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You are an avid enjoyer of MLP:FiM, despite the show having ended a number of years ago, and Princess Luna, to you, was always best pony. One morning, following a long day of work and an even longer night of drinking, you find that very same lunar goddess helping herself to a warm shower. In your shower. In your home.

Sex tag for naked Luna and probably going to be implied stuffs later on. No actual sex, sorry.

Featured: 05/13/2022 thanks guys!

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Is it Second Person? If yes, you may want to add that tag to your story.

Ah yes I should. Thanks for pointing that out.

Found image by artist Lusille on derpibooru here.

This is a pretty interesting story, hope you will continue.

Wait you are continuing to is right?

It was intended to be a one shot...but another chapter or two couldn't hurt. I've found myself with a lot of free time lately and decided to try getting back into writing horse words

I realized this during writing. But I think people would like plenty of anthro Luna and random human having some shenanigans

Fuck it this is a good start! have a like and all the buttons~

Best pony is always a good read.

Have a like!

Thank you! Check out my other story too if ya like!

Only typo I found was "blu6" instead of blue.

MC: *tries to trick portal with magic*:ajsmug:


xD try to fool me, lemme take your masculinity!

You check the time on your phone, reading just past 8pm, then, you reach into your bag to retrieve your prize, practically smelling the copious amounts of cinnamon from inside the bottle. You wist off the cap and take a very generous first swig. The smooth alcohol flows down your throat, leaving a sweet flavor and intense burning sensation.

I think you mean "twist" not "wist"

I'm getting an Actaeon vibe from the get-go, here. :unsuresweetie:

Greek hunter. Long story short, the guy was unfortunate enough to see Artemis bathing. She got mad, turned the guy into a deer and he got taken down by his own hunting doggos.

Thoust means “you have”. It’s just thou in most cases

I liked it a lot, do you intend to continue? it's very good man

Yeah, I put up a second chapter, but it's kinda eh, nothing really happens ig? Dunno, was lacking inspiration.

Yeah, I guess it's a bit of a dead end, but can't you do something like have more ponies show up looking for Luna?
Overall though, really good, I want to see more.


I'm not sure about continuing any further. Chapters will simply remain stale. This was meant to be a short and laid back story anywho

Okay, but still, I rest my case of this being absolute awesome.


I think another perspective might be possible: too much happened, and it had little consequence (problems defused quite readily). While there are many clichés in this kind of stories, drama surrounding the transformation is quintessential to the genre. Otherwise you need some greater thread (ie Ponies after people), but still, it is kind of necessary.
In honesty, I didn't quite expect TF in this fic from the description and I didn't quite like the way it was done(too sudden and out of the left field); but strangely, I can see this concept working marvelously. Something about finding your fantasy being real and being transformed into its likeness really tickles the brain, and is both ensnaring and horrendous!
Anyways, it was a fun read.

Thanks for the honest criticism. I used to write on here quite often on an older account many years ago. I've lost my touch, so this served as a laid back piece to try and get back into writing horse words. Check out my other story...I'm going to be trying to put more effort into that one

Oh I like this. I wasn't expecting the swerve into TF/TG. I can't wait for Jason to realize he wanted to be a woman/mare all along.

Unfortunately he isn't trans. More or less just doesn't mind being a mare, feeling its worth it to be a pony :)

When will next chapter be out?

And don't judge me by my name.

Probably tomorrow, then this one will be done. Feel free to check out my other story which is going to be much longer :)

This is silly. I like it.

Needless to say, but you hadn't even started your second bottle of whisky yet and you were officially drunk. Logic and reason packed their bags and left town for the night. The analog clock on the end table read 1:38am, though you couldn't tell. What you could tell, was the bright orange bottle, a smudge in your view in your current state, a drink that needed drinking. Your body yearned for it and you obliged.

I check the "Time" 1:38 am - i Look at my time 1:38am

Gamer Luna Mode enabled:rainbowdetermined2::rainbowlaugh:

It's a good story, I wish there were more of it to read.

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