• Published 20th Jun 2022
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Isekai'd An Hero - Kaidan

A bus hit me and I woke up in Equestria, where my unique blend of body odor, poor social skills, and video game prowess made me the hero of a cliché anime... at least, that's how it was supposed to go... but the bus kept coming back and hitting me.

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07 Gonna Be My Day

I woke up to the sound of birds and familiar clear skies.

“Well this day just got interesting.”

“What?” I sat up and looked around, spotting a white pegasus gliding down towards me.

“Wow look at his sparkle, it’s… kinda sticky looking,” Izzy stated.

“Whoa, first dragons return, and now this… uh what are you? Do you mind answering a short hundred question survey?”

“Slow down now, let’s not overwhelm him. I’m Hitch, sheriff of Maretime bay. Who are you?”

I began to cackle in joy. The ponies were back to normal. They could talk, they were colorful, they weren’t taking dumps in the middle of the road. The bus had finally forgiven me and sent me back to a normal My Little Pony world!

“Mind posing for my insta and a few videos?” Pipp asked.

I looked over and saw the mane five, each looking at me with their own unique expressions.

Then it dawned on me. The bus had sent me to live out the remainder of my life in Generation 5.

Gen 5, as in, the worst generation.


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I'm not sure Gen 5 is the worst, I mean, this exists.
But all in all a strange ride of a story. Fun to read! Thanks for writing it!

Is this that "new one-shot" you were talking about in your blog? :rainbowlaugh:

Looks and sounds awesome. Def going to read this immediately.

Damn. Jake really got sentenced to a fate worse than death


Really? Neither of you gonna bring up the thing we do not speak of?

I say, probably one more time, just to be sure and hey, he could been sent to the equivalent of Teen Titans Go

I didn't know gen 3.5 existed, think I've only seen bits and pieces of gen 1-3.5

It's not all bad, it has the original voice actors.

Yeah, that's probably the oldest/worst meme I've used in a story so I wanted to call it out in this story. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, he should just be glad he didn't wake up as Spike or something.

I do want Dawn and the Doctor to go on an adventure some day. Maybe something silly like traveling to alternate dimensions to try and 'fix' bad fan canon, or visit famously incomplete stories to see how they "would have ended".

Definitely worth a read, and not 110% crack fic. :pinkiecrazy:

No. We do not speak of That.

Is the end of that description a Quantum Leap reference? Or was that purely on accident?...unlike the vehicular manslaughter.

Quantum Leap reference. This story is references all the way down. :twilightsmile:

I agree with this, you don't know hell until you have seen the ponies sleep paralysis demons that are Gen 3.5


They even come with diapers, because of course they do.

Highly recommended, this story is short and sweet, hilarious, and crams in more memes and references than should be possible.

I agree. Also:
When a pony asks you if you want to be Transformed... you say yes!

Glad you enjoyed the chaos :scootangel:

It's just like if a fae asks you for a favor or wants to give you a gift.

Last one winds of change by AgentSnail universe

A wildly random ride form start to finish. I regret nothing.

Truth in advertisement!
Wow. To think I almost passed this off because of how cliche "isekai" and even "parodying isekai" are as concepts! This is something much more fun, short and sweet. A proper random comedy!

I didn't think the Equestria where they're just horses was so bad. At least they were friendly. Nothing wrong with some friendly animal friends. Just... maybe don't stick your dick in them please? Oh who am I kidding? Jake totally would after an hour. I loved how comcially unlikable the protagonist was. I never felt too sad for the guy.

Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

It's nice to get a lot of randomness out at once. I think Jake being an unlikable jerk and not realizing how good he could have still had it kind of connected all the randomness together. Hopefully he learns to appreciate the Equestria he ended up in some day.

And now I know Kaidans opinion on Gen 5. May a bus hit me in the head....

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