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The Red Parade

One for the rocks and one for the scary.


Wallflower Blush is absolutely certain of three things:

One, no sane person working on the student government reads her emails.

Two, Strawberry Sunrise reads her emails.

Three, Strawberry Sunrise is a bitch.

Written for the Thousand Words Contest under the category Experimental.

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I was going to use quote names to include email addresses but apparently that function is disabled for stories. They were going to look like this:

This is a courtesy email reminding students to not use school-related emails for personal reasons. Also, there is still no student parking allowed in the faculty lot. Please don't park there.

Vice Principal Luna.

Howdy, hi~!

My goodness, this was adorable. Love the back and forth between them. Definitely, a fun banter and the email style really works for this. Thanks for the read~!

That was adorable and entirely believable for a pair of teenage girls.

I'm surprised this isn't in the unusual pairings contest. I love the exchanges between the two and I totally read more of them. You've some good jokes here and you plant a lot of each characters' personality in their emails.

Good job for a 1k entry!

I’ve mostly been saving these until the submission period closes, but the tags and premise caught my attention on this one. Delightfully dysfunctional crackship. Thank you for it and best of luck in the judging.

Well that's a rather obscure pairing, but goodness this was funny and cute as hell

Aren't succulents the most hands-off plants to keep?
Sunset must be pretty terrible at minding plants if a succulent manages to die in her care.



Sunset just claims she was sold faulty succulents.

Love the email style, led to some pretty funny banter. I want to know more, but it’s also pretty cool to leave those gaps in to fill in yourself, it’s kinda how you have to go with the Thousand Words Contest.

Wonderful, but I don't need to tell you that, do I? Simply great, the jokes, the pacing, the personalities, it's all great.

This was a fun pairing and a cute story. The email exchange set up was used pretty effectively, and I loved seeing Strawberry troll Wallflower like this. The jump from the penultimate to last chapter was rather sudden, but that worked in its own way too.

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