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She's in class everyday, but she never seems happy.

She has friends, but likes to be alone.

And today... I saw her crying to herself.

It's not the first time I've seen her cry, either.

Chapters (1)

Diamond Tiara becomes an alicorn princess. She gets up to adventures and stuff. Silverspoon is well jel. Also, Celestia has a crush on them. (This story is a parody, obviously. Though I genuinely believe that Diamond Tiara is a character that needs more love. She's adorable.)

Suggest ideas for future chapters here.

Cover picture by Total Krazen.

Chapters (15)

Mark your calendars for the Sadie Hoofkins Dance! Silver Spoon dares Diamond Tiara to take Snips, and the stakes are high. She must accept, or she won’t be invited to Silver Spoon’s birthday party. The daughter of Filthy Rich, however, develops secret feelings for the little unicorn. Can Diamond Tiara preserve her image as the Princess of Privilege while courting Snips, the Pauper of Ponyville?

Author's note: This story has eleven chapters, and three non-bronies proofread and edited each one. Updates every Friday.

Chapters (12)

Warning: Contains MAJOR spoilers for Undertale.

*something has gone terribly wrong.
*thanks to the kid, the barrier was destroyed and all the monsters were able to return to the surface.\
*everyone was happy. except for the flower, i guess.
*but we couldn't help that.

*this morning, i woke up back in my own room in snowdin,
*and everything had been... Reset.

*but, I remember the entire last loop,
*toriel doesn't sound like herself
*and when the gates to the ruins opened,
*what came out wasn't the kid.

*it was a... very... pink foal.

Chapters (3)

Heiress Lucy Burdock knows life has a way of surprising you.

For example, she wasn't expecting a little pink pony for her birthday. She certainly didn't expect it to start talking, either. It was cute at first, but it kinda feels more like taking care of a little kid than a pony. Lucy's never really been great with kids... but she can make it work!

Can't she?

2nd Place in EQD's More Most Dangerous Game contest

Chapters (3)

Diamond Tiara has never been the nicest pony in Ponyville. In fact, she's rather mean. But, with the help of an unlikely somepony, perhaps she can learn to see past her flaws and find the courage to nurture an unfostered talent of hers.

Chapters (1)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders just earned their cutie marks, and now they have to focus on one thing; Finding a date to the Ponyville Hearts and Hooves Day School Dance.

Chapters (13)

Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara have a run-in with the villainous Penny Pinch, a threat so dire, so dastardly, that it will require Equestria's greatest hero to defeat!

Based off of a background pony in Canterlot Boutique (see cover art). Fimfic, pls give Filthy Rich tag, kthx <3

Chapters (1)

Diamond Tiara has a secret. She likes Anime. Loves it, even. But nopony can find out. Not her parents, or her friend, or her classmates... Nopony! They'd never understand! They'd laugh at her, call her names, tell her *gasp* They would say she's uncool!

Well, it can't be that hard to keep such a secret from everypony in Ponyville, can it?

Chapters (6)

There's a plague infecting Equestria, and Diamond Tiara has taken it upon herself to cure it. They may be stronger in number and in sheer absurdity, but she's got a little something special to even the odds.

That something being a three-foot long magically enchanted samurai sword. Look, nobody said this was gonna be pretty.

(Written for the FIMFiction Writeoff Association's inaugural writeoff. The prompt was "Lonely Happiness". I got a bit creative with it.)

Chapters (1)