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Rose Quartz

My favorite characters on the show are Applejack, Rarity. And my favorite episodes are Sweet and Elite, and Rarity takes Manehatten. And I want my stories to be famous like Cupcakes and Bubbles.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders just earned their cutie marks, and now they have to focus on one thing; Finding a date to the Ponyville Hearts and Hooves Day School Dance.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 109 )

Let the date hunt begins!!!

Bet you Rumble will ask Scootaloo to the dance.

can't wait for more :heart:

I do know a certain assistant who she might know from afar.

If ever there's a shining beacon of light now would be the cue!

I kinda feel bad for Silver Spoon.

Applebloom with Pipsqueak
Scootaloo with Rumble
Sweetie Belle with Button Mash

FINALLY,my favorite shippings have come true :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

4430171 I was gonna put AB with Featherweight and Sweetie Belle with Pipsqueak...but I changed my mind

I like Button Mash but, no offense, I don't like him pairing with Sweetie Belle.

4430356 WHY?! Everybody loves ButtonBelle

4430482 Not everybody loves ButtonBelle.

this chapter gets 1 d'awww ,1:twilightsmile: and :pinkiegasp: - chapter 11

4430817 Thanks, wait til you see my next story.

Oh man he has manecraft his mom must be like super cool.

And she works fast.

4431811 Who doesnt love Manecraft...or Minecraft LOL

short sweet and simple. i liked it

I loved this! ...but perhaps Lickety Split should've been AB's date instead. It woulda stuck in Diamond Tiara's craw all the more. Other than that, awesome story!:heart::heart::heart:

As soon as I saw the chapter name.. I knew it would not end well.:unsuresweetie:

Well, I love button belle! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Oh, my dear sweetie belle is growing up!:raritywink::heart:

Oh please please please make a squeal! So cute, good plot. Yay cmcs!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

4447277 I have one with the cmc's foals. Its called CMC: The Third Generation

*heart explodes from cuteness * :heart::pinkiesmile::raritystarry::heart:

Omg the ships are coming...

*chants in a whisper* otp otp otp

omg imagine Scootaloo :rainbowlaugh:

I HATE YOU TIARA :flutterrage:

This is getting good :trixieshiftright:

This is why I hate them :twilightangry2:

4428498 Lol, I don't! I love Silver Spoon, though, The one I absolutely hate is Diamond Tiara. :flutterrage:

4430356 Buttonbelle is my otp!

The fanfic seems to be good, i just don´t like the pairing Button and Sweetiebell. They don´t seem to fit for me.


When's the wedding? And the foal showers?

Despite the errors in this story, I think it's pretty good!

You have all my favorite CMC shippings:
Apple Bloom X Pipsqueak, Scootaloo X Rumble, and Sweetie Belle X Button Mash!

From the looks of the comments, this story sounds like a good read. Though I would recommend combining all the chapters into one chapter and make it a one shot (500 word chapters tend to make potential readers back off).

Nevertheless, in the read later list this shall go.:pinkiesmile:

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