• Published 13th May 2022
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Princess Luna Is In Your Shower - Simp247

You meet the princess of the night in a most peculiar situation - your bathroom.

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So You Paid The Price

Author's Note:

Last chapter? Dunno. Jason gets ponified if you couldn't tell haha. Anyway, thanks for getting my story featured. Let's me know I didn't do too terribly on it.

"Ugghh.... my everything....," you groaned, slowly coming back to, waking to the added pain of literally being lit on fire.... but also not at the same time. Magic was an inexplicably fickle thing. But one thing was for certain - it fucking hurt.

You slowly open your eyes, a blurr of blue filled your vision.

"Sm-Smurfette? When did you dye your hair blue...." you mumbled.

The blue blob stiffled a giggle, but tried to remain serious of your predicament. Above the blue blob you saw two more figures, also blobs.

"Are you alright? That was a foolish thing you did, Jason!" said the blue blob. "Just lay still, okay? You could have killed yourself..."

Your vision slowly starts to return, and you see a familiar equine face looking back at you with a concerned look. She clearly wasn't happy. You could see you were back in your room and your parents were there. But then.... you remembered in an instant, what your situation was, and realized how awkward this one was.

You attempt to sit up, however, Luna is quick to hold you down. "Lay still, Jason! My spell is still doing its work," she says with firmness in her tone.

From behind Luna, a taller man, with grayed out hair, as well as his beard, Jason's father, spoke up. "You have a lot of explaining to do, son. If I can even call you that anymore," he crossed his arms. "I'm itching to call the police, however, your blue alien friend here says she can fix this.

You mainly tuned him out.... however that part about not being able to call you his son? What was he talking about? Were you being disowned?

You try to speak but Luna silences you with a finger to your muzzle. "Just to warn you, Jason. You are a mare. My spell is working to extract the magic from you, and when that's done, you should return to normal. Just no sudden movements, alright?"

"A ma-" you began, but your voice certainly was several octaves higher. Your pupils turn to pinpricks. "Fuck me," you sigh and sit up and you take a good look at yourself.

Like Luna, you are a half human and half pony with beige fur, a puffy brown tail, as well as your mane, with a large bang came down over the left side of your face. You could feel your new pony heart racing in your well endowed chest as you attempted to soak this in.

You are a pony. An actual pony. Yeah sure you're anthro.... but still a pony!

You turn your gaze towards Luna, then your parents. Your father certainly doesn't look happy and your mother is clearly at a loss for words.

"Well, Jason?" your father said. "That explanation would be really nice right about now."

You shut your eyes, focusing on your breathing. In. Out. In out. Exhaling longer than you inhale. Slowly.

"Last night, I got super wasted," you began. "And I guess Luna here came here, from her world, through a portal that's in the garage and I let her stay the night."

"It was downpouring quite harshly," Luna added.

"And I tried to go through the portal earlier, cause I mean who wouldn't!?" You asked with a slight nervous chuckle, attempting to justify your choices. "Alien exploration, you know!"

Your father visually cringed at that. "Nobody! That's who, because you could have gotten killed! Maybe wherever she's from, they breathe oxygen that's toxic to us or something? You need to think before you act!" He nearly shouted, veins popping out of him. He wasn't yelling because he was mad..... he was yelling because he was concerned for your safety. "Now you're a female horse!"

"Pony," Luna corrected. "We are ponies. But like I said before, he should turn back when the spell is complete.... or at least that's the idea. I attempted a spell on myself to attempt to disguise myself as your species. However, your world lacks magic, and transformation spells require a lot of magic. As you can see I'm more halfway between human and pony. So while the spell is intended to return him to normal, chances are it may not work. That is, unless, enough magic is absorbed by your world to properly execute the spell. But on the other hoof, that may cause problems for your world. We've seen it before," Luna finished.

"B-but does that mean my son is stuck like this forever?" Mom croaked.

Luna shrugged. "I am not entirely positive. Right now we can only have faith it will work," she said turning to your parents. "I do wish we could have met on better circumstances. I am here on part of a research mission. Simply to observe and study your world and report to my superiors."

Your father sighed heavily, giving Luna a rather pleading look. "I just want you to change him back, then we're all fine. I didn't expect to come to visit my son, only to find a blue, two legged hor - pony with a horn and wings carrying my unconscious boy into his home."

Luna nodded. "I fully understand. Believe me, I will do my best to return him to his normal form."

"Actually..." you pawed at your bed sheets, averting your gaze downwards. "I don't mind if I'm stuck like this. I can adapt. That's one of the many things dad taught me. We are helpless to fate and can only adapt. I-I'll find a way to make do! This is my fault anyway. I kinda deserve it...."

The sound of your father's heavy boots moved towards you and the bed dips as he sits next to you. He lifted your chin to face him. He no longer wore an angered face. He was full of concern. For you.

"Look.... Jason.... I don't understand half of what's going on here.... I'm at my wits' end. But you're still my son. And you're absolutely right. You can and will adapt. So will I. I'll need to come to terms with this if you can't be fixed. Your mother and I will be here for you though. Okay?"

You hadn't noticed the tears running down your face as he spoke. When he finished, you threw your arms around his neck and embraced him in a much needed hug.

"Thanks, dad..." you whispered.

"I'll need to get you a really big pair of new goggles if we ever hope to do airsoft again. Your eyes are fucking enormous. Comically large you kids would say," he chuckled.

"Oh, I noticed I don't have wings. Am I a regular pony or am I a unicorn?"

"You are an earth pony. Fitting if we can't get you changed back. Neither wings or a horn would properly function without magic," said Luna

"How long should this take?" you tilted your head in question.

Luna sighed, turning away slightly. "Truth is, it should have happened already. Without my own full magic, I cannot properly cast the spell. If we could bring you through the portal and change you back there, I would, but, it is clear you cannot go through and expect to live long."

You nodded, sitting in silence, trying to soak in this new information. You decided it was dumb you tried to go to Equestria and now you're forever stuck as a pony on Earth.

For some reason you didn't feel sad or even slightly upset that this could severely complicate your life. Instead you felt your lips turn up into a smile and your new tail began to swish across the bed.

"It can't be that bad, I'll live," you said with confidence in your voice.

Your father gave your shoulder a firm pat. "Atta boy. Well..... it was nice to see you Jason, but your mother and I have errands to run, and Luna...." he says turning to the Lunar goddess. "It was a pleasure meeting you. Although like you said...could have been under better circumstances. We shall have to remedy that sometime. Perhaps me and Jason could bring you along for an airsoft match.... I doubt you know what that is."

"Not a clue," Luna shook her head. "But I accept. May you enjoy your evening," she smiled.

Your father nodded and he and your mother took their leave.

A few hours later, Luna's spell still had no effect. It was official. Your new life as a pony began. It hardly bothered you at all. In fact, you were living the dream. You got to meet princess Luna and almost go to Equestria. But the fact you get to be a pony, you were quite happy with that, even if it meant you were female.

You sat on the couch, watching your favorite show with your favorite princess, sharing a bowl of popcorn. Yeah you didn't get to meet all of your favorite ponies, but just having Luna around was plentiful. You couldn't complain.

"Hey, Luna?"

"Yes, Jason?"

"I noticed you stopped talking in that older style. What's up with that?"

Luna giggled softly. "It makes me more imposing when meeting new ponies, so they know I'm serious. Since you know that I normally don't talk that way anymore because of your show, I figured it was too much effort to keep it up."

"Fair enough," you nodded. "Also, I get the sneaking suspicion there was no way for you to turn me back and simply said you could to keep my parents calm?"

Luna gave another small laugh. "Very perceptive of you, Jason."

You shared the small laughter with her and munched on some popcorn. "Honestly, even though I have to be a mare, I wouldn't want to change back anyway. Being a pony in real life? You simply can't just pass that up. I'll be the envy of the entire brony community!"

"Not while I'm around. I'm best pony, you said so yourself. They'd rather pay attention to me than you."

"Good point. Either way. I'm a pony. That's what counts. It's also nice my parents were able to accept it," you said with a smile, gently tapping your hooves on the floor. "So um.... the portal is up. Why are you still here?"

Luna rolled her eyes. "Post princess life and being over a millenia old, means living in an old pony home and living under strict rules. Suppose I can use this as a get away from all of that. Also I'm happy you're content with your new body."

"Yeah, me too. Gonna be a load of fun explaining this to my boss. He's pretty chill...he hopefully won't mind."

You smiled, content spending this moment with Luna. So many opportunities now lay before you, knowing Equestria and its inhabitants are real. Perhaps some day they can un-racist the racist portal so you can actually visit. For now, with your new pony body and possibly new roommate, your life has taken changes that will need a lot of adapting to.

And if you had to be honest, you'd say you're looking forward to it.

Just like the night prior, you'd watched quite a number of episodes, Luna having clearly enjoyed watching them too, always impatient for you to start the next episode. It was remarkably cute, and you found yourself unable to wipe the smile off your muzzle.

"Cease thine bigotry at once, foul heathen!" Luna cheered happily as Sombra was defeated. "Thou shalt hurt our ponies no longer!"

You giggled to yourself, glad to see she's feeling comfortable. Being as old as she is, she comes off as more of a teenager.... and doesn't look a day over twenty. You look down and away from her with a soft blush on your cheeks.

It's rude to stare.

Upon looking down, you could see that you're still covered in fur, legs ending in hooves and a tail that flicked left and right. It made you give a sigh of relief. For some reason, your subconscious was still having a hard time registering the fact you're a pony now.... perhaps that'll fix itself in time.

Then you came to another realization, cupping your hands over your new, furred breasts...

"My god.... I'm gonna have to start wearing bras...." you giggled to yourself, deciding you'll cross that bridge when you get there.

You spend the rest of the day just watching ponies with Luna, who seemed plenty happy with that, quite obviously hooked on the show, if her tail wagging the entire time was any sign. It was certainly a good day today. Perhaps Fate took notice of your hard work and deciding dumping Luna into your life and turning you into a pony was a fit reward.

A reward you were much more than happy with.

You feel your phone vibrate in your pocket. Wondering who could be texting you, you pull it out, to find a text from your father. Open opening the text, it read; "Got ya a little something."

And with the text was an image of a bottle of Mane n' Tail.

"Wow, dad. Just wow," you couldn't help but roll your massive new eyes and simply stuff the phone back in your pocket.

"Is something amiss, Jason?" Luna turned her head to you in confusion.

"Nah." you respond with a shake of your head. "Say, Luna? Have you ever played video games?"

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Yeah, I put up a second chapter, but it's kinda eh, nothing really happens ig? Dunno, was lacking inspiration.

hmm, youve got my interest

Yeah, I guess it's a bit of a dead end, but can't you do something like have more ponies show up looking for Luna?
Overall though, really good, I want to see more.


I'm not sure about continuing any further. Chapters will simply remain stale. This was meant to be a short and laid back story anywho

Okay, but still, I rest my case of this being absolute awesome.

0 #7 · May 15th · · 1 ·

I think another perspective might be possible: too much happened, and it had little consequence (problems defused quite readily). While there are many clichés in this kind of stories, drama surrounding the transformation is quintessential to the genre. Otherwise you need some greater thread (ie Ponies after people), but still, it is kind of necessary.
In honesty, I didn't quite expect TF in this fic from the description and I didn't quite like the way it was done(too sudden and out of the left field); but strangely, I can see this concept working marvelously. Something about finding your fantasy being real and being transformed into its likeness really tickles the brain, and is both ensnaring and horrendous!
Anyways, it was a fun read.

Thanks for the honest criticism. I used to write on here quite often on an older account many years ago. I've lost my touch, so this served as a laid back piece to try and get back into writing horse words. Check out my other story...I'm going to be trying to put more effort into that one

Oh I like this. I wasn't expecting the swerve into TF/TG. I can't wait for Jason to realize he wanted to be a woman/mare all along.

Unfortunately he isn't trans. More or less just doesn't mind being a mare, feeling its worth it to be a pony :)

When will next chapter be out?

And don't judge me by my name.

Probably tomorrow, then this one will be done. Feel free to check out my other story which is going to be much longer :)

So no romance?

This is silly. I like it.

Is this one dead yet?

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