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During an attack on Ponyville in the middle of the Summer Sun Festival, Princess Twilight Sparkle evacuates the town by teleporting the entire population to safety in Manehattan. It turns out that her idea of safety needs some work. As well as her aim. And spelling.

Meanwhile, on a hot summer day outside of Manhattan, Kansas, Jonagold Bruener had a fairly successful life with few complications. Until while out mowing hay, he had a very strange visitor fall from the sky. And then another. And another. And another....

Editors: Tek, TheMaskedFerret, Peter, BluePaladin42, Edward Becerra

Picture credit: Manhattan Water Tower

Chapters (38)

This story is a sequel to Cold

Time flows differently, in the multitude of plains that make up the universe. Seconds here can be hours there... and hours here can be decades over there. There is, however, one universal constant among all time and space: Time never stops. Perhaps I counted on time as my ally when I cast that spell and dove into the past... if only I'd know just how cruel and unwavering it can really be.

Thirty years, I've tried... in most other worlds, it's probably been hundreds, but I've managed to keep track. Thirty years of searching, trying and trying again, desperately doing everything in my power to bring you back... and all that I've learned is that unless I make this choice, it's simply not possible... I hope you'll forgive me. I know that'll be hard... but maybe given enough time, you'll understand... -Twilight Sparkle

Discord- https://discord.gg/EQh5YzE8YE

Patreon- https://patreon.com/user?u=4398966

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Rainbow Dash has a GREAT investment opportunity for Starlight Glimmer this Hearth's Warming.

Written for GrangeDisplay for Jinglemas 2023

Chapters (1)

After a strange alien creature named Anon suddenly showed up in Equestria, it was only natural that Twilight Sparkle would want to help him adjust to his new environment. To do so, she enlists the help of local school teacher Ms. Cheerilee. With her guidance, Anon should be able to learn how to do things the "pony way," and before he knows it, he'll be another friendly face in Ponyville's growing community.

Unfortunately, Cheerilee isn't exactly a fan of the new human in town, nor is said human particularly happy to be under the tutelage of an elementary school teacher.

Is there any hope of them getting along?

Chapters (12)

The Portsmith family is a regular American family living in Denver in 1986. Life is hard, but it is about to get harder when they find themselves hunted by something that is not of this Earth.

Tag explanation: A few scenes of extreme violence. One of the characters is a smoker, so tagging narcotics—some occasional swearing, but nothing too heavy.

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In 2025, Hasbro Biotech introduced a new product---the Hassenfeld Pony---genetically-engineered horses made to look and act like the characters of an obscure show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Despite the high asking prices and the ethical questions surrounding them, they took the world by storm. Thousands of households in America, and tens of thousands more overseas, soon had one of their own.

These are some of their stories.

Coverart by Gryphon BBQ (not on Fimfiction). Preread and Spanish language support by Ghuntz.

Inspried by the Hassenfeld Pony threads on /mlp/.

Featured on 7--10 June 2020.

Chapters (4)

In the world of humans and ponies, where differences often lead to misunderstandings, Star Flight, a young and ambitious pony attending Florida Atlantic University, grapples with the weight of her past and her struggle with alcoholism. Despite her academic successes, scholarships, and promising job offers, Star Flight hides a deep well of pain and loneliness stemming from the loss of her parents and her lack of close family ties. She turns to alcohol as an escape, seeking solace in its temporary comfort.

Enter Jason, a senior at the same university, studying marketing and hailing from a wealthy family in New York. Despite his own struggles with the shadow of his family's wealth, he provides the unwavering support that Star Flight desperately needs. Their love story transcends species, as Jason's family embraces her, viewing her as 'the one' for their son.

The question that remains is whether or not Jason is too late to save his marefriend.

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He had little idea why he even bothered to stay beyond the obvious reasons. Desperation? Loneliness? Resignation? It hardly mattered in the end—anything was better than fending for himself out in the cold, and any meal was preferable to starvation. 

An entry for the New Blood Contest.

I am attempting bonuses (#2 #4), judges please give me feedback, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Another shoutout to INeedSleep and Mr. Stargazer for proofreading

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No one can put their loyalty in someone they hate.

Max finds her on the road, something he had been driving on for a long time. Rainbow Dash finds herself in a harsh new world, something she had never anticipated. And before either of them can get a grip on their encounter, a violent gang forces them together. And neither of them like it.

A Mad Max Crossover

Edited and proofread by JoshuaGrahamPony
Rainbow Dash vector by ElBoufon

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Daniel, a disciplined member of the secret service, is stuck with one of those jobs. You know, the one where he has to watch over some secondary personnel when his buddies are hitting it big protecting alien royalty itself, especially when one of his is jealous of her friend and keeps pouting about it. Regardless, he occupies the annoying Rainbow Dash as best he can. Well, until a yellow silicon mask falls from the ceiling and the flight takes a turn for the worse.

And when the pilots pass out, someone’s gotta fly the plane.

Finally, a new entry into the 24-hour fics shelf. It’s not a true 24-hour fic again, but it’s close enough for me to include it among the list.

Rated T for a decent amount of profanity.

Proofread by LordJanitor, shalrath, and TheManFromAnotherTime.

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