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Twilight has a migraine.

Migraines can be quite bad.

Weird experimental piece that took third place in Seer's Spookfest - a Quills and Sofas speedwriting contest that took place over a year ago. It was originally written in 75 minutes, and this version has a new ending ;)

Thanks very much to the lovely folks who read and commented during my first ever speedwrite: Mousse, The Legendary Bill Cipher, applezombi, Vis-a-Viscera, Seer, rice, Red, Equus, Novelle Tale, Silent Whisper, Buttery Biscuit, Emotion Nexus, Sweet Banana, Zontan, Hat Man, and Flashgen. I'm so glad I met you all!!

Chapters (1)

At the crux of a new beginning and an imminent ending, Hitch finds himself thinking of something Sunny said years ago.

Chapters (1)

"What's the one thing--the one thing--I told you not to do while I was away."

"Try to start a war."

"And what did you do?"

"...try to start a war."

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A thousand years ago, our Goddess fought Nightmare Moon. When the Elements were activated, they banished all of Equestria underground, where we would be safe. I am a Prophet, All-Seer of the Church of Daylight. And our Goddess has granted me a vision that our efforts to reach the surface will finally bear fruit.

I can only hope Equestria's still up there.

This story is the sister story to Lover of the Moon, but both can be read independently of the other.

Coverart drawn by the incredibly talented Shaslan!

Thank you to my brilliant prereaders and editors: Zontan, Holtinater, Haphazred, AFanaticRabbit, Draconequues, Dioxin, Lofty Withers, Cynewulf, Red Parade, Vis A Viscera, Bill Cipher, Ruby, Flashgen, Moonshot, Luna, and to everyone that's supported me throughout the 3+ years of working on this fic and its sister fic.

And a special thank you to Axolu. You've encouraged me from the very beginning, and I couldn't have done this without you.

Chapters (4)

Princess Luna doesn't only visit nightmares.

Second place in the 13th Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest. The prompt was "Drifting Away."

Chapters (1)

Low Res didn't know what it meant to be special, until she met Lilac Meadows.

Evergreen has a big choice to make. Apple Split has all the faith in the world he'll make the right one.

After Velvet Light's accident, Rocky Storm and Star Hunter are worried about her.

With help from Apple Bumpkin, Ballad gets ready to show who she really is to one of her oldest friends.

And finally, a troubled Autumn Leaf explores what it really means to fight for something.

This story is completed and will be updated daily, totaling at five parts.

Each chapter of this story was written for a Quills and Sofas Pride Month contest: part one won first place in the Lesbians contest, part two won third in the Gay contest, and part three placed third in the Bi contest. Part four was written for the Trans contest and part five was written for the 24 Hour Contest.

This story is an entry for Pride and Positivity (Bigots, you know where that downvote button is!)

Cover art by Mushroom, who also preread this story.

Chapters (5)

“I heard you two mention the sickness. Nasty business, that.”

Applejack set her jaw. “Yeah. It is. Lotta good ponies who did nuthin’ wrong sufferin’ from it.”

“Good? Seriously? Those degenerate colt-cuddlers?” Spoiled Rich chuckled. “Well as far as I’m concerned, it has only one thing going for it – it’s killing all the right ponies.”

An Apple family member makes angry demands of Princess Twilight in the middle of a personal crisis.

Trigger warnings for HIV, the AIDs Crisis, homophobia and death.

I started writing this back in early 2018. It took me three years to finish because of the subject matter and the fact it's a non-linear narrative. All I ask is that you give it a chance to make sense and it will.

Many thanks to my pre-readers who looked at this in its various stages over the past three years: Clever Hooves, Suni, TheLostNarrator and Neighrator Pony

[EDIT] Wow, this stayed in the feature box from June 29th 2021 to July 3rd 2021! Thank you all!

Chapters (1)

Sunburst is perfectly happy with who he is. He couldn't be happier with his relationship with his boyfriend, and being gay hasn't been an issue for him for years. But when it comes to being himself in public...

Well, it's a bit more of a struggle.

So much of a struggle that there must be something more to it than just a simple case of social insecurity. And it's up to his boyfriend to find out why.

A massive thank you to Maxwell Edison again for being my amazing editor. He has been an absolute legend!!

Artwork by the fantastic Lopoddity. I'm sure you've all heard of her, if not... please do.

Chapters (1)

Pinkie Pie had a big secret. Twilight wishes it had stayed one.

The original version of this story was an entry to a writeoff round with the prompt Rot.

Thanks to Undome Tinwe, Seer, and KrazyTheFox for editing.

Cover art cropped from a piece by LambiBelle, and it is used with permission. DB: 2273080

Chapters (2)

Centuries in the future, Equestria is undergoing a monumental clean up task. The last Bot Engaged in Refuse Relocation Equestria Class (BERR-E) unit has been hard at work trying to make it hospitable again. But when an Autonomous Universe Traveler (AUT) comes to Equestria, BERR-E will go on a journey across the stars. Can she finally bring ponies home to Equestria? And just how equine can a robot get?

Tempest Shadow, a household name for horror movies, has startled fans with the shocking announcement of her lead role in the new family friendly film ‘BERR-E’. Even more surprising is the directors choice to have her co-lead be a no name Kirin who’s been lurking in the background for years now. What will this mean for BERR-E’s release? Will this be the summer's biggest flop?

Written in the Quills and Sofa’s Disney Parody Speedwrite (and placed first!) Presented here with some expansion and editing.

Thanks so much to AFanaticRabbit, PinoyPony, Vis-A-Viscera, and dziadek1990 for participating in the Quills speedwrite and leaving me great comments!

A special thanks to Aurora and my friend Ember for helping to proofread and edit this final version.

Cover art by me! If you are an author and would like cover art, send me a PM!

Chapters (1)