, she felt her heart stop with fear when her eyes got to Celestia's and saw the shining cone of magic on her horn. After a moment of her mind trying to stumble back into normal locomotion, she could only shake her head and visibly paled when Celestia pointed a hoof to Elam. In a mighty voice that spoke of ages past in ghostly millennial years, shouting out from the heavens above with a mighty command.


His screams were delicious.


[Damn I couldn't think up more insults.]

Story Approver

Now that I'm home, some replies. Little to no brain power has gone into these.

Thanks much, and glad you enjoyed the craziness that my brain has produced.

Glad ya enjoyed!

Love the Simpsons. Think it's time to break out the SNES again. Ah ,that rage and anger that damn game gave me, and it was impossible to get an A+...

There will be some time to herself later. Promise.

I know, right? My thought, or lack of, was this - What the fuck would no one believe, or expect to see... Elephants... Yes, fucking elephants!

Why use words when perfectly suitable meme's exist instead?

I'm sitting on another 3k or so. Don't worry. This is my fallback to my main project.

Only giggling? Let me step it up a notch in the future, then!

Fun Fact. I picked out the name before I noticed that.

I'm wondering how many chapters I can keep it up!

Now to impress you

Skeeter was actually the first Favorite on this abonimation. Sorry. He wins this round.

Wheat, yummy. Now, how to turn that into a joke for this...

It is, isn't it?

Yes, Trollestia was applied heavily and in copious amounts this time around.

Uh, I'd hope so. There's nothing to get the libido going... yet.


Story Approver

A Holy Grail. Yields +100% Humor Gain at the cost of your sanity. Equip this item : Y/N

Story Approver

Very much 'Woah' :trollestia:
Although, a tad bit far for Trollestia, it was rather humorous to read. I commend you. And, it was funny, because I was about to post my message, without a reply to yours, as the refresh is what brought it to my attention. That only added to the 'woah'

2800840 Awesome, thank you. This makes me want to start writing again. :pinkiehappy:

Story Approver

Go for it!
It should be something you enjoy, obviously. And, this silly story right here proves that anything can end up in the spotlight. Hell, this was all written yesterday, on a whim, after being up for 20ish hours.

If you do start writing, let me know if/when you post something. Even if it's not a topic I find interesting, I'll lend some support!

Lol I found this hilarious. This is definitely my type of HiE. :pinkiehappy:

You have my permission to continue :moustache:

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