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The Blue Angels: the greatest stunt pilot group on or above Earth. When one of their recruits is involved in a horrible mid-flight accident, the last thing he ever expected was being saved by a blue angel of his own...

^------------Inspired by this epic pic by johnjoseco.deviantart.com

WARNING: This story contains quite a bit of Applied and Theoretical Physics, so just a heads up! ^^;

Also contains strong language/suggestive content when appropriate
MAY become mature later on depending on reader feedback...which I do greatly appreciate and welcome :)

Further Story-related information may be found here:http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/92839

Ponyville Reference Map for this story: http://s938.photobucket.com/user/9moviefan/media/PonyvilleMap-1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=78

Song Playlist (warning, may contain spoilers!) :
Blue Angel Playlist

Blue Angel now has a TVTropes Page!

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The star system Omega Centauri was just another oddity on a map to scientists in the not too distant future. However when they found the star was orbiting an earth-sized, earth-like planet instead of a black hole as its motion had suggested, a mission was scrambled to investigate this most unusual of celestial behaviors.

Hamstrung by politics, and nearly crippled before it began, the 'Lone Ranger' mission was reduced to just one crew member and left to his own devices.

These are the logs of Arrow 18 and its lone commander. This information is classified TOP SECRET by the Global Space Agency.

Do NOT tell the princess.

Chapters (16)

Thunderlane had never thought he would meet a mare who would turn everything he knew on love and relationships upside down. He always figured that if he ever found a mare worth dating, she would be a close friend of his who he could talk to easily.

That was before a simple mix-up introduced him to Derpy.

Now on a date with the wall-eyed pegasus, he finds out that sometimes a pony needs another to sleep peacefully.

Chapters (3)

After the invention of radio, DJ-P0n3 (aka Vinyl Scratch) holds the first Equestrian talk show with her co-host Octavia. Octavia quickly finds out her superior is very eccentric, leading their broadcast to be constantly derailed, yet somehow remain popular. These episodes were recorded for historical significance and transcribed. These are the Vinyl Scratch Tapes.

[Update 1/25/13]: Fully updated to contain all of season 1 and 2, correcting a vast oversight on the part of the author. Sorry it took so long to update it fully on Fimfiction, guys.

Chapters (9)

Picture yourself on a deck on a castle
with damson plum trees and blackberry skies.
Somepony calls you, you answer quite slowly
a mare with kaleidoscope eyes.

Damask silk flowers of purple and blue
Towering over your horn.
Look for the mare with the moon in her eyes
and she's gone.

Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain
where grinning bat-ponies eat marbled moon pies.
Everyone smiles as you drift past the towers
that grow so incredibly high.

Newspaper taxis appear on the shore
waiting to take you away.
Climb in the back with your head in the stars
and you're gone.

Picture yourself on a train in a station
with pastel-maned ponies with sparkling gem ties.
Suddenly someone is there at the turnstyle:
the mare with kaleidoscope eyes.

Song lyrics by The Beatles and the always-amazing Jordanis.

Editing and advice from the helpful denizens of #fimfiction-spark

Cover image by lightybulb.

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Two passengers on a train ride toward an uncertain future. One is a pony. The other only pretends to be.

Sex is tame and non-explicit. Don't be afraid to read.

Written expressly for Equestria Daily's Outside Insight Summer Fanfiction Contest.

Now with a dramatic reading by Illya Leonov!

Russian translation courtesy of Arsus.
Chinese translation courtesy of viczhn.
French translation courtesy of BroNie.

Inspired by the artwork of RubleGun and Raddjuret. Musical accompaniment by Patrick Poe.

Featured at Equestria Daily and the Royal Canterlot Library.

Reader Testimonials

"Vinyl + Octavia is one of the fandom's most cliché and mismatched pairs, and yet this is a real romance with genuine depth and emotion." - horizon
"Holy shit this is impressive. Like... Holy shit, man." - Skeeter The Lurker
"You have crafted something wonderful here, a true gem. You should be proud." - Illya Leonov
"Note that I hate this ship when I say this is far and away the best ScratchTavia I've ever read." - PresentPerfect
"Fuuuuck it's so good!" - Luminary

Chapters (1)

Star Power isn't Twilight Sparkle -- but she does play her on TV.

This story has an audio version!

Written for the December 5th Writeoff Contest. Prompt: "Behind closed doors."

Chapters (1)

Daring Do returns to the Riverlands, the home she left behind years ago. On the road to the farm where she was born, she wonders if you can ever truly escape the past. Sometimes, the river comes up, the levee breaks, and you have no place to stay. No amount of crying can stop its inevitable progress.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A War of Words - The Opening of the Guard

For centuries, the stallions of the Royal Guard have protected Equestria from every danger imaginable.
Now they face a new threat to their position that will not be so easy to defeat.


- - - * - - -

The story of four mares who answer the call to guard Princess Luna, and the troubles they go through to gain acceptance and respect in their new jobs. Or it could be considered to be the story of four interlopers into a traditionally male role and the underhanded tricks used to secure their position despite their obvious unsuitability for the job. Pick one.

Cover photo credit to the fantastic MuffinExplosion at DeviantArt.

Thanks to my editors: Peter, MSPiper, Featherprop, Seether00, GameKnut and Tek

Author's notes on the development of the story and characters may be found here.
This is a sequel to A War of Words - The Opening of the Guard which is featured on Equestria Daily

Chapters (11)

The local crime syndicate sees Miller's lack of ID as an advantage. Before too long, our poor former human is eyeball-deep in the scum of Canterlot. Forget going home - the challenge is trying to stay one step ahead of police, criminals, and a pair of persistent mares.

Chapters (13)