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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.

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If I was more horny, and didn't have guests at my house, I probably would have masturbated furiously to that.
Admittedly I skimmed through an unfair portion of this, but I'm definitely going back to this, and what parts I did read were errorless.

But as for Luna... What could be the issue? Impregnation through the dreamscape? Sickness from the seemingly infinite number of diseases sex seems to transfer? Power getting drained like a leech to our horny and pathetic protagonist?

Who knows. I'll see this again when my dick gets in charge again.


I think that's probably the nicest compliment I've ever had on a story. :rainbowwild:

Thanks. :pinkiehappy:

well ok then. guess its a good thing this was found this late ;) implications aplenty!
but really it was simple yet well done i do hope it turnes into a full story cause if so i will most definatly follow it ;)

edit: FUCK IT following ANYWAY lolz ;) have a good night other readers.

Liked and followed not only for the sheer fact that you wrote it(I follow about 90% of your stories), but also because it was well written and i look forward to in which direction you take this.


Clop with a plot. A deep plot. A hot, moist, tight plot, all wet and runny. And wearing socks! :pinkiehappy:

I've had this idea for a very long while. I was in an odd mood, so I wrote the first chapter. It originally was going to be a teen rating, but then I drank my hard apple cider and thought "what the hell." I bumped it up to mature and decided to go full on clop with a plot.


Damn, Celestia is pretty OOC here.


At the moment, yes. Think about it from her perspective.

Don't worry, she'll calm down and become a bit more of her usual sunny self.


Actually, I do wonder how Celestia might react character wise during these sorts of events. There's nothing to go on.


4217067 It's like someone hits you in the face with a pie, and you laugh it off and is generally fine with it, but your friend is hopping mad and wants to start a fight. :rainbowlaugh:


Somepony just shagged her sister. In a questionable way.


So yes, I wrote Celestia overreacting a bit. She's going to do it again later, being the fretting big sister.

I'm liking this so far! I mean, at first, I was all
:ajsleepy: "He has descended to mere clop."
But then I read it. So now, I'm like:
:twilightsmile: "A fascinating development!"


More developments coming... And coming... And COMING! :raritydespair::flutterrage::yay::rainbowderp:

OK I do not know if I have read your stories before but this is an AWESOME concept and I would love to see more added to this story in the future XD

Also Celestia seems to fit the role of the tyrant as I have seen her as quite well, I just hope Luna can keep Rookwood safe, and whole, (mind you in Character for this) I am sure I would keep him safe after all he is the father of mine princess's foal, even if I wanted to be the one in that position :twilightsheepish:

great to see it continuing! my follow promise shall stand ;)
also if i was luna i would have never let Celestia into that conversation to begin with i mean they're sisters she should know how Celestia would overreact and taken steps to avoid it she may not have known that the colt would look like but she knew he was young and after a dream like that being summoned to see literal godesses would make pmuch anypony scared shitless. but i digress it was a good chapter and i look forward to more soon can this be done? ;)


Oh, just wait. Celestia will calm down.

She's having a sisterly mother hen moment.


A little formatting issues and strange placement of plot points, but otherwise fine my friend, continue the shadows.

4218266 ohh no i understand why shes like that that was not in question. i was juts saying i would think luna might handle her better is all. ;) it was not meant to be a criticism just an observation i tend to do that aplenty....... well plz do continue.

You have pecked my interest so.
I shall follow where this go.

Good luck

Fuck you and your cliffhanger.

If the fic wasn't so absorbing, I wouldn't tolerate your shit.


I'll have another chapter up in a little while. I am trying to edit it now and put on the final touches. It will not take too long. I hope. :unsuresweetie:


First off, what the hay!? Second off, why did the kid have to do it to a filly, a FILLY!!

Finally, I wanna see how it ends :pinkiehappy:


Technically, a filly or a colt is a stage before being a stallion or a mare. Doesn't mean foalcon. A 17 year old is still technically a child, but can do adult things. Right?


well.... ok then quick update now i is confused and why is every author so fond of cliffhangers? might reread my own stories to see if i am inadvertently the same way lolz.

people are into certain things besides he might not be like full teen he might be in his early teens.....blame the internet:derpytongue2:

Oh, and here I thought it was just some sort of elaborate dream prank. Just shows to go ya.

lol, this story just gets better and better each chapter :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowkiss: So...awesome~!


We live in a hard world :scootangel:

"-Luna paused for several moments. “By the way.” She added. “If you ever do that again, you and I will have a fun trip to Gelding Grotto, father of my foal or no. Since I am already pregnant, it isn’t like I need you to have your colt bits to be a father.”
Rookwood gulped.
“And you are a lousy kisser. Turn your head to the side next time you nitwit.” Luna heaved a sigh. She gazed him, her eyes blinking a few times.
“I thought you said that if I did that again…” Rookwood’s voice trailed off.-"

Ah Rookwood, this definitely falls under the females, you will NEVER understand them

so... .vampony? ..... this has further piqued my interest good sir. wether i am right or not in my assumption or not hehe well i guess based on your current chapter production rate i shall ecpect a new chapter shortly? ... yes?


Eh, don't think I can keep reading this. Tried my best, but him being constantly violated like that has almost killed it for me.

*looks at cover of story*
*looks at my profile pic*
"... umm... I guess I am now a story?"

oh dear, i do hope that his luck turns around soon

This just gets wierder and wierder.....

I'll still keep watching for updates though :pinkiehappy:

“Every time you and my sister come near you slather her in your seed.” She said, her voice a flat monotone.

I'm sure that in come country it's a greeting. You know, like a handshake.

"Howdy." *splurch*


So far I've only turned the weird meter up to 3. The knob goes to 11.


Sorry about that, but the violation is actually a big part of the story line. Nightmare Moon isn't one for asking for consent before she does her thing.

And make no mistake, this is a story about Nightmare Moon.

So... Nightmares aplenty, and that means violations, because that is what makes it scary.

Sorry about that though. I was in the mood to write a horror story.


Yeah, pretty much. :trixieshiftright:

4223149 so his luck doesnt turn around soon, or doesnt turn around at all?

4223166 That would be spoiling it a bit, wouldn't it?

4223167 well in my opinion its not so much spoiling it as much as deciding wether or not i should continue to read this


He is being plagued by Nightmare Moon. I mean, she isn't known for being sunshine and rainbows.

But yes, Rookwood will have his moments. Darkest before dawn, blah blah blah, yada yada yada.

And once those moments happen, they will mean more, having read what he's gone through.

well this guy cant catch a break can he....... damnit luna stop knocking him out they guy is terrified that is not helping!

4223192 Will his moment involve something that will bring him peace.
It's already dark, why not go a shade darker?

Man, give Rookwood a break already! It's like watching a puppy get waterboarded every chapter.


Celestia had good reason to drop kick him right out of the bed though, you gotta admit that.


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