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A collection of side stories for From Under The Cork Tree, Dead Mare's Gorge is intended to provide a more in depth look at certain events that take place either directly before, during, and possibly after, the course of the story.

The titular chapter provides a more in depth look into a series of events that take place directly before the story begins. It tells a more accurate picture than some characters may want to admit.

(Gore tag to be safe for now, though it may become necessary in future chapters.)

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Rainbow Dash gets help fomr her father in order to win a flight contest.

The first chapter is the original 1K short story written for the contest, the second is a rewrite I did much later.

Originally written for HapHazred's newest group's second contest. For the given prompt of the character Rainbow Dash.

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While rushing across the country and away from his past, Gale’s car careens off the road. As it flies out over a lake his life flashes before his eyes before another, brighter, flash occurs and his car crashes down in an Equestrian field.

Over the next year, he simultaneously tries to rebuild his prized car and find his way home. As time goes by, however, he finds a lot more than he'd expected. After all, home isn't really about where you've lived. It's where you want to keep living.

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